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10 Degrades Google Panda Can Do To Your Blog

image - Panda ballGoogle Panda, the word that scares webmasters. Even though its just another algorithm by Google for all persons but for webmasters it’€™s a danger word with a great caution sign.

Google Panda has taken all the power in its hands and our blog’s€™/website’s€™ future lies in hand of Google which is the fortune teller of the website. I would say even Barack Obama would have to bow in front of the taggy search giant. Here’s what Google Panda can do if taken a negative turn.

  1. The first and foremost simple thing is : Google Panda can penalize the websites and the blogs.
  2. Elaborating and taking the first point further by penalizing I mean slapping the website with its torcher.
  3. Torcher (huh ?) , yes Torcher . Google can lower all your ranking from search engine to Alexa ranking.
  4. Decrease in ranking means a decrease in significant of amount of organic traffic (Traffic coming from Search Engines ).
  5. Decrease in amount of organic traffic ultimately leads to decrease in other rankings like Google Pagerank, Alexa Rank and other rankings of the website.
  6. Google can lower  the earnings of the blog as Low Traffic = No Impression .
  7. A loss of traffic up to 75% means AdSense revenue could drop up to 75%. If you were earning $1000 in a month it will be left just to $250.
  8. The Google Panda’s slap could cause a drop in advertising revenue due to low impressions and hence, no advertisers being interested in advertising opportunity on website.
  9. It may be shocking but Google’s algorithm has the capability to get a website’€™s adsense account ban free with the Google Panda slap. (That means an extra punch with a slap 😛 )
  10. Last but not the least, Google can ruin all your work , your living, your online earnings and bring an end to online career.

So that’€™s why Google Panda needs to be cared about. It’€™s quite essential to keep Google happy by abiding to its rules and writing original content.

Brian D. Hawkins here, I thought it important to note that we tend to refer to Google Panda as some sort of evil villain out to get us all and that’s simply not true. Panda is just the latest Google search updates that are effectively weeding low-quality sites from top search results. Personally, I’m glad to see the clean-up, even though I lost a lot of revenue this year from my own “low quality” websites. That’s right, I’ll admit that.

In this blog post, Karan was nice enough to cover 20 ways Panda can affect unprepared websites and blogs. I’ll offer a few tips on avoiding trouble from Google’€™s latest updates:

Post original and relevant content that offers immediate value to site visitors. By immediate, I mean not below a bunch of advertising or useless distractions that’s just pushing the main content down the page. Don’t plaster ads all over your site, stay away from auto generated content and avoid duplicate content. Keep your outgoing links to a reasonable number and take care where you link to. Don’t build a bunch of backlinks from useless sources. If you are running affiliate sites, you need to provide the same useful, unique content as anyone else.

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