Are All Types of Interaction Equal?

Today I saw a great new post from a blogger I’ve followed for a few years. I quickly replied to say I’d love to read the post, but I was busy writing a post of my own and I’d check her post out later.

I did check out her post, and really enjoyed it. So I shared the post. I then replied to her again, saying it would take me a little longer to leave a comment.

She thanked me for the retweet, and said not to worry about commenting. I still might comment, but this got me thinking…

Should we aim to read every post by the bloggers we follow? Should we always share and comment on every post?

Maximum Interaction?

My gut instinct says of course not – read what interests you – share what you like – comment if you have something to say.

All very well, but then is that what everyone else is doing?

Do You Keep an Eye on What Others Do?

There’s an old saying. Don’t worry what other people do. And don’t worry about doing the same. Just do what feels right.

However, I often get this nagging feeling that I could or should be doing more to support other bloggers.

And half the time I’m not even sure where the other half my time went… let alone putting it more time that seems to be rapidly disappearing even as I write this guest post.


I think it’s fair to say that if someone comments on your blog, they don’t really expect you to immediately go and comment on their blog. Nor do I think you should retweet someone else’s post just because they retweeted yours.

However, if you start getting lazy and you’re sharing less and less, others will probably share less of your stuff, too. One thing’s for certain: if you only share your own stuff, people will lose interest.

Is One Action Enough?

The bottom line for me is this. If I enjoy your post, I’ll be happy to tweet it, like it, +1 it, or comment on it. However, I probably won’t do all of those things.

Sometimes, I do two of those things. A truly awesome post may prompt me to comment, and add it to my Buffer schedule. Some posts I may share on Facebook instead.

What’s Your Thing?

My readers are awesome. Some people (you know who you are) comment on lots of my posts, and I don’t comment on lots of theirs. But I do comment on a few, and I share some, too.

Commenting isn’t something I’m particularly quick to do. But I do like tweeting. Now, if I could just find a way to keep track of all the new posts across all my favourite blogs without them scrolling each other off the screen (Twitter) or giving me 1000+ unread items in less than a month (Google Reader), I’d be very happy…


Do you view comments and shares as being similar in value? How far do you go in terms of returning comments to those who comment on your blog?

Image Credit: svenwerk / Creative Commons 2.0

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