Setting Up A New Blog – How-to / Case Study Series

Watch how a new blog is built - step by step in real time.

This post launches a new series here on Hot Blog Tips that will help you set-up, launch, and promote your brand new blog. From concept to scale, we’ll follow what will surely be one of the most successful blogs the survival niche has seen. [Continue reading]

How To Focus On Content Creation

Every blogger knows the importance of creating quality content. You might be surprised at how many bloggers struggle with staying focused on content creation. In this article, we'll take a look at some of the best tips on staying focused to help … [Continue reading]

Story It With SnapChat – Why You Should Be Snapping

Wait, who's on Snapchat?

In this post, I'm going to show you why online businesses should be on Snapchat. Why YOU should be on Snapchat. I'll offer some storytelling tips to use on Snapchat. I also embedded a couple of "Snapchat Stories" as examples of creative storytelling. … [Continue reading]

Stop Crying About Popups, Blogging Isn’t Just For Kids – Silly Rabbit

Stop Ranting About Pop-Ups

How many years have we watched bloggers from every walk of life bitching about the way others are running their blogs? Well, I guess as long as blogs have been a thing because bitching is as much human nature as trying not to eat our young is. I'm … [Continue reading]

Using Google Alerts Today And Several Alternatives

Google Alerts and other monitoring tools

In this post, we'll look at Google Alerts and how to use them today. We'll also look at several alternatives worth a look. Google Alerts are simply automated messages sent to your Gmail account whenever Google indexes web content or content … [Continue reading]