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Our New About YOU Page

This is a short post about a few page changes we’ve made on Hot Blog Tips and an invite for YOUR participation on our “About” page. I want to feature your opinion there for the World to see.

Before I get started, I wanted to bring a few blog changes to your attention. We’re always evolving and I have a ton of ideas for our blog’s future and I’ve been slowly bringing a few of them online.


A few weeks ago, I brought back our resources page. It’s just the beginning and I will continue to add tools and resources I use and recommend. These aren’t just affiliate links; there will be a bunch of free resources as well. The biggest thing I want to convey here is EVERY tool and resource you will find there are products and services that I personally use and recommend. I think it’s very important to protect our reputationΒ and never recommend something based on potential profit. If you don’t have a resources page, often called a toolbox, I recommend that you consider adding one.

Our VIPs

Second, I’d like to announce a newsletter change. As I mentioned above, we’re always evolving and it’s time to improve on the Hot Blog Tips newsletter. To start, the newsletter is transforming into a VIP List. Those of you that have trusted us with your email address deserve something special and that’s what the VIP List will deliver. Rather than a traditional newsletter, we’re going to focus on short blogging and social media tips that you can put to use right away to improve your blogging business. My main goal is to deliver no-nonsense content with actionable value. We have never used the list as a cash cow and never will, we want high value content that will help our VIPs.

We Have Answers

Next, I have added an “Ask Us” page. This is a super simple addition that allows YOU to ask us a blogging or social media question. If you’re in the US, you can even call and record your question. We’ll tackle these questions on the blog, podcast, list or we’ll put it to the Hot Blog Tips Hangout Crew. If you leave a voice message, we’ll even try to play the message on air if we answer it on one of our live Hangouts.

Videos Galore

Another new page is our “Videos” page. This is a huge project and it’s going to take me a long time to catch up but I’m dedicating each YouTube video with its own post and those pages are included in our Videos page. This will allow you to click over and see our latest videos right on our blog, all in one location.

Our About Us YOU Page

And finally, our About Page. I’ve already made several changes to our about page, including removing all of the personal things about me. I believe an about page should stay focused on the blog, not the admin. There’s nothing wrong with sharing personal details, I’m just going to keep those details on our various social media accounts and my personal page.

I Need You

So this is where I can use your help; our About Page. Rather than me telling the World what I believe Hot Blog Tips is, I’d rather show them what it is to our readers – by our readers. I can’t think of a better way to tell new visitors what to expect from our blog. I’d like to include small details of what our blog means to you or how it has helped you; I hope it has. Here’s the thing, I don’t want you to add a nice compliment to get a link on a PR2 page, I want you to speak from the heart and sincerely tell new visitors what they can expect from our blog based on your experience. Seriously, you guys mean the world to me and I want your input as much as possible and the about page seems like a great place to build on that.

So, in the comments below, if you want to participate, simply state what Hot Blog Tips means to you or how we’ve helped you. We can’t feature everyone and I may end up rotating them if we get a huge response. Thank you in advance. πŸ™‚

About Brian D. Hawkins

Blogging superhero by day and internet super villain by night. Blogger, future online millionaire and an all around great guy.


  1. Brian, Just stopped by and signed up for the VIP List ! I’m really looking forward to it and I will be sure to check out the new page as well. Thanks for passing along your experience !

    • Thank you Ed, I’m so glad to have you. I just finished up the next issue that will go out Monday afternoon. I think you’ll like it I appreciate you taking the time to comment as well.

      BTW, Nice blog and amazing photos!

  2. I kinda like your idea about the Ask Us page and About You Page. Nice way of interacting people.

  3. Jeevan Jacob John says

    Wow, that’s awesome πŸ˜€

    Love the changes, Brian.

    Also love the idea of converting about us page into about you. Anyways, here is what I got:

    I have been a reader of HBT for a while now. It is one of the few sites that are in my “must guest post” list. I have written here a few times, it was a great experience. But, more than that, I have learned from this blog. Brian and the crew has offered some amazing tips on blogging. This blog really stands up to its name by offering “Hot” blog tips πŸ˜€

    Anyways, good luck with the future πŸ™‚

  4. I love the new changes you guys have incorporated. It gives it a different change compare to others blogs.

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