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Laffer Curve Explained For Blog Advertising

Don’t Plaster Your Blog With Ads If You Want To Make Money

Too Many Ads These days, it seems like in-text links are popping up on every niche site and even on forums. As of 2012, INTENTclick is one of the most popular solutions for sites about making money online and saving money, as well as coupon sites. The appeal to bloggers and other publishers is that these type of links monetize content that is not already monetized, i.e., the content itself. While traditional banner ads confine themselves to ad-space and unused space away from the main content, in-text links can be embedded right in the content on keywords that appeal to the reader. Some banner ads appear in the middle of articles, but unlike in-text links, they are easy to scroll past and thus most readers ignore them. [Read more…]

How Can I Use A Forum To Make My Blog Better?

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Lots of webmasters know the ins and outs of Google AdSense and use it as their primary revenue source from their blogs. Fewer are good affiliate marketers, but bloggers with good, targeted mailing lists can make pretty good money from affiliate marketing. However, even these bloggers rarely make as much money as they can from their blogs. Using in-text ad solutions like VigLink can greatly increase your blog’s revenue. However, solutions like these rely on high-quality content to earn you revenue, so in order to get the most out of VigLink and other content monetization solutions, you need to have a strategy for developing content — and lots of it. That’s where forums come in. [Read more…]

How To Use Social Media Monitoring To Grow Your Blog

Social Media Analytics and Engagement For Bloggers

image - social media monitoring chartRecently, I wrote an article about how bloggers can use personal branding to make more money blogging. The crux of the article was that bloggers are great writers but we aren’t often very good businesspeople.

I think the same is true for public relations. Bloggers focus so much on their writing that a lot of us neglect the PR side of being a blogger. The result is that you may have a blog with good content and it might even be well-aimed at your readership (writers are taught to “know your audience” and this overlaps with the marketing concept of targeting your demographic) but you still aren’t getting much traffic to your blog, and thus aren’t making much money off advertising. [Read more…]

Personal Branding: Discovering and Changing Your Search Engine Presence

cover image - What is Personal Branding?Do you know what your current digital brand is? Anyone who deals with online content has gone through the process of a content audit at some point. And anyone who has tried any kind of self-help is familiar with the idea of taking stock of yourself. Discovering your personal brand is a combination of these two approaches, essentially taking stock of the online content about you.

A lot of bloggers are great writers, but they would make a lot more money if they a little more time on business and a little less time on writing. That’s why I’m sharing a few ways that bloggers, and other people, can improve their personal brand: [Read more…]

Site acceleration: Find out how to build traffic and make more money from your blog!

Find out how to use site acceleration and other secrets to bring more people to your blog and get a higher conversion rate!
image - site accelerationA lot of bloggers make good content aimed at a narrow, lucrative niche, but they don’t know how to get people to come to their site. Or, once people are there, they simply aren’t clicking on any ads or signing up for the blog’s lead registration program.

I’ve been in online marketing for over a decade and I’ve blogged prolifically since blogging became a widespread medium of communicating with clients. I remember what it was like starting out, so I want to share how to bring more people to your blog and how to keep them on your blog in those crucial first few seconds after they’ve clicked on a link to your blog: [Read more…]