Becoming A Paid Expert Series Part 1

Becoming An Expert With Free Resources – Becoming A Paid Expert Part 1

In this three part ”Becoming A Paid Expert” series we’ll look at the steps of becoming an expert within your specific niche and how to profit from that knowledge. This is the first of the series – Becoming An Expert With Free Resources.

✔ Part 1: Becoming An Expert With Free Resources
Part 2: Buying Your Expertise With Paid Resources
Part 3: Potential Income Sources – Profit From Your Expertise

Becoming an expert takes learning and practice, right? Learning can mean traditional school and classes, online course, and so on – which I discuss in the next section (part 2), but it doesn’t necessarily mean we have to go the “paid” route.

Lets look at a handful of free online resources to help us get started in becoming an expert – eventually getting paid for that expertise.


We can find an already established expert and ask to become their intern. Working for free can be a tough pill to swallow but if you’re getting paid in the form of a quality education it just might just be what the doctor recommends. Is it really bigger on the inside?

OJT – On The Job Training

Okay, on the job training is probably the most common method online wantrepreneurs take but there’s a lot to consider when it comes to “learning by doing”.

First, obviously, there’s the issue of time. For example, I’ve been practicing the OJT method for about 15 years. While OJT helped me become a self-made multi thousandaire, I believe there may have been an easier and faster path. LOL


Masterminds are generally a small group of like-minded people willing to help one another along a path of success that may be tougher to achieve, or even see, than going solo. Masterminds could easily take up an entire ebook itself.


I’m a self-proclaimed podcast junkie – plain and simple. I’ve been listening to podcasts DAILY for well over two years now.

(See: Listening To Podcasts To Improve Your Online Business)


I’ll be the first to admit I’m a little biased but blogs are a wonderful source of information. Reading a great blog is like plugging the information highway directly into our consciousness while we lay naked in a bath of our favorite flavor of pudding.

News and Trends

Keeping up with what’s going on within your niche has to be the most critical method of becoming an expert. Follow Google Alerts, subscribe to industry newsletters, podcasts, social groups, and blogs. Be the first to know when things of substance change within your industry and be the first to share it with your community.

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Buying Your Expertise With Paid Resources
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Profit From Your Expertise“.

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