Blazing Minds Tells How She Mastered

Karen with Blazing MindsKaren Woodham of Blazing Minds was gracious enough to answer a few questions so youthe Blogger, can decide if is for you and, if so, how to gain the most from it.

Today’s interview with Karen is directed at her success using publications for her Twitter followers. has been around for while, founded in 2008, and many have published their own papers using content from their Twitter and Facebook feeds. Few have enjoyed the success that Karen has with both Twitter and with her papers.

BlazingMinds publishes five papers including these three very popular publications:

Interview With Veteran Blogger Karen Woodham

Q: You have papers in a few different niches. From following you for several years, I know you are a music lover. Would you encourage others to publish multiple papers of their interests or are there other factors?

Blazing Minds IconI would have to say yes, by introducing your followers to some of your other interests shows that you have the ability to not be just stuck in one niche and that you can bring your followers something that they may have not read or found in the past.

Q: has gained a lot of popularity recently and many people on Twitter have jumped in and created their own papers but you have been able to create a significant following. What do you attribute this success to?

Blazing Minds IconTo be honest, I’m not really sure how my following got to the 13,000+ mark, I would like to say that it’s down to starting off on the right foot and following the right people, which could be true, but, I mainly think it’s down to what I’m tweeting. My timeline is a mix of tweets from other bloggers with some really interesting blog posts, tweets from myself, some fun, some serious and taking the time to communicate with other tweeters who may be asking questions. Showing that you are willing to answer tweets is a must in my point of view.

Q: Other than the tweets, which can be setup in the paper’s settings page, do you do anything to help promote your various papers?

Blazing Minds IconAt one time I used to have a widget from on my blog, but after a few redesigns and layout changes on my blog, the widget was just too big, so now that the “papers” have become popular I just let them roll out on Twitter and they usually self promote themselves that way.

Q: Users can add up to five content streams on each publication, including Twitter (both hash-marks and keywords) and Facebook. Do you have any recommendations as to what a new publisher should feed into their paper in order to get the most of it?

Blazing Minds IconIf you are going to use Twitter then one method I use is using a Twitter List, this not only gives you control over which Tweeter is included in the paper, but it also allows you to set up specific types of paper, like I did with the Celebrities. If you are in a set niche then use the keyword filters to create a paper that contains your keywords for your niche.

Q: Here’s the big question. What is the biggest benefit to publishing a newspaper? What is the incentive, even though it doesn’t take up a lot of time?

Blazing Minds IconFor me, it all started off as a bit of fun and mainly for my benefit, but later using to discover interesting articles and ones which I could then create my own blog posts about. I’ve also found some interesting tweeters to follow using and have built up some good followers who have since become guest bloggers on my blog. So some may mock it, but it’s certainly helped me out. 😉

I would like to thank Karen for taking the time to answer these questions for us. I hope this interview helps a few fellow bloggers to blend the mix of blogging, tweeting and various interests into a unique brand as Karen has accomplished.

What about you? Do you publish a Feel free to leave a link to it in your comment. Did you find this interview helpful? Let Karen know by leaving your comment below and subscribing to her blog at Follow Karen on Twitter.