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Two Second Blog Commenting Technique Every Blogger Needs To Practice

Have you ever went through the frustration of carefully replying to a blog post in a comment just to hit the submit button and get an error. You quickly hit the back button and.. Oh My Gawd! the comment is gone!

All that work. You sounded so smart too and now you will never remember exactly what you wrote.

It’ย€ย™s just common sense but I still forget sometimes. Simply highlight and copy the blog comment onto your system’ย€ย™s clipboard before you submit it. This two second act can save you a lot of headache. It’s a great habit to get into.

image - copy blog comment to clipboard

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  1. Brian, I know the feeling.

    It’s often one of the most frustrating times you can have. Sometimes, if you hit the refresh in your browser, you will get lucky and have the comment posted.

    More times than not, your ideas are gone!


  2. i usually make a copy of the links but the best is to back up the comments in notepad. I don’t have trouble repeating what I wrote since its always a new idea and better idea the next time around.

    • Good point Rose, notepad is a good choice. I like notepad because it strips any unwanted formatting too such as html and other unseen code picked up on the clipboard.

  3. Great tip Brian. Unfortunately for me I tend to forget to use it when I write those really killer comments and stuff me if I can remember everything I said. The second comment, if I decide to leave one, usually isn’t as good.

    I have noticed though that there are times when hitting backspace on the browser reveals that your comment is still there. It doesn’t always work but it sure is a relief when it does.

    • Yep, I’ve used the back button too. Sometimes that works. In fact, I’ve accidently double posted before – using both methods.

      I also have to admit that on many occasions I’ve written those ‘really killer comments’ you’re talking about and used them as a blog post instead. I’ll still leave another comment but if it’s a little off topic from the post I’m commenting on and went too long I end up thinking, “Hey, this would make a nice blog post”. lol

  4. Aidan Lewis says

    I write up all my blog comments in Scrivener along with the date I submitted the comment, the URL of the post, and whether my comment went through or not. That way, I know exactly which sites are (1) accepting and approving my comments and (2) which sites are worthwhile going back to later for further comment.

    • Hi Aldan, I haven’t heard of Scrivener before now. I Googled it and it looks like it requires Mac OS, which I don’t have yet, but sounds pretty interesting. I’ve just been using notepad to draft things and then drop it into Word to check spelling, punctuation and format.

      I know how it is when you find a cool tool like that though. I’ve been using Flashpaste for years. It’s just a simple little copy/paste tool that I’ve grown to love. Thanks for commenting and add me to the approved and engaged section. lol

  5. Happens a lot of time to me. Sometimes I get smart and copy the text sometimes but most of the time I forget to do it and the worst thing happens. These kind of things happen on blogs which use captchas mostly.

  6. Brian, if that happens to me I just leave and don’t bother trying again. It’s usually because someone has one of those idiotic captcha’s that I don’t like because if it’s another blogging system I won’t participate to begin with. Tough policy but I visit too many blogs to be irritated, if you know what I mean.

    • I’m with you Mitch, captchas can be near impossible to read. I should post about it here, some bloggers tend to make site visitors jump through too many hoops. Especially with the third party commenting platforms or requiring someone to register to leave a comment. Thanks for bringing it up, I’ll add that to by “blog about” list.

  7. Copying my comment before submitting is a practice I’ve veen doing for years, not only in blog comments, but also when writing in forums or, in general, when filling any kind of form. I also hate capchas, they harder and harder to read, and sometimes if you fail the code, the form is not correctly reloaded and your comment is lost XD

  8. It is even more frustrating when you try to post an interesting comment, trying to add some value to the original article, and your comment is marked as spam just because you included a keyword in your name. Yeah, I know that keywords in the name is some kind of impersonal, that’s why I love KeyWordLuv, but I don’t see the problem in getting a backlink from your comment (provided you’re not just spamming and writing crap).

    Thanks for usinf KWLuv!!

    • Hi Rafa, I understand. It’s tough to keep up with everyone’s comment policies.

      If you don’t mind, I’d like to offer you a tip. Upload your Avatar free on I think you’ll find less of an challenge when it comes to leaving comments when you have an avatar.

      And my pleasure with Keyword Luv and Comment Luv, I’m a marketer too ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Hi Kristina, welcome to Hot Blog Tips, I appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to comment. Yep, the back button works sometimes too. I hate it when the page never loaded after clicking the submit button. Then you resubmit it, either with the back button or the clipboard, just to find you double commented. I don’t know the solution for this, it can happen with either method.

  10. Kristina L. says

    Hi there, Brian!
    My first visit to your blog. I liked some of your comments I found on other blogs and decided to pay you a visit. Hope you don’t mind.
    Indeed, the thing with writing comments can be very annoying when something like that occurs. However, sometimes the back button works just fine and gets me back to the comment field which still contains my “smart” comment.:)
    Although, I got frustrated a few times, so I also started highlighting the comments and adding them on the clipboard…just in case (the same I will do with this one).:)

  11. This has happened loads of time with me. When I hit the submit button and have a last look at the comment and suddenly realize that I have made a mistake but by then the comment is already posted. So to avoid this, I make it a point to highlight and copy the comments with their corresponding links on my desktop.

  12. Hi Brian,

    Yes I encountered this problem too and I’m practicing this tip as well. But most of the time when it happens I know copying the comment into the clipboard isn’t going to help. For some reasons it has to do with how the blog was set up for commenting or other technical challenges that I wasn’t prepared to spend any more time with. I simply leave the blog to find another.

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  14. Noel Addison says

    I actually do that simple yet useful technique most of the time. And it works fine for me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Hi Brian,

    I can totally relate with your post. Sometimes it’s really frustrating especially that you put a lot of insights in your comments. Sometimes, the back button doesn’t work so it’s highly advisable to copy your comments first before clicking on submit button.

  16. I actively use blog commenting technique in my website promotion strategy. When selecting blogs to cmment on I usually give preference to online resources, which are topic related to my site and provide do follow links in comments. I like to comment interesting posts of popular blogs, because they generate more traffic to my website.

  17. I was a victim for several times with this situation when you type your comment and suddenly after hitting the submit button, an error will display. This is very annoying. And with this post that reminds us to copy first to the clipboard before submitting, this would really save us from wasting time. This is very simple tactic yet very effective method.

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