30 Featured Image Examples For Inspiration

Thirty creative commons images on Flickr transformed into fictitious blog post featured images to inspire bloggers and content creators.

I love looking at photos and I love playing on Paint.net. That made this post a fun one for me. I hope you find it as fun and inspirational to look at as I did in creating it. [Read more…]

Email List Building Techniques for Serious Bloggers

How we’ve increased email subscription rates by over 400%

Guess what? We’ve increased email subscriptions rates by over 400%. In this post, I’ll going over the steps I’ve taken to achieve that increase. I have also put together a how-to guide to help you put your own resource gallery or document library (part of the strategy) but more on that in a minute.

There’s nothing all that advanced in what I’m going to cover here but it is also not free and it’s not easy. This post is geared for those that want to get serious about building their list and doing it right. [Read more…]

Is Blogging Hard? Why Should I Bother Blogging?

I’ve said it before, blogging is easy.

Easy until you want to go beyond the personal blog that no one reads.

Sure, it comes easier to some than others but there’s real work involved. It takes Real Work just to be “Average with little hope of significant monetization.

Add in professional branding, blog monetization, SEO, increased traffic, list building, testing and analytics, and… [Read more…]

20 Twitter Mistakes That Hurt Your Brand

Tweeting is content and your content should have a strategy. Call it content marketing or content creation, what matters is you’re getting the most from your content without hurting your brand or wasting your time. [Read more…]

Blog Post Length: How Long Should Your Blog Posts Be?

That’s a question we’ve been seeing and asking since blogging became a thing, “How long should my blog posts be?” Blog post length has been debated since the beginning. We often see strong opinions on both sides of the camp.

In this post we’ll go over both long form content for blog posts and shorter blog posts. I’ll share a few examples of both blog post lengths. I’ll also offer my own opinions as usual.

[Read more…]