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Quick Photo Editing Tools – Best Android Photo Apps: Part 2

Your Blog ImageIn part two of our Best Android Photo Apps series, today we take a look at several Android photo and image apps that I use myself to help create blog post images as well as create images for social sharing. Every app listed is freely available in Google Play.

In Part One we covered a couple of the better Complete Photo Editing Tools. There are an incredible number of photo editing apps available for Android smartphones so I’m highlighting the best apps that I use personally. These apps are simple to use and produce quality results without a huge learning curve.

PhotoShake Phone App

image - PhotoShake ExampleThe PhotoShake Android Phone app is a super fast and easy way to make collage photos. PhotoShake has many options but I really like the MultiPhoto select tool that allows you to take several pics from your gallery and create a fast collage. You simply “shake” your smartphone (or click the shake button) once you have your images selected. The app randomly sorts the images into a collage. If you don’t like the look or arrangement, you simple keep “shaking” until you get the look you want.

Another key feature of PhotoShake I like is the balloon text (callouts) option. You can add text using a variety of comment/thought balloons. Other features of PhotoShake are filters, tweaks and frames.

Cartoon Camera

image - Cartoon Camera ExampleCartoon Camera is so simple that I’m amazed at the quality of image you can create with it.  Cartoon Camera is a real-time mobile photo app that, once you’re in the program, allows you to point and shoot while seeing the actual preview before you take the picture. Cartoon effects for the free version include Color Drawing, Sepia, White Strokes, Dark Strokes, Colored Edges, Crosshatch and Pencil Sketch. Upgrading will unlock the Pencil Sketch Smooth, Color Pencil Sketch, Paper Drawing, Dark Pencil, and Cartoon filters but most bloggers will find the free version satisfactory.  Other features include a slider to adjust color and sensitivity. The app also supports both front and back cameras if your smartphone is so equipped.


image - Pixlr-o-matic ExamplePixlr-o-matic is a simple photo filter app that has a slew of options (hundreds) yet is simple to use. You simply add effects, overlays and then add a border if you want. Don’t see the look you’re looking for? No problem; Pixlr-o-matic allows you to view and download other effects, overlays and borders free of charge. Downloading the extras couldn’t be easier and doesn’t require another app install; you simply click the batch you want and go right back to the image you were working on only with access to those you just downloaded.


Sketch Me

image - Sketch Me App ExampleA very popular Fiverr gig is turning a photograph into a sketch and now you can do it yourself, free, with Sketch Me. Sketch Me is a simple Android App (or iOS for $.99) that allows you to add a sketch, crayon or oil paint effect to your photos. You can take the photo through the app or grab one from your smartphone’s gallery, Dropbox, Drive or other cloud-based storage app.


Photo Grid

image - Photo Grid ExamplePhoto Grid – Collage Maker is a lot like the PhotoShake Phone App (above) only a little more diverse. You can still ‘shake’ the phone for certain background changes and there are quite a few background images to use. I like that you don’t have to shake for a random background effect, you can go though the options and chose the one that best fits the mage. You can also pick between a nice selection of collage patterns. Moving the images is possible as well. Another cool feature is the ability to add text to your image. The text feature is very nice and it’s easy to change fonts, sizes, angles and even the text background color. You can even use background images in the text section.



image - PhotoFunia ExamplePhotoFunia is a super cool photo app that takes injects your image into over 300 available scenes. The app is smart too, finding the face of your image in many cases, saving you from cropping first. I’ve used PhotoFunia in several blog posts including Guerrilla Marketing Or Social Media? Pepsi Or Coke?. Some of the scene categories include posters, cards, galleries, photos, billboards, celebrities, frames, magazines, movies, books and more with many scenes to choose from in each one. Lab – fun photo editor!

image - Lab Lab is a lot like PhotoFunia (above) but with different scenes to choose from. Lab is a little more annoying if you’re using the free version because many scenes are locked and there are upgrade nag ads at every turn. Personally, if I had to choose just one, Lab or PhotoFunia, I’d pick PhotoFunia even though Lab has more than 500 effects


Wondershare Panorama

I think I’ll finish up part two with a real fun photo app – Wondershare Panorama. Wondershare Panorama is very fun and produces some pretty nice photos. I can see Wondershare Panorama being very useful for blog header images. You simply go into the app, focus the camera on the beginning of your Panorama and scan left or right while still holding the shutter button. Once you release the shutter, that’s where the image ends and you have a nice Panorama photo.

image - Wondershare Panorama Example

Beware Of Photo Deformer

Photo Deformer ReviewUPDATE: Great news, Photo Deformer has been pulled from the Play Store. I did install Photo Deformer but I cannot recommend this one. This post is about the best photo editing apps but I felt it important to mention Photo Deformer before I close out part two; I don’t want our readers to go through the experience I went through with his particular app and it also shows the importance of selecting the right apps and paying attention to the permissions. I was getting constant ads on my smart phone’s notification bar as well as pop-ups. Very frustrating!


Your Turn

Do you use any of these Android photo editing apps? Do you have any other recommendations? Do you see the value of using a smartphone for your own blog images? Do you use your own photos and images? I really look forward to your responses.

PHOTO CREDIT: Me again – isn’t it nice to get credit? lol
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  1. Nothing like getting a haircut and putting yourself into a coffee cup next to your rose and dairy is there? haha. Sorry I had to. I didn’t know such apps existed. But I can’t rely on those things. I can only rely on things like Adobe Light House and Photoshop. I like big huge programs that do more than I’d ever need them to do. I favor overkill. – Scott Craighead

  2. Photofunia is a really awesome Online photo editing platform. It creates funny photos by cutting out our face and embedding it in a cartoon or historic characters. It’s really accurate.

  3. Lab and Photo Funia are good source to editing photos and you can share them on social media sites for make more enjoy with your friends.

  4. Great review of some interesting tools.Android’s panache is uplifted with these tools.Some of these tools are quite new to me.So definitely going to download and try some effects.Thanks for sharing.

  5. I also use the paper artist app which comes with galaxy note II. It also has some more nice features and effects in it..
    Luv the effects on lab image….

  6. Wowwww………..

    A huge lists of applications. I love PhotoFunia and i edit my photos with this application and publish in facebook and twitter and i like to edit my photos with this tools. Thankf Brain..

  7. it is very amazing with the people to sit in a garden and pics show him in a ship with these editing tools.panorama effects feels great by adding various pics.
    android’s panache is elevated with these tools.some of these apparatuses are truly new to clearly set to download and attempt some effects.

  8. Photofunia is a cool photo editing platform offer awesome tools to create some magical photos. most preferred.

  9. How about photo comparison tool? I usually compare photos from different smartphones in my blog.

  10. awesome, i tried some apps on this post and the wondershare panorama is my favourite so far.
    thanks for your very helpful post.
    Can you have some reviews about saving battery apps cause my Galaxy S3 ‘s battery is not so good and i can’t find a suitable app for this problem. Thanks a lot.

    Stephan wu

  11. Cartoon camera is something that I have been really enjoying to use on my Nexus 4. Wondershare Panorama has me excited though, would be installing the same and test it out as well.

  12. Kshitij Jain says

    I love to take my pics from my camera and to edit and upload on facebook. I use Pixlr and camera360 for this purpose. But the apps you mentioned above are also very good. I tried cartoon camera and I love it. I also tried sketch me. All are fantastic apps. Love it.

  13. If you talk about my personal experience with these apps, then I liked these apps very much. Clicking images and then editing them to make them even perfect is my passion. I use sketch me, cartoon camera and photoFunia, I will love to try other other mentioned applications too. Thanks for writing on image editing apps.

  14. good apps. i also used photofunia. it’s best app for photo frame., i like this. and thanks for unknown apps for photo editing. really i enjoying to this blog article.

  15. I’ve just moved from an iPhone to Android, so this article is great for Brian, I used to do a lot of photo editing with the old phone, so I’m on the look out for ones for my Samsung, so I’ll be checking these out and putting them through there paces 😉

  16. i love PhotoFunia and cartoon camera photo editor and mostly i use photofunia because it is best and very easy and thank you for sharing some more photo editor for me and other known people.

  17. Pixlr-o-matic is one of my best Android App. I have using it on my smartphone, initially i was using Pics Art but some one suggested me Pixlr-o-matic. And yes then it seems more better than my previous one ! Now here in your article you have introduced me more app, i will try these also 🙂

  18. Hellow,actually i was searching for such android software,which should easy to use,and here i got it,thax a lot

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