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Scarlet Paolicchi is a parenting blogger and social media enthusiast.
Scarlet is the founder of Family Focus Blog, a blog on
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Using Tumblr To Build Blog Traffic

Tumblr For Blog TrafficTumblr can be used as a blogging platform and/or as a social media outlet and it has the potential to take blogging to the next level.  If you are wondering how popular Tumblr really is, let this statistic help you see how impactful it can be- 91.5 million Tumblr users have made 41.6 billion posts!

Tumblr is best used for sharing photos, videos, and short posts to enable quick scrolling. You create visual mini-blog posts on Tumblr to catch people’s eye, then they visit the whole blog post for the whole story.  It is a lot like Twitter- just a teaser to interest you in the whole post.  Tumblr is a great supplement to blogs. Like Facebook and Pinterest, it can promote and direct traffic to your core blog. Here’s how… [Read more…]