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AdSense Blogging Is Alive And Well

Here we go, this is how an old school blogger starts, “Well, back in the day…” lol. A few years ago I got pretty excited about keyword research and how easy it was to manipulate Google and the other search engines. I know this sounds strange and a little arrogant but it was what it was and Google has cleaned house since the days of AdSense blogging and I was one of those swept under the rug.

Panda updates officially launched February 24th 2011. By April, Panda was affecting all English speaking countries and we’ve seen updates as recent as last month.

Google’s Panda update was against thin (low-quality) content and keyword stuffed articles and AdSense blogging was right in the middle of that low quality crowd.

So What’s Next For AdSense Blogging?

So Panda gave many of us a good spanking and I decided to get my act together and get back to blogging… real blogging. Other bloggers stuck through it and learned from the Panda lessons and re-worked the content and built quality sites rather than just shut them down. Many bloggers had to wait months to see if their improvement would do the job and, for many, it was a good decision.

So can bloggers still earn decent money from AdSense earnings? The answer is a resounding,

But here’s the difference… You can’t get to those shady AdSense days that I was involved in. You have to build high-quality blogs, in the right niche, optimized to the gills. You need qualified traffic and all of the things we, as bloggers, do right now for our blogs has to be done on niche AdSense blogs as well.

Keyword research is an absolute must BEFORE even deciding on a niche blog to setup. Not only to check potential traffic and how much competition, but to see if there’s going to be any AdSense revenue available. For example, I happen to own With the latest in high speed rail initiatives by our Government, that’s a great domain to have, but it would be a pretty lousy AdSense site. Why? There are no AdWords advertisers with a product targeted at those people that might search for high speed rail.

So What Can Make Money?

So we see what doesn’t make money with AdSense, let’s see what does. Let’s move onto our case study and introduce a niche site owned but popular blogger and podcaster, Pat Flynn. Pat owns several sites and blogs but today I’d like to look at just one example,

AdSense Earnings = $2,878.65 For December 2012 is different than all of those niches AdSense blogs we used to see. is a high quality website in its own right that happens to earn some AdSense income. Actually, it earns a lot with AdSense but the point here is solid; quality is mandatory to build a profitable site today.

I don’t want to put words into Pat’s mouth or pretend to know his secret but I do know he works hard and I can see there is a lot of time in that site. For example, at the time of this post, this particular website has earned 113 +1s. Those don’t normally just appear, they are worked for.

113 Plus Ones

I see a Google PageRank of 02/10 and an Alexa of 63,542. That means optimization and traffic. Anyone that knows Pat doesn’t have to wonder if that Alexa rank has been manipulated; its real traffic, I’m sure of that.

The Takeaway

I think the main takeaway is there is money to be made in AdSense earning using niche blogging but it takes real work and promotion. We’re not going to be able to throw up one niche site a week like we did in the day. We need research, content, optimization, social marketing and that’s just to get things going.

I’€™m Going To Try One

I think it would be cool to build a nice Niche blog with several streams of income. We could all learn together as it grows, or fails. And if it grows well, can you think of a better contest prize? We could build it, learn from it and then offer the whole thing up as a contest prize. Are you in?

Do You Agree?

Do you still use AdSense? Are you building niche blogs or thinking about it? Is this a topic you’d like to see more of on Hot Blog Tips? Your comments are welcome here. 🙂

Niche AdSense Blogs, Do They Still Work?

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  1. Adsense is sure still alive and well worth setting up on your blog.

    But today, your content and blog have to be top-notch in order to even make a dime out of adsense.

    Those old days are gone and things have changed!

  2. Agree Google Adsense is still alive, I started niche blog making some decent amount.

    But again it`s about quality and niche you selected. Like you knew that make money and blogging niche can`t make more money with Adsense.

    One who is looking to make money should opt for a goof paying niche.


  3. I haven’t used it in quite some time Brian. I don’t like the way ads on the site look. I do still have it on my feed which sends out the new posts. (Feedburner) I don’t believe I see here on your site? Or maybe I am missing it?
    That is quite the income for adsense – who would not want to generate another $2,000+/mo? Maybe it’s something I should revisit 🙂

  4. Hi Samuel, I just want to make it clear that I don’t think every blog should add AdSense ads to their mix. The payout can be far too low and it amounts to just giving your traffic away; often to the competition. We’re referring to well researched niche blogs that do well with AdSense.

  5. Thanks Khaja, That good paying niche takes a little research to find.

  6. Hi Lisa, I’m not running it here on HBT and probably never will. The niche wouldn’t do well enough to justify losing my traffic for.

    I’m referring to well qualified niches that have been researched for profitability, competition and traffic. A niche that can pass all three tests might do well with a high quality AdSense enabled blog.

  7. Thanks for explaining Brian, interesting! I didn’t realize about passing all 3 of the tests for it.

  8. It’s just my theory and I’m certainly not an expert. 🙂

  9. This is an excellent post, I follow Pat Flynn and he does well using AdSense and he does exactly as you say, he gives quality content and builds an authority site around a targeted niche.

    The days of building a site a week is definitely over, adding great unique content regularly is a serious must these days.

    After all of the Panda updates, a lot of weed like websites have been cleared away which leaves a nice field where the healthier and stronger crop like sites can flourish.

    Maybe it is time to return to the odd AdSense ad here and there. 🙂

  10. Nice post.It`s not about blogging,it`s about quality and niche you selected.I am agree with you “I don’t like the way ads on the site look”

  11. Google made a wise decision upon the Panda update. This gave way to bloggers who are really committed into blogging and gave lesson to people who are doing some hocus pocus. Quality blogs is still the key to keep things in track.

  12. Wow! Inspiring post. I’ve not used AdSense as I had originally made a decision not to monetize my blogs in that way. I have monetized Medtopicwriter a little bit (but not with AdSense) and make only about $400 per year off of that. Hardly worth it!

    This post gave me new inspiration to check into AdSense as an income stream. I may experiment with Medtopicwriter by trying it out for a bit. *scared*

  13. Niche site have always worked and will continue to work for atleast the next 5 years (or until the web is over-populated with niche sites)..Although Adsense is a great source of consistent income i believe that depending on affiliate programs or other forms of advertising will be a good idea..mainly because the revenue from Adsense will be marginally effected if a site ever gets penalized by Google.

  14. Hi Brian D. Hawkins

    According to me Unique content is the only way to Get good Rank in Google and that’s the only way to get Success with the Google Adsense Program. Also Google being a Strict Search Engine has been introducing many Updates that are teaching lessons to many of us.

  15. Yes that’s true if we write good quality content based on researched keywords, then earning money through adsense becomes an easy job.

  16. Well written Brian. I think including atleast one Adsense Adunit is a great idea to maximize the revenue.
    Well written 🙂

  17. Adsense is definitely live and is coming out with lot of changes. Particularly the change of not banning bloggers for anything wrong, now they just suspend website instead of banning the entire account, which is indeed a great news

  18. After panda updates, my big blog get affected by panda. I have started many new blogs and working fine with adsense. New blogs has huge traffic.

  19. Oh no Samantha, don’t do that. I’m referring to sites build for AdSense or affiliate links. I wouldn’t put AdSense on hot Blog Tips because the traffic is more important than the pocket change I would get by giving my readership away.

    I actually ran AdSense on this blog the first time I had it, just before it sold. I was earning about $30/month. That’s hardly worth sending traffic away to Google.

  20. I also agree that google adsense still alive and I hope can make new account. I often read that many blogger fail to get account in GA. I thing the key to get success in GA is provide quality blog according to google want.

  21. I am using Google Adsense from quite a long time and i never felt that it’s not alive. It’s working fine with my blog and i am earning a good amount with adsense.

  22. hi there Brian. nice post but Adsense will never be an option for me. it is very hard getting approved to adsense and even if you are approved, a fear of being suspended is still there since many bloggers even with high PR rankings are vulnerable for suspension

  23. I thought AdSense was going away. It is still on my blog and doesn’t seem to be adding any revenue. Do I need to remove it for affiliate ads? Don’t understand how it works so glad I found your blog.

  24. Adsense is awesome for those who has a good number of visitors on their blog/website. Ya obviously some blogs were got affected by Panda update but for bloggers it is one of the best way to monetize.

  25. I’ve not used AdSense as I had originally made a decision not to monetize my blogs in that way. I have monetized Medtopicwriter a little bit (but not with AdSense) and make only about $400 per year off of that. Hardly worth it!

  26. Time and again it is very tough to build niche blogs because sometimes there are niches that I know nothing about and if I am hiring staff to do that content generation then I am highly dependent on them. Which in most of the cases ends badly. I started 3 blogs and got around 500 articles written etc. They are earning a bit but not as I predicted because the reason is same. I know nothing about that niche and the person who was writing for it has moved on in his life.

  27. I have been blogging since last 2 years but getting approved for adsense is a huge task nowadays. Moreover it is very tough to get approval if you are not from USA or UK. I might have to start some other niche sites and then apply from there.

  28. there is no alternate of Google adsense. Me also trying for approval. Hope Me gets fast. Anyway, we should not forget Google adsense with other revenue networks.

  29. Adsense is an awesome way to make money online

    But I’m still making cents with it any tips please check my blog and tell me any better ad positions thanks!

  30. Adsense is Good But don’t know what has happened toit.. it is giving very low Cpc on Many sites and also on my mail site which was getting huge Cpc.

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