Featured Image Examples Designed To Inspire

30 Featured Image Examples For Inspiration

Thirty creative commons images on Flickr transformed into fictitious blog post featured images to inspire bloggers and content creators.

I love looking at photos and I love playing on Paint.net. That made this post a fun one for me. I hope you find it as fun and inspirational to look at as I did in creating it.

I browsed creative commons photographs on Flickr in order to create these example images. I designed (edited) them to inspire featured images for blog posts, social media posts, and any other type of content that requires a message in the form of an image.

NOTE: Each image and it’s description links to the original image page found on Flickr.

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I hope you found inspiration in these featured image examples. I’d love to see any featured image you designed based on the inspiration provided here. Feel free to link to it or embed it in the comment section below.

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  1. openskydeals says

    I really liked the paradox of “use technology for storytelling”… using technology in a photo of an old fashioned wheel!

    Great post – very inspiring 🙂

    • Thanks @openskydeals:disqus , I appreciate that. I loved the contrast of someone using a modern day smartphone to tell a story of an antique like that. I loved that they used black and white as well.

  2. Wow really cool. Just wanted to say I really enjoyed this indepth post.

  3. your article is very good. I strongly agree with what you write.
    indeed through the pictures we could find inspiration so they can write articles. and true if we like something we would be easier to do it.
    quality article is an article which has a good concept. and easy to understand and provide solutions to the reader.
    thank you for sharing this article. This has been an inspiration for me.

  4. Great article, an interesting mixture and encourage one another between images, text, and typography.

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