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About Hot Blog Tips
We will offer quality tips to help bloggers with everything from designing their blogs to building traffic, from monetizing to branding, marketing to search engine optimization. If it will improve your blog we want to discuss it here.

Mission Statement: Hot Blog Tips exists to provide a consistent flow of blogging and content creation tips, solutions, techniques, resources guides, and how-to tutorials.

We strive to help bloggers and content creators stand above the crowd and achieve amazing success.

We sort through the fluff and misinformation to deliver community driven content that we’re proud to share with you.

What To Expect From Hot Blog Tips

You come first! – Hot Blog Tips offers real and valuable content and nothing less. Before content is created or published, I ask, “What’s in it for our readers?“. You come first, above all else. All original content – There are few “original” topics about blogging any more but everything you find on this blog are either my take or a guest author’s take. We don’t use private label or borrowed online articles.

Recommended products – I don’t promote anything that I haven’t tried personally and believe in. You won’t find endless lines of affiliate links on our blog or newsletter. I don’t pretend to be anything that I am not. We see a lot of people trying to “fake it until they make it” and that just isn’t my style.

I know blogging – I do consider myself an expert blogger but I am not a “guru” and I’m not even one of the biggest bloggers online, not by a long shot.

Making money from blogging – I’m online to make money. I don’t feel there’s anything wrong with that and I’m not going to pretend that it’s somehow immoral to blog for money. With that said, there’s a thin line that I won’t cross that turns a blog into a glorified sales page and an affiliate link infested website that looks like a blog.

Real relationships – I am sociable and big on building relationships. The term “building relationships” has turned into a coined phrase that many blogger and social media marketers throw around like it’s a right of passage but I am the real deal when it comes to that and want “win – win” relationships. I love blogging and I want interaction with our readers and subscribers. Anyone that wants comments on their blog in order to look popular and impress other bloggers is simply missing out on the real opportunity. There is real value in interacting with other bloggers, whether they are brand new or seasoned veterans. We learn from everyone and that is what blogging is all about.

Hot Blog Tips – The Back Story

I registered HotBlogTips.com back in 2008 because I knew the domain alone had value. I setup a quick blog but never planned to “work” it myself. I eventually put the site up for sale and it sold very quickly. Without getting into the boring details, I had the opportunity take the blog back over early in 2011. I did take it over but I simply deleted all of the content and parked to domain. For six months this domain sat parked until I decided to give it a go. Parking the site was a mistake; it lost all PageRank and the Alexa was way up in the millions. I think maybe five or eight million, I can’t remember. It did, however, still have links to it, even though most were broken and that point and it still had name recognition. In just a matter of months we had brought the PageRank to PR3, the Alexa well under a 100k. This isn’t my first blogging adventure. I’m here to, A) Prove I can do it, and B) prove that YOU can do it too.

Who’s behind Hot Blog Tips

My name is , the admin and owner of Hot Blog Tips. I have well over twelve years of online experience, as well as earning a steady online income for over ten years. Sheryl Loch is a member of The Hot Blog Tips Hangout Crew. Sheryl is also a regular contributor to this blog, she helps admin our Google Plus Page, our Facebook page and YouTube Channel. In other words, without Sheryl, this blog would fall apart. 😉

 About YOU!

We’re here for you and without you, nothing on this blog would mean a thing. Thank you for that and lets look at what a few readers have mentioned about Hot Blog Tips. Kind words from Kim Castleberry Anyone here that is a blogger or building their brand through blogging should connect with the head of the Hot Blog Tips team, Brian D. Hawkins and follow the cool stuff they're doing over there. Brian has leveraged an amazing little JV team to create a solid brand that isn't reliant on only his efforts and if you like my blog, you're going to like his as well. Steven Hughes’ Kindnessimage - Steve Hughes Kindness Thank you Scott Craighead

Hey, Check out this unsolicited video Scott made about Hot Blog Tips.

My personal life

Hot Blog Tips isn’t about me; there are thousands of people (including you) making this thing work so if you want to know more about me, visit my personal site.

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