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Are All Types of Interaction Equal?

Today I saw a great new post from a blogger I’ve followed for a few years. I quickly replied to say I’d love to read the post, but I was busy writing a post of my own and I’d check her post out later.

I did check out her post, and really enjoyed it. So I shared the post. I then replied to her again, saying it would take me a little longer to leave a comment.

She thanked me for the retweet, and said not to worry about commenting. I still might comment, but this got me thinking…

Should we aim to read every post by the bloggers we follow? Should we always share and comment on every post?

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Cook Up a Delicious Guest Post With These 5 Essential Ingredients

Five Simple Yet Effective Guest Blogging Tips

image - plate food dishGuest posting is an excellent way to contribute to other blogs in your niche and get your name out there. But it won’t make any impact unless you ensure you’ve included these five essential ingredients.

1. Know Your Audience

Who are you catering for? If you don’t know who will be consuming your content, it’ll be a recipe for disaster. [Read more…]

Twitter Tip: Befriend, Don’t Just Follow

image - making friendsTwitter is the social media site I use the most. I love it. I love finding new articles from the people I follow. I love getting into chats with people about anything from blogging and social media, to making cups of tea or how much it’s raining in London.

It’s great meeting new people on Twitter. If you follow me, I’ll get an email saying that you are now following me on Twitter. I’ll then go and check out your Twitter profile, your recent tweets, and your blog.

Something I’d like to know is how people find me, whether they follow me on Twitter or they’re commenting on my blog. As I’d like to know this about the people who follow me, I’ve started telling the people I follow how I found them – unless they followed me first. [Read more…]