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My 30 Day Challenge – Get More Sleep

image - cat napHow many times have you said, “I’m Exhausted?” I think I say it at least once a day. Arianna Huffington said I need more sleep and I believe her. Actually, it just felt like she was talking to me because I rarely get more that six hours of sleep on any given night. The truth is, between my day job, blogging and a big family, I probably average five hours a sleep each night. So, I better learn to get a lot more productive because for the month of July, I’m committing to no less than seven hours of sleep each night. Watch Arianna’s video: How to succeed? Get more sleep

The 30 day challenge was a complete success. I had almost no trouble sticking to 7+ hours of sleep each night and it DID make a difference. I actually got 8 hours most night, especially in the second half of the challenge, and my productivity increased, as well as my creativity. At one point I even tweeted that I felt like a superhero from everything I was getting done. Sleep is highly underrated, we need sleep to think straight and get things done.

Why a public 30 day challenge

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I’ve admired people like Matt Cutts for the self control they exhibit on their challenges. I highly recommend you watch this 3 minute video by Matt: Try something new for 30 days. Once it’s public, we’re more likely to follow through. I’d hate to write a post next month giving a bunch of excuses why I failed. I’d much rather post on the success, how I did it and how much more productive I’ve become.

There are many good reasons for things like thirty day challenges. Just off the top of my head they are:

  • Wide support from our peers
  • 30 days is enough time to see real results
  • A month long commitment is habit forming for long term self improvement
  • Others may be inspired to commit to a self improvement quest themselves

The Challenge

So it’s simple, for the next month, beginning Monday, July the 1st., I’ll get by butt to bed by 11pm on weekdays. That gives me a only a couple of hours for my online work.

The second part of the challenge… Kick it up a notch! I don’t want to sacrifice productivity for rest so the best way to insure that doesn’t happen is to increase my output. More posts, more social media, more traffic and interaction. Oh yeah, next month I’ll have a lot of inspiration for you. 🙂

If I can do it, anyone can

I work about 60 hours a week locally, run this blog, record our videos, send our newsletter twice a week, write content for the blog, promotions and social media. Not to mention everything else like keyword research, graphic/ image development and other behind the scenes work.

The ultimate goal

The goal behind the challenge is that I become more focused and productive for the 30 days. I believe it’s a healthier alternative than staying up until 1am, or even 3am at times, mindlessly clicking away because I’m simply too tired to stay focused. Tired people make mistakes and I can’t afford those mistakes because I’m viewed by many as a blogging superhero. 😉 I’m joking of course but, seriously, mistakes take up a lot of time. That wasted time would be better used for rest and rejuvenation. I don’t believe I’ve ever used that word before, rejuvenation, but I’m going to be living it for the next month.

Anyone with me?

This post isn’t an attempt to recruit people into my 30 day challenge, it’s something I’m going to do myself. With that said, anyone is welcome to take this challenge, or any other commitment for that matter. It would be awesome if this helped other bloggers get more enjoyment from their blogs while improving it at the same time.

Better Productivity With More Rest – A Thirty Day Challenge