Hacked by anonymous

How To Backup All Of Your YouTube Videos

Hacked by anonymousThis is going to be a super-short post (with video) showing you how to download and backup all of your YouTube videos to your computer. Tweet This I’m going to refer you to a free video download program BUT it’s important that you watch the video (it’s only 5 minutes long) BEFORE you download and install “Free YouTube Download“.

Why You Need To Backup Your Videos

If you upload all of your videos to YouTube yourself, you probably already have copies on your computer. With Google Plus’ Hangout On Air craze, the videos are automatically uploaded to YouTube for you and you will need to download them manually if you want backup copies. Last Sunday, Hot Blog Tips hit the 100 video mark and the vast majority of those are Google Hangouts On Air (HOA).

What Happened To Our YouTube Channel…

A couple of months ago our YouTube Channel was hacked and a video was added by someone. We deleted the video and I quickly instituted Google’s two-step verification login. This is a second layer of protection and no one is supposed to be able to log into our account without a temporary code that is generated every couple of minutes via a phone app on my android. The password alone is useless.

And It Happened Again 🙁

Apparently that two-step login process doesn’t stop all hackers because our YouTube channel was hacked yet again, Sunday night. We were lucky that only another video was added and nothing else was touched. What if they had deleted our videos? I had not backed up most of the Hangout videos.

Time To Backup Those Videos

So I found a free program that seemed to work great and I had all 100 videos sitting on my hard-drive within an hour of being hacked. The only drawback to this free program is it “offers” to add other programs and make changes to your browser search settings and home page. The video embedded below walks you through the install process so you can safely use the program without adding things you may not want. The link to their download page is below the video, both on this page and on YouTube.

Backup All Of Your YouTube Videos At One Time

Did you watch the video? Okay, here’s the link: Free YouTube Download