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2013 Predictions By Popular Bloggers And Marketers

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2013 PredictionsHave you ever wondered what other popular bloggers are preparing for? As we close out another year and look forward to 2013, I thought it would be nice to get a few predictions for the next year from famous bloggers and marketers. I set out to ask several of my blogging buddies to send me their predictions so I could share them with you. I’m touched by the fantastic response and would like to thank all nine of them.

There are some fantastic trends to consider here. I’ve broken it into four sections; Blogging, Social Media, Technology and Robert Dempsey lol.

So here’s what they have to share:

Blogging Predictions For 2013

For blogging predictions we have Ileane Smith, Nile Flores and Gail Gardner, all of whom are very well respected bloggers and at the top of their game.

Ileane Smith from Basic Blog Tips predicts that 2013 will be the biggest year for blogging! That’s an exciting idea:

Ileane SmithThis will come as no surprise to those of us who are blogging but I predict that more blogs will be started in 2013 than ever before. Now that Google is responsible (they said this not me) for sending quality, targeted traffic to our blogs and keeping spam under control, people will start to gain a new respect for Google+ and other Google properties like Blogger.

Video blogging and podcasting will continue to boom and we’ll gain access to tools that will eliminate any barriers to entry such as language, and learning curves that in the past, prevented us from exploring new formats and platforms.

2013 is going to be a good year, especially for those of us who are already creating content and building solid social connections!

Nile Flores of Blondish.net sees more money for bloggers and popular niche blogs:

Nile FloresBlogging has been around for a few years short of two decades, but until the focus on social networking came about, blogging was not mainstream. Blogging today is as mainstream as tweeting on Twitter, or using Facebook or Google Plus. Google has even changed to address the fact that computers do not make sites popular, people do. In 2013, we will see sites emerge out of various niche and more teaching for bloggers.

We may even see some new marketing and money making opportunities for bloggers. On a light heart, one prediction that will come true is I get a new theme for my site, and I know there will be some brand tweaking and revamping all around the Internet for the new year. My hope is that all the revamps are for better conversion, and not just aesthetics alone.

Gail Gardner of GROWMAP.COM shares her predictions of better local communities all the way around from geo-targeted group niche blogs:

Gail Gardner - GrowmapBloggers will take the skills they have developed and create geo-targeted group niche blogs that will benefit their local communities, provide them a way to make a living, teach others, and create jobs for many. I know this will happen because Bryan Hollis, Kiesha Easley, and I will be providing mentoring and custom sites to bloggers interested in developing them. Bloggers who are social media savvy leaders will collaborate more closely in 2013. We will finally have a tool that makes sending content viral easier. LinkedIn will be the most important social network because we will have learned that relationships and getting recommended convert far more than 100s of retweets and millions of impressions. For why see http://GrowMap.com/get-recommended.

What I mean by geo-targeted group niche blogs is explained in http://GrowMap.com/twitter-local. Examples of those kinds of sites can be found linked from http://socialimplications.com/human-connections/

What To Expect In Social Media

We have Social media covered with Kim Castleberry, Michael Q. Todd, Steven Hughes and Anise Smith. All four are very respected social media and marketing gurus and I’m honored to share their valuable insight.

Kimberly J Castleberry of Just Ask Kim has her finger on the social pulse and is here to share what’s coming. Facebook failing, WordPress is the bomb, a social media shift and watch for video to grow:

Kimberly J CastleberryWelcome 2013! Lots of good things in store and perhaps a few that might trip people up too! Facebook is on everyone’s mind and will continue to struggle through 2013. They’ve lost their vision and focus and are now simply throwing out ideas. This was similar to what lead to MySpace’s ultimate demise. Will Facebook re-focus on its core goals? That seems unlikely while they are strapped to shareholders that demand they instead focus on looking for a profit margin.

WordPress will continue be one of the preferred platforms for solo-preneurs and small businesses with its ease of use. Once the shift to making the entire platform mobile compatible happens another strong influx of users is very likely. Some users will be put off by some of the minimalistic changes though.

Social media will finally begin to shift from being a cute bolt-on feature to being a must have in almost all businesses’ marketing game-book. With that will come a focus on true conversion and true ROI that has not previously been seen. Platforms will begin to be assessed by results rather than just popularity. This will cause some shakeup for many social media consultants that only teach the system and don’t actually know their metrics and bottom line conversion numbers.

Video will continue to be polarized… with some of the market strongly favoring it as bandwidth continues to improve… while other markets find their audience pushing back against it as that market shifts to accessing the content in times, spaces and places that are simply not conductive to watching and listening at the same time. Graphics based content and audio based content will continue to perform strongly for this reason.

Fun stuff and some shakeups ahead! Social media is growing up!

Michael Q Todd, the King of Social Media, gives us this insight on social media experts gaining more influence by specializing in a single social network:

Michael Q ToddA trend I am seeing develop is success by specialization. Many social media leaders I know are developing their brand and their influence by focusing on one social network rather than trying to be “everywhere”.

People have now had a try at most of the social networks and now focus on what fits their “networking style”. It is simply no longer possible to be regularly responsive and give value on every platform. Look for greater and greater specialization and do not feel let down if people do not respond to you in the place of your choice. Focus on developing relationships with key players on your favorite social network.

Photos and short effective videos will become more dominant for marketing. Here in Japan mobile usage is becoming more and more widespread and this will be the trend worldwide too.

Steven Hughes of Geekless Tech talks Instagram, Klout, and has a longshot prediction for us.

Steven HughesInstagram will recover from its PR nightmare earlier in 2013, and become mainstream. Yes sometimes bad publicity has its positives. Instagram had a 5% uptick in new growth in December. Look for Facebook, the owner of Instagram, to tie in more with the mothership in 2013. That will lead to a double in growth to 200 million users by the end of 2013.

Social Influence led by Klout will once again be on the front page in 2013. While social influence and its players were relatively quiet in 2012 compared to 2011, they will make more noise than ever in 2013. They are collecting more information about us than we can fathom. While the social influence system hasn’t been perfected, it’s improving dramatically. Companies see the value in this data, and they want put their products and services in front of influencers. A tidal wave is coming. The smart money is on Klout.

Longshot Prediction:€“ Facebook buys Twitter. Just a hunch.

Anise Smith of Anise Smith Marketing is speaking my language here by predicting Google will replace Facebook as the social kingdom:

Anise SmithFor the past few years Facebook [Anise on Facebook] has had a strangle hold on the digital marketing space for sharing social media content. Moving toward 2013 this will change and Google+ will come into it’s own [Anise on G+], in the ever evolving digital marketing space. This is primarily due to some critical errors that were made by Facebook in the past year or so, AND the evolution of the Google+ platform. A few of those errors have been minimizing Facebook business page exposure due to the tweak in Edgerank, not allowing businesses to post contact information on cover pages, not allowing business pages to have a default landing page and the continuous prompt for services that have fees attached. These are things that will allow Google+ to move into the space once dominated by Facebook.

Therefore, Google+ will easily move into the space that Facebook has vacated due to poor choices that were not consumer friendly. Google+ has made great moves this year to lure the users that have been increasingly dissatisfied with Facebook Pages. Google + has integrated a lot of their services and have successfully migrated those services into the Google+ Platform. Google Local is now part of Google + creating Google+ Local, this is HUGE for local business exposure. Throw in Google Hangouts and now Google+ Communities and you have one powerful platform all under the unstoppable Google umbrella. So ultimately Google+ is the platform to watch in 2013 because they are all set to be a force to be reckoned with as only a Google company can.

Technology In 2013

Justin Germino takes on the Tech side for us. Justin has more than proven himself in both blogging and technology and has earned the respect of bloggers like me to corporate sponsors.

Justin Germino of Dragon Blogger give his technology predictions for Tablet/Ultrabooks and Windows 8:

Justin GerminoiOS will finally get multi-user support in 6.1 or 7.x iOS version allowing multiple user profiles which lets it catch up to Android 4.2

Ultrabooks will combine the best features of tablet/ultrabook like the Dell XPS12 to be the ultimate in portable convenience. Tablets will gradually become more ultrabook like and ultrabooks more tablet like, I think eventually tablets themselves won’t exist. The keyboard is still needed.

Windows 8 will start getting more apps and adoption once the apps come, the unified OS across tablets, phones, desktops will work as designed. App company feuds with the Windows App Store will fade, since Google Play and iTunes app store have similar standard restrictions.

Wide Range Of 2013 Expectations

Robert brought a lot of great foreknowledge to the table so I thought we’d give it a separate section.

Robert Dempsey of Dempsey Marketing says mobile devices will go Super Nova in 2013! Google+ is a game changer, Social Media trumps traditional SEO, marketers will find snail mail again, the QR code come back and more…

Robert DempseyBased on market research and what we see with our clients, I see a number of things hitting full swing in 2013.

First off, mobile has been maturing over the years. In 2013 is going to really take off, and a majority of traffic to websites will come from mobile devices. Cellular providers are helping this trend with cheaper, “all you can eat” data plans. Mobile devices are prolific, and quickly becoming the choice for the on-the-go consumer. Just look at the trends in tablet and tablet/phone hybrids. It’s going super nova in 2013.

Secondly, social is now very mature, and has changed the face of SEO. Once Google started pushing Google+ on the world, SEO was changed forever. Social will dominate over SEO and become THE channel for connecting with today’s consumers. This just makes sense as we humans are social beings, and are by nature connected to one another. Today’s technology ensures we’re connected 24×7. Companies not able to handle this will be branded “old school” and laughed off the playing field.

Thirdly, direct mail will make a comeback. This is assuming that the U.S. postal system doesn’t completely collapse in bankruptcy. Barring that, it’ll come back. Why? Because people love getting stuff in the mail. Now I’m not talking sending people a bunch of crap, I mean super targeted messaging that drives people online. QR codes will finally be seen as useful as consumers understand how to use them.

Fourthly, big data has been a trend for some time. We have a lot of computing power at our disposal thanks to Amazon and other providers. The time of the geek is nigh. Look for scarily targeted, real-time advertising to be accessible to the common man, and be used. Hello data, where did privacy go? Oh yeah, she left a while ago…

Finally, companies will get better at multi-channel marketing. Everything we see with our clients shows people coming from diverse sources – direct (ads, mail, email), social, and SEO. Traffic sources are as fragmented as a stained glass window, and will continue to be so. Companies that understand and embrace this fact will become marketing hydras – something we’ve seen coming for years. My sincerest hope is that we will have better tools than spreadsheets to help us measure it, and that they’ll be affordable.

You’re Next

That’s a lot of insight revealed by some pretty respected people in their fields. Now I’d love to hear your thoughts, your predictions and questions. We’re here for you and your comments are always welcome.

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  1. I just want to thank all of you that participated. I know how busy you all must be at the end of the year and you still took the time to share your thoughts on what’s new for 2013 and for that, I thank you. You are good people. 🙂

  2. Thank you for contacting me and asking me on what I think about what will come in 2013 for bloggers. I still cannot believe I am around, but hey… I love doing this!

    May 2013 bring a lot of great tidings for everyone!

  3. That’s a really great list, thank you very much for sharing with everyone! Genuinely appreciated.

  4. Thanks a lot
    These tips and information would surely help all the bloggers in the coming year. Wishing you a very Happy New Year:)

  5. Very nice group of answers. I have one person that I totally agree with…I know t is hard to believe that I agree with anyone. LOL

    Google Plus is going to rock the world in 2013. And when you combined G+ with Video…BAM, it is a winner.

    Hmmm, could you have guessed this would be my answer?

  6. This is a great list!

    My personal predictions for 2013?

    It will be even tougher for bloggers to get on the “Top 10” of Google’s Search. Google will keep tweaking their search algorithms looking for what they consider “Quality Content” . So no more shortcuts!

    Social Media is going to be even more important than SEO to get your blogs to the top of the SERP’s! (Get your Google+ profiles in shape and start your sites page and Community NOW!)

    It’s a Mobile world – so your page better be setup for it. I think we are going to see even more “Responsive” designs out there or a better “Mobile” version of sites out there as the shift is moving away from the computer and more toward smartphones and tablets.

    There will still be a ton of opportunities to make money blogging. But Affiliate Marketing and creating your own Products online are going to be the top 2 types of sellers. Advertising while still profitable is going to be an ever distant third.

  7. Was an interesting article and great collection of predictions, of utmost interest to me was Gail’s prediction of LinkedIn becoming the most important social network of 2012. I think the recommended skillset on LinkedIn will actually have a more spam, falsifying effect than actually grow and establish people myself, I see this because I see tons of people endorsing me for skills I don’t actually have, this leads to false impressions and I would hate for a company to contact me for a skill that I don’t have. Endorsements and recommendations can be made by people who don’t professionally work with you, but are only your contact, this lack of “truly knowing” someones skillset will lead to inaccuracies in reputation and established skillset or pandered and greatly inflated requests to boost endorsements lowering reliability in my opinion.

    For SEO, I think the old term of write quality content and traffic will come rings truer more than ever in 2013 with Google continueing to find ways to penalize rehashed content, devalue mass backlinks with no purpose other than getting backlinks and will cause bloggers to originate and write new material rather than rehash the same stuff Mashable, Techcrunch or the others are saying. Innovation is key, uniqueness is key and I think more bloggers will take risks (not financial) but risks in how they present material to readers, what they talk about and be rewarded for being different (hopefully).

    Happy New Year everyone!

  8. Well I appreciate you taking the time to send your predictions in Nile, you have an awesome blog and I wish you the best in 2013. I think you’re right about new money making opportunities, I have a great feeling about this year.

  9. Thanks Arianna, you have a pretty cool photo blog. It looks like a tumblr blog pulling photos from your Instagram account. Pretty cool and I’m following on both. 🙂

  10. Thanks Sanjib, Happy New Year.

  11. thanks Sheryl, all the evidence points to Google plus as the one to put our money on. Happy New Year 🙂

  12. Nice job Jason, I agree with all of that. We need to work G+ like crazy, along with other social networking and pay close attention to mobile. Decent paid advertising takes high traffic so you’re right on the money putting it behind affiliate and product sales. Consulting, website work and social media services are also a nice opportunity to look at. Happy New Year.

  13. Thanks Justin, and thank you for sharing your 2013 predictions here.

    I don’t use LinkedIn the way I should; I on there but don’t network much. I remember reading somewhere that something like 80% of those on LinkedIn with 500 or more contacts had incomes in the six figure range. I passed the 500+ contacts range some time ago but I’m still waiting on the six figures. lol

    Happy New Year 🙂

  14. Wow, Brian, what an all-star line up of bloggers making their predictions. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. I would love for you to have a follow up article a year from now linking to this article to see who was spot on!

    It will be interesting to see which social media sites will grow, which will shrink, which will be taken over and which will emerge.

    I agree with Justin in his comments. LinkedIn is in danger of becoming less than credible. I also have gotten endorsements for skills I don’t really have, which diminishes the value of the endorsements of legitimate skills.

    Will blogging become bigger? Will people give up because it’s hard work? Will marketing methods be significantly altered by a 2013 startup? The only thing that’s definite is that there will be change in 2013.

    How about you, Brian? What are your predictions for 2013?

  15. Thank’s for the fun and the invitation. It’s a lot of fun to read everyone’s predictions. Great idea! I agree with Carolyn, where is your predictions?

  16. This is exactly what I was thinking, in fact it will not be wrong to say that 2013 will be blogging year. The reason I think is the hype created by many that you can earn easy online income (without work…lol).

    My advise to new bloggers of 2013 that it requires sheer hard work to earn online and if your motive is only to earn from your blog then please must consider giving it a second thought. Yes you can earn but be ready for some hard effort to. Good luck for 2013

  17. I guess the year 2013 will get many bloggers but the competition may rise beyond expectation.. And Google’s work will increase to detect spams,copied content etc.. thanks for the prediction tips

  18. Brian, great feedback on the predictions. I think mobile will be the most prolific part for 2013. I also think they may be other platforms that come into play besides the big 3: WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger. There is always something greater on the horizon. Have a wonderful New Year!

  19. Thanks for putting together this list of 2013 predictions, Brian. I was just reading the December 2011 issue of Entrepreneur Magazine to see how their predictions for 2012 panned out. It’ll be interesting to see how well your resources do with their projections.

    My money’s on Robert Dempsey and Kim Castleberry.

  20. These are wonderful predictions to look forward to for every bloggger. For those who wish to start blogging, they get a heads up of things to come. Thank you for getting many people involved and for the great insight on the future.

  21. That’s a really great list, thank you very much for sharing with everyone, I hope something nice will come in technology specially mobile phones. Happy new year everybody.

  22. Nice post.Thanks for sharing all the predictions regarding the blogging world and it was quite interesting reading it.I believe that social media has enormous potential to drive some serious traffic to your blog post.Also technology would play a very big role to promote your blog posts especially the new operating system of windows which would gel with the mobile and desktop world.

  23. Thank you Carolyn, I’m honored to have these pros on my blog. Everyone made some great predictions and I’m glad no one took the “safe” path and actually said what they thought. That’s the difference that makes them stand out and above.

    I think we’ll be able to refer back here several times over the course of the year. As far as LinkedIn, that’s a tough call. The easy endorsements weaken the value for many of us but the majority of users seem to be drawn to it. I guess time will tell. Happy New Year Carolyn 🙂

  24. Thanks Kim and thank you for taking the time to send yours. I knew you would have some great ones.

    My predictions? I started to put them in but you guys took them. Yep, I made every one of those predictions lol Just joking but every year we see bloggers, sometimes popular ones, drop off the radar. I predict that every blogger on this page will be here a year from now and stronger for it. 🙂 Happy New Year Kim

  25. Thanks Ejaz, I can assure you that you have never seen any of the bloggers listed here say making online money was easy or took no work. I don’t know of any respectable blogger that says that. That’s the kind of ad copy you find in shady marketing sites and email. You might want to take a look at what you’re subscribing to. lol

  26. Hi Brian, love all these predictions for 2013. First I want to say Happy New Year to everyone and I’d love to share my short prediction as well.

    “This year, 2013 will going to be our best year for all of us and it is also a new blank 365 pages book for us to write on, so write a good one”

    Thanks – Ferb

  27. Thanks Ravi and Happy New Year. Consider getting a Gravatar, they’re free and easy. http://en.gravatar.com/

  28. Thanks Lisa, I agree, mobile is getting huge. It looked like it was mostly social sites and video for a while but we just watched mobile online purchases in record numbers over the holiday season.

    I’m not so sure about the free hosted blogging platforms, I’m just not feeling it. I think Tumblr might still have room to grow. I don’t think Blogger or WordPress are going anywhere but I think as self hosted platforms get easier to setup, more and more people will migrate toward it.

  29. Thanks Michelle, It’s always fun to go back and look like that. I didn’t post predictions last year but I did post our 2012 goals. We didn’t do too bad but I came up a little short. 🙂 Thanks and Happy New Year

  30. Thanks Connor, and for those of us that’s been around a while as well.

  31. Thanks Nelson, I love my Galaxy. I was just reading that by 2014 smart phones will be starting our cars replacing car keys. That will be fun but you won’t want to forget to charge you phone anymore.

  32. Thanks David, I’m with you on social media. I’m not sure how an operating system can help. Happy New Year 🙂

  33. Wow Ferb, that’s awesome… 365 blank pages. I love that. Happy New Year to you too and thank you for all of your support last year. You are appreciated. 🙂

  34. Happy New year to all , and a big thanks for all of the experts Ileane Smith , Nile Flores ,Gail Gardner ,Kimberly J Castleberry ,Steven Hughes ,Michael Q Todd, Anise Smith and all ohter and also Brian you who just collected all the data for newbies like me . This is very helpful . Thanks a lot for sharing .

  35. Yes! I agree that more blogs will come into existence this year as many people have started taking interest in blogging and also writing as freelancers. In fact, young minds would come up with new niches to explore and it will be a good sign for the blogging world.

  36. Oh boy, it sure is great that everyone is so optimistic for 2013. All you see on the news is crisis, depression, natural disasters and others. I especially like bloggers’ optimism that think they will make more money from blogging in 2013. Unfortunately I don’t agree with this statement. As Ileane Smith from Basic Blog Tips predicted a lot of new players will start blogging. I believe it will be a lot of competition and that people would have to blog even more for the same money they earned back in 2012. But leaving all my skepticism aside I think 2013 will be a nice year no matter how challenging it gets!

  37. Well from the above post, I find that this year is going to be ruled by social medias. Social Media Marketing is going to play a vital role in the area of blogging.

  38. Mobile will skyrocket this year and who ignores it will pay for it 🙂 Thanks for all the predictions which help me really much in sketching my plans toward 2013

  39. Interesting projections, Brian. Thank you for asking me to participate. I always like to see what those who are influenced by the media and corporations are seeing.

    Here’s the big picture: Long term, all multi-national corporations which are controlled by very wealthiest are marching the masses toward one world government, one religion, and eventually only one system. People need to stop calling these “conspiracy theories” when there are videos all over YouTube of U.S. Presidents and leaders of every country telling us about the New World Order (NWO).

    If a company is publicly traded it can be controlled by the wealthiest. They also own almost all major media so that most of the public in every country consistently sees only what they want us to see. They also control all the major social networks which already censor whatever they don’t want spreading. You will not see #ows trend on Twitter or the fight against CISPA stay up PUBLICLY on Facebook. YOU may be able to see what you share, but what matters is whether anyone else can see it.

    There is major awareness growing that inflation is going to eat our lunch. Because of this, more people than you can imagine are making plans to leave cities and become self-sufficient – especially regarding food. Those who already can not maintain their standard of living will lead the way. Many who still have jobs and had credit do not realize how hot the soup they’re in is going to get.

    There will be a major divide between those who believe the media, trust governments, love corporations, and are confident Big Brother and Daddy Government will pull a rabbit out of their hats to save them and those who now realize that we must create small business communities and move every penny we can away from corporations and governments.

    Bloggers are going to have to decide which camp they’re in: corporate or independent. This will be an even larger choice than choosing which commenting system to use, Both determine who your audience is – who will read, comment and share what you write.

    For those who know that small business and local communities are going to be essential to surviving the sliding value of the dollar, I have written a comprehensive 2013 Prediction post that explains what we need to do. You can read it on DIRJournal at http://www.dirjournal.com/business-journal/2013-b2b-smallbiz-predictions/

  40. Hi Brian,

    I commented, but it did not appear and I did not get a message that it went to moderation so I shared this post and a similar comment on G+. Just letting you know in case the comment went to spam where you could retrieve it.

  41. i think 2013 will be a challenging year economically worldwide. interesting to see how the cyberworld changes together with it. well changes are inevitable in our lives.
    lets make the best of it and have a great adaptable world.
    can u advise how we can better equipped ourselves to face the changes in the cyberworld in order to stay revelant ?

  42. Nice post.I have gone through all the predictions made by different bloggers and all of them give a strong message that 2013 would be a great time for bloggers.Google is providing huge support and it is keeping spammers far away.I truly agree that social media is playing a great role in the blogging world and it will continue.

  43. I am very much sure about video blogging taking a higher stand in this world of blogging because it has the power to attract a lot of traffic. However, I do not understand how Google plus is going to contribute to blogging this year. It has been making a lot of confusion amongst people these days.

  44. Great post B. I think Social Media will continue to be an outlet businesses have to use to stay relevant. I couldn’t agree more with Kim on Facebook and the lame ideas that they throw at consumers. Look at the backlash with Instagram’s so-called policies to sell your own photos. Talk about a bad move, while Google is slowly creeping up on their heals. Go Google!

  45. Thank you Panks, I was glad to do it. I hope 2013 is your best year yet. 🙂

  46. Thanks Thomas, we are a social world now and that’s why the blogging platform is still growing so quickly. People want an interactive format from the sites they visit. It takes a lot of work but the benefits are there for both business and personal blogs.

  47. Thanks for that Mike, I don’t see other bloggers as competition based on my blogging experience over the years. Take Ileane, for example, since you mentioned her. Our blog URLs are a syllable different (BasicBlogTips & HotBlogTips) so by any business standard we are competitors. Bloggers are an amazing group of people and Ileane is no exception. I consider her a friend, as with every blogger mentioned above, and all it takes for help or support is to ask. I wouldn’t think twice about helping them and they are of the same mindset; that I am sure of. Do each of us want you to make a purchase using our links? Of course we do but that doesn’t slow us from helping one another. That, in my opinion, is the perfect business world and exactly why all of those horrible news reports has no bearing on our relationships or our optimism.

    I don’t mean to speak for other bloggers but that’s my two cents anyway. 🙂

  48. I agree Rajkumar, I’d say any blogger ignoring social media has a long, hard road to travel.

  49. It’s true Robert, I actually approved your comment using my smart phone. I watch videos, read and comment on other blogs and even use my Google reader right from my phone whenever I’m away from home and have a few minutes or traffic is light ~ joking. lol Mobile isn’t just for social media anymore.

  50. Hi Gail, that’s some serious things to consider. While I have mixed feeling over the OWO notion, I do understand that money runs the World and most of it’s done behind the scenes and out of our view. Even those running things cannot agree, especially internationally, so the idea of one big plan seems a little far stretched for me, personally. I do think that as the powerhouses jokey for more power and wealth that the average person doing the best they can become statistics and even victims. The best way to combat that sort of thing is to become financially independent and pay attention to what’s going on around us with an open eye. It would be great to be able to put money into campaigns meant to thwart off policies and bills that attempt to take our freedom away, such as SOPA and PIPA.

    As far as food, I was just listening to NPR’s Science Friday yesterday and heard a very interesting take by Lester Brown, author of “Full Planet, Empty Plates”. You can see, watch and listen here. Here’s the direct link to that part of the podcast.

  51. I have no idea what happened but I’ve been using CommentLuv Premium for a long time with no trouble at all. As you know it incorporated your GASP plugin. On the advice of someone I activated Akismet on top of that and everything except the spam started getting spammed. Now I have deactivated the Akismet but the same problem with good comments going into the spam box is still there. I’m hoping it levels off to where it was before.

  52. Hi Joanna, My advice is just treat others like you want to be treated, both online and off. The net is a very social place and everyone wants to be noticed and appreciated. We can’t go wrong by being social. 🙂

  53. Thanks Harry, I’m very excited about this year and blogging.

  54. Hi Thomas, I hate to answer a question with another post but I think it will help: Google Plus Is More Powerful Than Facebook.

    While a lot of us protest major changes by the social and search sites, we just have to understand the game and play to win. In my opinion, Google Plus is the place to focus our most energy in 2013. The fact that interaction is playing a major role in where we’re placed in personal search is something that can not be ignored. It seems a little self-serving on Google’s part but it can work for us in a pretty positive way.

    With that said, don’t abandon your other social platforms. We never know how long a change will last; all we know is that nothing lasts forever. Their practices, for example, could be challenged and beaten in court. Or, Google could decide that practice no longer serves their advertisers and users and move onto something new. In the mean time, we should make the best of it.

  55. lol Well put Sonia, Go Google.

    Social media is important but I’m at a complete loss as to how Instagram can help us. It’s fun and I post personal pics there but the only way for anyone to find our blogs/websites is the link on our profile. I can see how business could use Instagram to supplement/engage their traffic/clients with things like contests but as far as new traffic, I’m lost.

  56. I see Google+ breaking out this year but I don’t see Facebook struggling. MySpace was a different beast and had a different user base than Facebook does. You would have never seen my mom on MySpace. I do see more people using video for marketing and I even started my own talk using using Blog Talk Radio. Love WordPress and think we’ll see continued grow there.

  57. HI Brian

    These are some very great predictions by the great bloggers and I feel social media will rule the world.

    But Nothing better than personally visiting the blog and commenting and I am honored by your visit on my blog and I really appreciate the same.

    Thanks for sharing great predictions and for your time.


  58. These tips and information would surely help all the bloggers this year. I think Social Media is going to be even more important than SEO to get your blogs to the top, good post, thanks for sharing.

  59. Thanks Dennis, I don’t think Facebook will struggle but growth may slow or level off if they don’t wise up. I’m really enjoying video too and Blog Talk Radio is very cool. I’ll have to look you up there. Do you have a link handy? Feel free to leave it here.

  60. It was my pleasure Sapna, I really like your infographics. They are very unique.

  61. Shathyan Raja says

    Good to see many new people over here. I would wish everyone to have a great year and we are looking for your success in future.

    All the best to everyone.

  62. Thanks Brian! If you are interest in doing a guest interview on the show sometime let me know. Right now there’s about 1,000 archive listens per show. Thursday will be the 6th show.

    Here’s the link:

  63. Thanks for putting together this list of 2013 predictions, I think social media has enormous potential to drive some serious traffic to our Blog posts, I’m curious to see new things in Technology, good post, thanks for sharing.

  64. Hi Brian,
    Good to see ahead through the eyes of these big guys.
    I personally think a lot of emphasis will be on social media and G+ to be more specific. Google keeps bringing on board more changes to cleanse the search data. Watch out for another hit this year (minor or major)

  65. Right, There are more blogs is going to start in this new year. I agree a little about Google will replace facebook. It cannot completely replace FB but it will get more popularity among internet marketers. The normal users will still be using FB more than G+.

  66. 2013 for me is going to be the year I blow up!

    I just know it and the confidence I have right now will ensure this will happen.

    Social media will grow in importance to any blogger in 2013 and many will see how important it is to their brand.

    Nice answers in the article 🙂

  67. hello;
    It is right to say
    Video blogging and pod casting will continue to boom.Its again a goood year for new comers in blogging worlds.

  68. michaelqtodd says

    Honored Brian 2013 will be an exciting year for us all. Keep on blogging it up

  69. i think fb will still popular in terms of personal usage and entertainment purposes. google plus though will become popular for internet marketers

  70. Just fabulous. Loved the post. All predictions are really informative and useful. Experts has shared their thought which are really amazing. There are lots of tips in this post. Well done, Brian. It was a killer article.

  71. Wow, you got some great names on here! I follow most of these people and respect their opinions. I am so glad to read this post. I am glad to see their predictions. I hope Ms. Ileane is right and that blogging is even bigger in 2013 🙂

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