Becoming An Expert With Free Resources – Becoming A Paid Expert Part 1

In this three part ”Becoming A Paid Expert” series we’ll look at the steps of becoming an expert within your specific niche and how to profit from that knowledge. This is the first of the series – Becoming An Expert With Free Resources.

✔ Part 1: Becoming An Expert With Free Resources
Part 2: Buying Your Expertise With Paid Resources
Part 3: Potential Income Sources – Profit From Your Expertise [Read more…]

8 Simple Steps From Rough Draft To Publication

This week I want to share the simple editing process I use to prepare blog posts and other content for publication. I also share the blogging mistake/story that inspired this article. I’m using the inverted pyramid so you’re getting the most important content first. 😉 [Read more…]

How To Create Black and White Backgrounds for Color Images on

black and white background exampleIn this tutorial, we are going to show you how to take one of your color pictures and make the background black and white while leaving one element of the image in full color.

To follow along this How To for you will of course need the software (which is free).
You will need an image you own, so you don’t get smacked with copyright infringement,
and a little guidance. Soon you will have a new cool way to show off some of your pictures!
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The Inverted Pyramid – Learning From Journalism

The story follows the lede (the first paragraph). The Inverted Pyramid puts a priority on the most important content and serves that information first. Bloggers can benefit from applying the Inverted Pyramid to their content creation. [Read more…]

Time-Based Autoresponder Content – The Easiest Way To Build-Up Your Email Sequence

I know the word “hack” has been overused lately but, if you will, I have a pretty simple autoresponder hack as far as adding new content to your time-based autoresponder sequence. At least if you’re using GetResponse and I suspect other ESPs will have a similar process. I’ll show you how to use the same quality and evergreen content for both your broadcast emails and your autoresponder. [Read more…]