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Best Android Photo Apps: Part 1 – Complete Photo Editing Tools

image - Android Photo AppsThe Best Android Photo Apps For Your Blogging Business – Part One

This post will highlight the top two Android Photo Apps for complete photo editing tools that can help you with your blogging photography. These apps allow for some pretty extensive photo and image editing tasks yet don’t require a huge investment of time to learn them.

We all know that pictures and images can improve our blog posts and there is a wealth of free photo apps available to improve our photography skills with very little effort. Using your smartphone to take your own photos solves a huge issue with finding blog post images without potential copyright issues.

About The Best Android Photo Apps Series

This is part one in a Best Android Photo Apps Series and we’ll link to future parts as they go live. Part one covers Complete Photo Editing apps followed later, in part two, by smaller and much simpler photo editing and image creation tools for blog posts. Then we’ll move into photo editing apps to improve your social media sharing tasks in part three. Be sure to subscribe to our feed and VIP List so you don’t miss them.

Permissions And Privacy

I need to mention that every app that you add to your phone requires different permissions and privacy concerns. This is true with every Android and iOS phone app, not just the Android photo apps listed here. Because permissions change on a regular bases and I want this post to be “evergreen”, I’ve excluded individual permissions and privacy issues for the photo apps I’m listing. I highly recommend you check each app before you install them in your phone and be certain the benefit outweighs the cost in terms of your information being shared and device resources being used to run them.


PhotoWonder is one of my favorite Android photo apps but its also available as a iOS Photo App. It’s so feature rich that, even though it’s super easy to use, you can find it difficult to put your Smart Phone down and stop playing with it.

image - PhotoWonder - Before and After

There’s far too many things you can do with PhotoWonder to list without dedicating an entire post to it but some of the cool things this photo app will do are:

  • Basic Photo Editing – With PhotoWonder, you have the entire basic photo editing features that you’d expect from a top photo app right from your smartphone like crop, rotate, vertical or horizontal flip, toning and sharpening. You can adjust brightness, contrast and saturation.
  • Pixel And Fade Out – Using the “Mosaic” option under “Edit“, you can use the eraser to pixel out things you don’t want to show in your photograph, such as a license plate or someone’s face, for example. It’s also a simple matter to blur out the background to focus on the main focal point with the Vignette feature.
  • Decorate And Beautify – PhotoWonder gives you a wealth of image options to enhance your pic like “One-Click Beautify.” Impressed yet? Well hold on because PhotoWonder can slim you down, slim your face, give you big beautiful eyes, remove acne, improve your eyeline, blush your cheeks, whiten your teeth and remove red eye. Wait, there’s more, lol. PhotoWonder even can smooth your skin and enlarge your breasts, seriously!
  • image - Photo Wonder CollageDecorate, Effects And Frame – PhotoWonder has a ton of accessories, prank images, stickers, brushes and comment/text balloons (callouts) to decorate your photo. The effects are “Instagram” style but with many more filters. PhotoWonder also comes with a bunch of frames and backgrounds.
  • Multiple Photo Collage – The collage section of PhotoWonder is like a four star photo collage app in itself. Again, there are far too many options to cover but you can select different collage layouts, frames and templates. You can select up to nine photos from your camera’s gallery, arrange them in any manner you choose, move, resize and rotate any of the individual images.
  • Filter Camera – If you have a compatible smartphone (Android or iOS), PhotoWonder’s Filter Camera option allows you to use “Instagram” style photo filters live as you’re taking the photo. It works great with my Samsung GALAXY S III and the different filters show me what the photo will look like before I snap the picture.


PicsArt – Photo Studio

Coming in at a very close second for overall complete mobile photo editing apps is PicsArt. PicsArt is another Android Photo App that is so feature rich that it really deserves its own post. You can add all types of effects; create collages, draw and much more. Like PhotoWonder, there is a bit of a learning curve but its fun and, once you get the hang of it, it’s tough to stop playing with it.

  •  PicsArt ExampleBasic Photo Editing- The PicsArt Photo Studio comes with all of the basic photo editing tools like color adjustment, cropping, rotate image, resizing, drawing, adding text, frames, borders and a whole lot more.
  • Advanced Photo Editing – PicsArt goes WAY beyond the basics with cool tools for photo manipulation, adding clipart graphics, various masks, adding different stickers and text effects, and even creating collages.
  • Effect Filters – Like any good mobile phone photo app, PicsArt has a huge assortment of one-click photo filters to make your photo or image that much more unique. The filters, and there are a lot of them, are divided up into the following categories: Fx, Artistic, Pop Art, Paper, Color Adjust, Distort, Color Splash, and Corrections.

PicsArt Image Examples


Coming Up… More On Android Photo Apps

Next in the series will show you other Android Photo Apps for creating cartoons, quickly make collages, make inspirational images and funny photos. Don’t miss the post, subscribe today.

Your Thoughts?

Do you use photo editing apps, either on Android or iOS? Do you have any mobile photo apps you’d like to recommend? I’d love to read your comments or questions on image creating, photo editing, or photography for blogging in general.

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