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Guest Posts – Why You Shouldn’t Accept Them!

Three Reasons Why Allowing Guest Posts May Be A Bad Idea

image - Blogging On NothingDo You Accept Guest Posts? Why or Why not?

We all know the positives of guest blogging, don’t we?

When it comes to guest blogging, most people always write from the writer’s – guest poster – point of view. And of course, there are a few that write about guest blogging from the owner’s perspective. But, most of these posts have one thing in common: They look at the pros of guest blogging: [Read more…]

Relationship Marketing Is Vital When Building A List

Building A List Starts With Subscriber Relationships

If someone were to offer me two choices for a list: 1) a list with 5000 credits or 2) a list with 500 trusted subscribers, I would choose the second one. Why?

If I were to recommend something, I would get better results with the 500 trusted subscribers. Why? Because those guys trust me. Trust is the keyword when it comes to customer/client and business/owner relationship.

In this blog post, we will take a look at various means through which we can build strong relationships with our newsletter subscribers. In effect, using a mild form of relationship marketing to establish trust and retain active subscribers. Let’s start: [Read more…]