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How To Backup All Of Your YouTube Videos

Hacked by anonymousThis is going to be a super-short post (with video) showing you how to download and backup all of your YouTube videos to your computer. Tweet Thisย I’m going to refer you to a free video download program BUT it’s important that you watch the videoย (it’s only 5 minutes long) BEFORE you download and install “Free YouTube Download“.

Why You Need To Backup Your Videos

If you upload all of your videos to YouTube yourself, you probably already have copies on your computer. With Google Plus’ Hangout On Air craze, the videos are automatically uploaded to YouTube for you and you will need to download them manually if you want backup copies. Last Sunday, Hot Blog Tips hit the 100 video mark and the vast majority of those are Google Hangouts On Air (HOA).

What Happened To Our YouTube Channel…

A couple of months ago our YouTube Channel was hacked and a video was added by someone. We deleted the video and I quickly instituted Google’s two-step verification login. This is a second layer of protection and no one is supposed to be able to log into our account without a temporary code that is generated every couple of minutes via a phone app on my android. The password alone is useless.

And It Happened Again ๐Ÿ™

Apparently that two-step login process doesn’t stop all hackers because our YouTube channel was hacked yet again, Sunday night. We were lucky that only another video was added and nothing else was touched. What if they had deleted our videos? I had not backed up most of the Hangout videos.

Time To Backup Those Videos

So I found a free program that seemed to work great and I had all 100 videos sitting on my hard-drive within an hour of being hacked. The only drawback to this free program is it “offers” to add other programs and make changes to your browser search settings and home page. The video embedded below walks you through the install process so you can safely use the program without adding things you may not want. The link to their download page is below the video, both on this page and on YouTube.

Backup All Of Your YouTube Videos At One Time

Did you watch the video? Okay, here’s the link: Free YouTube Download

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  1. This is very nice and time saving share, Thanks Brian. On one my channel i’ve around about 500 videos, but I’d lost the backup due to hdd crash. So this will really help me to redownload all of them.

  2. I had know idea that Youtube Channels’ can be hacked. Unbelievable, how wrong this society can be.
    The backup seems like a great job to do in order to prevent loosing everything.

  3. Glad to help Sarah, 500 videos would be a huge lose.

  4. Hi Radu, We think of those mega social sites as a safe place for our content but any site can be hacked.

  5. Well, I have backups on my local hard drive, but even if Youtube suddenly crash the whole 500+ server cloud farm I guest I wont matter. Getting account hacked is another issue, this certainly isn’t easy, nearly impossible, unless you give the access to somebody by accident.
    I think we are getting into basics loop – 1st rule backup, 2nd rule backup, 3rd rule good security software that is up to date.

  6. In the presence of cyber world this is the best thing one had to do having a well established channel ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Prevention is better than cure!!! Great idea to avoid situation where I had to clinch my knees and cry because I lost my YouTube videos!!!

    Great share as always.

  8. I have also uploaded several tutorial videos to youtube but don’t have any backup for them. Will now start getting them to my system and then to my Portable HDD.


  9. It may not seem all THAT important to back up videos like this, but with more and more of our content being saved remotely on other websites, having your own personal backups is very important. A lot of crazy things can happen online, and your content can be lost without any chance to recover it, having your own backup that you know is secure is incredibly important, and can prevent the frustration of having to lose all your work.

  10. Shtrumphu says

    I usually keep a copy on my HDD after uploading to Youtube, but thanks for sharing this method, never know when Windows might crash… :))

  11. Narender Chopra says

    Its a good utility but Why we should backup them ? I think Youtube won’t delete your video for lifetime if its not affecting the copyrights.

  12. Hi Brian, That’s really shocking that your YouTube Channel got hacked twice, even setting up 2 layer security. I think you’re right it’s better to keep backup of your videos so that you can use them again, in case of any bad happening.

  13. Oh, backing up your YouTube videos is necessary?

    OK, that may sound a bit ignorant since everything that you do on the internet, there is a chance of losing your work in a way, shape, or form.

    Plus, I didn’t know your YouTube account was hacked.

    You guys were lucky the hacker didn’t start deleting your videos!

  14. I think this is one of the| most importantto backup youtube video for me. And i am glad reading your article. But wanna remark on few general things, The website style is ideal, the articles is really great : D. Good job, cheers

  15. Hi Brian, I must say thank you for sharing this cool tool for backing up our YouTube videos, I understand that the app was programmed to change one’s browser’s settings at installation but that’s fine, I can always revert to my former settings If i am not ok with the one given me. Sorry that your YouTube channel is being troubled. Thanks one more time for sharing and do well to keep us updated. Thank you sir.

  16. i have uploaded more than 200 videos on youtube channel but i wasn’t aware of back up process .its a good idea and this post gives two information one is backup my videos on youtube and the other is to back up all the videos in a easy way. have a great day…!!

  17. Never thought about this but yaa now it seems that I should also create a back-up for my YouTube Videos. Thanks for telling..

  18. Really that’s a cool way to back up your videos with out any loss. Much needed tool for everyone, thank you for the information.

  19. I find that software like a YouTube video downloader than offers ‘other software’, adds their own menubar or makes changes to my default web-browser are more a nuisance that they are worth. I’d rather buy an ad-free license and not deal with these preemptive changes.

  20. Excellent suggestions. I was searching about the same, Got in the same time to backup all the files related to my business. Thanks for the share. I appreciate your post.

  21. I posted a video a couple of years back and it was corrupted on the site. I don’t know what happened but it wouldn’t play anymore. It’s kind of annoying that I deleted my back up in the past. i thought I wouldn’t need it.

  22. Thanks for the tip. I had no idea that youtube gets hacked frequently. I really should back up my videos now.

  23. Backing up your files is always a must. There were cases when content already published in the net disappears. This happened to me before, I lost a lot of files.

  24. Such an useful solution to a problem that a lot of people had. Loosing all your videos can indeed be a nightmare. However, here you are sharing the solution with us. Thank you very much!

  25. Hi Brian, Thanks for this trick.generally,i get a copy of uploaded YouTube video to my external HDD.Again,thanks…

  26. Hi Brian
    I only have a few videos on you tube about a sport I love stand up paddlesurf ing but wouldn’t want to lose them. Never crossed my mind to need to back them up if they were on you tube a bit Nieve I suppose. Definatelty in on this one.

    Thanks lee

  27. that will be need long time to people with slow internet
    to downloading videos
    is there anyway that we don’t need to download videos to back up?

  28. Having this thought in mind, is there any place safe on the internet? I think not. However i thought Youtube has a great team of programmers behind and this should not happen again.

  29. this is an awesome way to back up all our youtube videos thanks for sharing this idea

  30. Thank you for the tips. I download all my videos and I saved them on my server. The only problem is that it takes to much space in my server.

  31. Alex Jones says


    Though downloading YouTube videos is not legal & it’s not permitted by YouTube but If you and I were producers, we can allow YouTube downloading only if intended for fair use. And like you said, if our youtube channel gets hacked then in that case downloading youtube videos and keeping a backup is a vice decision. Also you gonna find many youtube videos which is under creative common license and reuse is permitted. So you can download those kind of videos and also reuse it.

  32. Alex, I’m not suggesting anyone download other people’s videos, only their own for backup. It’s not illegal or against YouTube terms. http://support.google.com/youtube/bin/answer.py?hl=en-GB&answer=56100

  33. Buying is usually a better option Joel but we still need to understand the terms. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Thanks Rajkumar, I hope it helps.

  35. You are welcome Emmanuel, no need to “fix” the problem if you go through the steps above. It’s a shame they try to add junk and make changes to our systems by hiding the permissions.

  36. Exactly Samuel, had they deleted the videos we would have no way replace them. Hangout videos upload directly to YouTube and are not saved to our computers without downloading them later.

  37. It’s true Paul, we would still lose comments, views and any embedded videos would stop working but at least we would still cave the main content.

  38. Thanks Carl, I don’t worry much about YouTube crashing because I assume they have backups and would recover far easier than we could. There is always the risk of losing our accounts and if we have the videos we could move to another site.

  39. I think with all the net being such a volatile medium nowadays, it’s always better to take preventive measures. I have a few videos on Youtube and I think I’ll use to backup them now.

  40. That was a handy information, considering the fact it is always good to have back up of all the videos hosted in youtube.

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