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Being blocked from Google Plus Hangouts?

Seems there are several people mentioning that they try to enter a hangout and get a message telling them they are blocked. Therefore they cannot join the hangout.

Some of these people are saying that they were blocked in a previous hangout for reasons such as; someone didn’t agree with them and blocked them to “kick them out“, others have said they were blocked because they had no live cam, and some say they have no idea why or when they were ever blocked.

The Google Plus hangouts team has said that there is no set way to get reevaluated to join hangouts once you are blocked. The team is periodically going through and giving some people privileges back.

I do know that if a participant in a hangout has blocked you on Google Plus for any reason, you cannot join a hangout they are already in. That means if they have blocked you for spam, being a butthead or just didn’t like the way you looked, you cannot be in a hangout they are. So, buck up and be nice! But, having your profile blocked does not mean you can’t join other hangouts, as long as no one in it has you blocked.

And for those that say they have no clue why they are blocked from hangouts…I think the hangouts Team is going to fix that. When I started a hangout I noticed this new message that pops up.Blocked in Google hangout

Yes, they are now going to be taking a clip recording when someone hits the “Block” button. This will be bad if you do something mean (creepy or perverted) as then you have no sympathy from the Hangouts Team. But, if someone accidentally hits the Block button or they are blocking you for an unfounded reason, you may have a chance to have your “case” reviewed and all privileges given back. I would guess that if they can grab a clip showing what is going on, they will also know who hit the button, so those block happy people may get their butts in a sling.

So, that is what I just learned and wanted to pass it along to all of you. I also wanted to warn you in case you are one of the creepy people, they are watching. LOL

~ Sheryl

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  1. Good share. I didn’t know people were being blocked, thus I didn’t even know there was a problem with this. I think it’s a positive step by Google.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I haven’t had any problem with this before and therefore didn’t know. I believe that the move is also meant for good and making the members like hangouts more.


  3. Hey there Mitch Mitchell <- the blogger not the drummer! LOL!

    I do think that by Google Hangouts being able to "checkout" why someone was blocked is great. Some people could have been unfairly blocked. Those that are really jerks…well, they can stay blocked. I know I have enough problems with you and Brian in a hangout, just think if I had to deal with a real odd ball. LOL

  4. Never heard about such issue, informative share. I think Google+ team doing right work here.

  5. Great job in finding this and sharing it Sheryl, thanks. 🙂

    Now for the important part… my thoughts. lol

    I think it would be so cool to get our hands on a bunch of those recordings. 😉 Can you imagine the more interesting clips in a ‘worst of’ video? That would go viral overnight!

  6. Same here Mitch, but as with any public “hangout” there are going to be those that just for whatever reason are going to use their “power” and go overboard. Glad to see Google is going to do something about it!

  7. This seems like a good news for genuine people who get blocked by mistake on the various hangouts. Many people also think it is fun to block random people without any valid reason. This is finally going to stop and the people who actually create chaos are going to have a good one.

  8. That is ridiculous if you get blocked…

    They should be able to fix it as soon as possible..

  9. Oh yes Brian, we need those clips!

  10. Interesting to know, I had not heard of this either yet. I would really hate to hit that button by mistake on someone.

  11. Thanks Sheryl!

    New to Hangouts, I was experimenting with them the other day, setting one up. Good share with some helpful information, always good to block out low energy elements from these meetings.

  12. Hi Sheryl, block feature is available on Social Media But I won’t block nobody but one day, I can help them change the way they behave and blocking somebody, I think is just like running away from problems.

    Thank you – Ferb

  13. Hi Lisa, when Hangouts first became public, you could block someone and they were just locked out from THAT hangout, but could jump in any other one.

    Maybe to may creepy people were just jumping into others and they made the Block feature a bit more heavy duty. I’m sure they will find a way to make it work while being safe.

  14. Hi Samuel, I am sure they would love to find a way to let those blocked by accident or for no real reason a fast way to get back into hangouts. They just have to make sure that the real creeps are out for good.

    I bet they soon have this all worked out.

  15. Hi Ryan, glad we could help. Hope you have a great time in your Hangouts! I bet you will love getting to meet with people “screen face to screen face”. ;-}

    Yes, some people need to be blocked as they are only up to no good.

  16. Hi Ferb, I know there are some people who do not need blocked, they just need a little guidance. But, I have came across some people that know exactly what they are doing and they have no urge to change. Those are the people i don’t mind blocking.

  17. Hi Smith, I agree that it will be good for all real people. The good ones can get back in, the bad ones can stay out and all those who just like to block people for no real reason, may end up with a problem.

  18. Thanks for sharing the information Sheryl. Can any member from the hangout block any one or else only hangout owner or administrator can block members?

  19. Hi Gilbert! Google is really pushing for more people to use Hangouts for sure. They had a promotion this past week for families to use them over the holidays to connect with people who may not be able to be at the gatherings.

    Sometimes it is a fine line between who gets blocked for a good or bad reason. Someone shouldn’t be totally blocked from all hangouts just because 1 person didn’t like them. Other people need to be blocked from society as a whole.LOL

  20. Geeh! I haven’t heard this issue even before since I am not really a fan of google plus. I spend more of my time on facebook and twitter. But anyway, this is pretty helpful and I’ll be passing this info to my friends so they will be aware of this blocking issue.

  21. Hi Ron, the power of Google will keep things straight. lol

  22. I believe it’s just the administrator Naser.

  23. Hi Rusty, check out and see why I think G+ is very important for bloggers, much more so than Facebook right now.

  24. Someone shouldn’t be totally blocked from all hangouts just because one individual didn’t like them. I think this is a rare case, but this is a good news for genuine people who gets blocked unnecessarily. Good post, thanks for sharing.

  25. I agree James. From some of the stories I have heard and some people need blocked permanently. I have seen how some guys have talked to females on G+ and they are up to no good…I block them asap and would never want them in a hangout with me.

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