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Top Ten Blog Commenting Tips – Don’t Look Like A Spammer

Updated 11 Sep 2014

For this week’s Quick Blogging Tip, I’ll offer a few blog commenting tips that will help you with blogging success; after all, that’€™s what we do here. Thanks to you, we get a lot of blog comments. Unfortunately, we have to delete many blog comments either because they did not read our comment policy or the commenter just doesn’t understand blogging etiquette. The following blog commenting tips are for the group of blog commenters (newbie bloggers) that want to improve their blog commenting success.

A blog is only as interesting as the interest shown in others.
~ Lee Odden (in his book: Optimize: How to Attract and Engage More Customers by Integrating SEO, Social Media, and Content Marketing).

Why Are You Leaving A Comment?

I think the first thing we need to ask ourselves is, “Why are we leaving a comments?” Now, I could jump on the bandwagon and say the only legitimate reason to comment on a blog is to engage with everyone because we should all be social butterflies.  Oh what a wonderful world. Okay, back to reality; there are a number of reasons to leave a blog comment, some good and some bad:

Right reasons to comment:

  • You see people you know and like and want to join in on the discussion.
  • You know the topic and can offer additional advice, validation, or overall value.
  • You have a question on the topic.
  • You see something you disagree with and want to respectfully challenge or question it.
  • You know you can leave an impressive comment that’s going to bring others to your blog wanting more.
  • You want to develope a relationship with the community or author.

There is some blogging jerk out there who feels he can generalize his way to validity.
~ Neil Young in Waging Heavy Peace: A Hippie Dream

Wrong reasons to comment:

  • You love the blog and want to tell the blogger.
  • You need backlinks to your website.
  • You have a question about something else and it looks like a good way of contact.
  • You know this stuff better than the writer and want to “outshine” them.
  • You don’t care for the author, or one of the commenters, and want to slam them every chance you can.
  • You want to drop a link to your latest post or product everywhere you can.

Top Ten Blog Commenting Tips

  1. Add Value: Post a comment that adds to the quality of the discussion. Do NOT leave a lame comment like, Nice post, I enjoyed it“.
  2. GET AN AVATAR! You can register free at that will show an avatar on most blogs. This Avatar is simply an image that is displayed along with your comment on blogs that have this feature enabled. This avatar/image doesn’t have to be your headshot; it can be anything you like. The plain default or blank avatar with comments screams either comment spam or newbie and sends a red flag to every blog admin.
  3. Stay On Topic: This one should be easy but a lot of bloggers fail at it. You should actually READ THE BLOG POST! Pretty simple right? You would think so.
  4. Interact And Engage: Interact with the other commenters. If you have a relevant comment, suggestion or answer for another comment already posted, hit the reply button by that blogger’s name and reply directly to the comment in question. This interaction will build online relationships and your blogging success.
  5. Be Respectful: If you find an error or disagree with the blog post author or another comment, please show some respect. Addressing the issue is fine but personal and/or professional attacks will not be tolerated on this blog and will ruin your reputation on blogs that let the comment stay.
  6. Brand Your Name: Using Keywords is important and that is why we use CommentLuv Premium$ which includes KeywordLuv BUT branding your name is also important. Ana Hoffman wrote a post for Yaro Starak that really shows the importance of branding your name.
  7. Comment Policy: Find and read the blog’s Comment Policy if they have one. The quickest way to get your blog comment deleted is to ignore the blog’s policies.
  8. Don’t Suck-Up: You don’t always have to agree with everything and tell the blog post author how great he/she is. We know we’re great {joking} but you should always be honest. If you disagree or have a different opinion, then say so – just be respectful (Refer to Blog Commenting Tips #5).
  9. No Deceptive Tactics: When you list your blog/website URL on the comment form and ‘trick‘ our CommentLuv into displaying another blog URL you are using cheap deceptive blog tactics and risk getting banned. This is a common blog commenting tactic used by blog spammers selling SEO backlinks and blog traffic via blog commenting (See Blog Commenting Tips #10).
  10. NEVER EVER Buy Blog Comments: Out of the other blog commenting tips, this may be the most important, “Never Ever buy links or traffic from blog commenting“. These low-life blog commenting sites will ruin your blog and your reputation as a blogger.

Join the discussion…

What Blog Commenting Tips do you have to offer? Any blog commenting stories to share? Are you using the best blog commenting strategies? I’d love to hear your opinions and comments.
About Brian D. Hawkins

Blogging superhero by day and internet super villain by night. Blogger, future online millionaire and an all around great guy.


  1. Marios Alexandrou says

    I have to admit that I’ve never read a blog’s commenting policy. I figure everything that is in one is common sense and there are far too many interesting posts out there for there to be enough time to read someone’s policy. I guess I’m taking my chances, but so far so good. Probably because I don’t stuff the name field with keywords 🙂

    • I completely understand Marios, if we’re using common sense commenting, policies almost never come into play. If I want to leave a related link or something unusual like that I try to find the comment policy. It’s that common sense commenting that I’m hoping to help new bloggers with. Most of us experienced bloggers pretty much have that under control.

    • I am not doing the same either. I don’t think it is that important, but it might be important for those scammers 😉

  2. Brian, let me add an 11; try adding punctuation to your comment. Those run on sentences that should have been 3 sentences look like spam and I tend to delete them without worry. Of course, that ran into a major issue on Vernessa’s blog where I said something was obviously spammy and the author of the comment came back, then wrote 2 more posts the exact same way; sigh… lol

    • It’s true Mitch, punctuation and sentence structure can be a dead giveaway. I do give them a second look just in case the comment is from someone where English is a second or third language.

  3. That all add up to be a legitimate blogger. Some people I find so annoying are those who make cartoon character as their avatar. Why is this so? It is better to place your true face since you can create a goodwill on the blogger of the said domain, don’t you like having new virtual friends?

    • Hi Charotzz, personally I don’t mind cartoon character avatars but, in general, we increase the chance of being considered a comment spammer by using them. I believe a face pic is better but I understand that many people don’t like to use their actual picture. Almost anything rated G is better than nothing.

      BTW: Notice #9: No Deceptive Tactics. Do you see how your name isn’t linked to your blog yet you entered a URL to trigger CommentLuv? That tells me that at some point you removed the URL and that’s suspicious. Normally I would send a comment like that straight to spam or remove the CommentLuv link and I know I’m not alone. It’s only there now to make a point.

    • Charotzz,

      I think some people use cartoon for their gravatar is because they might be working for the government or some sensitive organizations. There might be policies from these that forbide employees to have an online presence.

      Generally I have no problems with cartoon faces as long as their comments are real and not spammy.

      • Actually, Jimmy, my avatar is an artist’s version of my pic. I am, however, a secret top agent for an agency that I can’t say out loud so I have no choice. lol

        It’s true though, cartoons are popular for avatars and when they first became popular with the introduction of forums years ago (I had several), that was the only option. Like you, I have no problem with cartoons or even logos, for that matter. Truth be told, I don’t even mind no avatar at all. I’m just pointing out that no avatar triggers a second look to check for spam and bloggers can help themselves out be using one.

        You have number four down Jimmy 😉 Thanks for that.

  4. I have a personal blog and the comment that almost always irritates me is – “Nice post” or “Great blog – keep writing”!! I might as well not comment if I don’t have anything to add. And if a post is really nice, the way its conveyed to the author is totally different!

  5. We all started as a newbie so we all been there; as a spammer without our knowledge. During my first months of blogging, I never had comments that can be called valuable. Most of my backlinks came from blog commenting. When I checked on them after 5 months, I realized that I once became a spammer.

    • Hi Matt, That’s exactly why I wrote this post; to help bring newbie bloggers over to the legitimate side of blogging so they can actually benefit and prosper from the effort.

      • Brian, thanks for writing this post. I’ll be sharing this with my internet team in the office. We have a few new folks who will be writing content and starting their own blogs. I have a blog and delete so many spammy messages.

        I’m certainly not an expert and I am learning the ropes.

    • I have same experience as well, When you’re newbie you only want to build backlinks that’s good but you should use blog commenting to show your importance so that none of the blogger block your comment.

      • Well you’re a blogging pro now Aaron 🙂 Add a few keywords after your name the next time and you have the perfect comment. Just like this: Aaron@Goa Carnival Thanks, I appreciate your comments.

  6. sai krishna says

    Hello Hawkins nice to see you again.i am very happy to know that now your alexa rank is 96K(wow your rank is 5 length numeric only).now you are below 1lack.congratulation .

    gravatar is really very important for get more clicks.gravatar is attract more visitors/readers to click on your tips are very nice hawkins.nice share 🙂

    • Hi Sai, Gravatars are really the only “image” many bloggers see of one another so we really should try to have something of value there as well.

      The Alexa rank has been falling a little each day. It’s still pretty high but considering it was like 10 million a few months ago when I started it’s doing very well.

      • sai krishna says

        Hawkins please write a new article about your journey of promote your blog and finally get the 95K+ rank.Please explain the ways you are used to decrease your alexa rank .hope you i will publish it soon 🙂

        • yes that would be great,,i would also like to know how to decrease my blogs Alexa rank,,i have seen some blogs get good ranks even without good traffic

  7. Add value that’s what makes your comment genuine, If you’re against of any point in the article then say it in respected manner… don’t use abusive language and don’t try to hurt anyone.

  8. I am also switching links but they are all my blogs and never used other peoples links to be linked. 🙁

    • I understand Herbert, many SEO/Link building sites do it just to build backlinks and couldn’t care less about the actual comment quality. Wouldn’t it be better to just use one blog URL with two backlinks for each post rather than trying to double up on separate blogs?

      You have nothing to worry about though. You have 22 approved comments on this site and are a welcomed regular. That goes a long way in my book. 🙂

  9. Jomson George says

    I am newbie and dont much about this. But now i love blogging and started learning all the policies. I have commented to posts that impressed me, this article about commenting tips shows me that i have to learn a lot before commenting. Every point point is valuable for me especially the 4th one.

  10. these tips are very nice and we should follow while commenting. But I think I never read comment policies. I think I should start reading that too.
    Thank you for this awareness post.

  11. Brian thats all are useful tips and i must admit that even i don’t read the comment policies but from now on i will definitely read the comment policies . really an great article and Thanks for the good one 🙂

  12. Excellent tips. Like you said, the lack of a Gravatar is a tip off. It only takes a second to upload your pic, so the ones who don’t automatically seem suspect.


  13. Commentators is quite true we must have clear recommendations to form an opinion on topics of interest, is not good to remove comments that we give an opinion on the issue but on occasions make mistakes and should be removed.

    • Okay, here we go. I don’t want to pick on anyone so I have replaced the link so not to hurt any feeling or cause embarrassment but…

      This is a prime example of a comment that normally wouldn’t see the light of day on this blog or many other blogs. Now it’s not outright spam, it’s simply too spammy; if that makes sense. Again, I don’t want to pick on anyone here so the site has been removed.

  14. Ganesh J. Acharya says

    Keeping the discussion on topic is the key. Nice tips, enjoyed reading them. Again we SEO, know they work.

    • Hi Ganesh, off topic comments are a dead giveaway that they haven’t read to post. Thanks.

      • Ganesh J. Acharya says

        Also you seem to respond to every comment personally, which is a nice thing to do.

        • Thanks, the funny thing is that an old IM friend just accused me of inflating my comment numbers by responding too much. I don’t care about the numbers, it’s the interaction that I want.

          • Ganesh J. Acharya says

            Yes, very true… But again why do you mention it is not good to buy comments? Hiring Social Media Managers to handle blog interactions, is it not equivalent to buying comments? We are planning to introduce this service from our website very soon, and we found your comment interesting. 🙂

        • Hi Ganesh, a VERY large part of the blog comment spam we get are from paid traffic and link building services. I wrote in detail about this issue years ago and it’s on my list of future posts right now.

          While many people mean well when ordering these services, the end result can often end in drastically negative repercussions including being being de-indexed, penalized and even banned by blogs, ISPs, Google and other search engines.

          Commenting for the sole purpose of link building is, by definition, comment spam. I’m not judging, that’s just fact. Good luck with your services, I’m not on the attack here. 🙂

          • Ganesh J. Acharya says

            Yes, you are right about what you think. Even I am worried about training people into the process and getting it done right. Again, selectively engaging quality interactions with professionals like you, not only gets visitors back to the website from quality blogs such as yours, but I have persistently seen websites ranking high while doing so.

            Very large companies need to break down their process and often need to outsource these. They do not have time and energies into answering these. At the same time, people write well for a payment. Why would someone do things for free?

            Paid automation of blog commenting is very bad. I am troubled into fighting SPAM with one of my website and understand the pain. Again I guess it is not about “paid” or “natural” commenting, it is about commenting appropriately.

  15. sseriously, the best to do is read the article completely before posting your blog comment. Then leave a valuable comment and try to let the author know that you read his article and appreciate it. The other things like having an avatar help, but I find that spammers catch on quickly. Ive gotten obvious spam comments even from commentators with avatars.

    • Hi Richard, many blog comment spammers have definitely caught onto the need for an avatar. I get them too, blatant spam from someone that haven’t read a single word yet they still have an avatar. Even automated spam sometimes have one. Good point!

  16. I am quite new to blog commenting and SEO in general so this information is really helpfull. Sorry for posting without a gravatar but its something i will definately get.

  17. Great list! All of these things are important, but I think the two most significant ones are reading the post and adding value. I need to take your advice about the avatar. Thanks for the hints!

  18. Brian,

    I am new to your site and am glad to have found another blog promoting blog etiquette. With all the good stuff going on in the online world, I cannot understand why people are still promoting spam.

    I attended a blogging workshop once whereby the trainer was actually teaching the participants to just drop “nice post” comments on as many post as possible for link juice. People actually pay hundreds of dollars for such courses. Isn’t there some form of cyber police that could control this?

    Anyway, a great list of suggestion to be real commentors and not look spammy. I have read all of them before, but it does not hurt to re-read and learn again.

    • That’s a shame Jimmy but I’m not surprised. I’m actually listening to a Webinar right now as I write this and the main speaker is giving some of the worst advice I’ve heard in a long time. Things that can actually get the listeners’s websites banned from Google & Facebook. Just amazing.

      Stay tuned Jimmy, I’m glad to have you. This is a basic post for beginner bloggers but we get into the more advance issues as well.

  19. Olawale Daniel says

    Hi Brian, Like how I see blog commenting, many people are misunderstanding the concept and that’s it seems it doesn’t work again but it. Thanks for this great tips you’ve just shared.

  20. Anonymous (Read Comment Policy) says

    All of those are really good ideas on making good and effective blog comments. Getting a gravatar can help out to get an positive impression of blog owner. Spam comments will make you banned from making comments by different spam protection plugins like “askimet”.

  21. Solid tips Brian. Out of those ten, I have to admit that #2, 3 and 10 are the most important to me. Obviously I am not undervaluing the other points, which are all important, but if there is something that really ticks me off is when some leaves a comment that is faceless, totally unrelated and/or clearly just putting in crap for the sake of getting links. I sometimes even wonder why they bother because most of the time, they never see the light of day. Plus, someone is bound to “tag” them as spammers and that is really not a good thing 🙂

  22. Those are 10 tips that everybody should folllow to get their comments approved and not thrashed or spammed. I have seen many commenters not following few of these rules like posting relevant comments and posting according to the blog’s comment policy. Also no 10 is a nice tip, I think it is not a good idea to buy blog comments because many times the blog commenter may use bad tactics or illegal tactics and thus spoil your brand’s reputation

  23. God job Brian, this very informative and the best tips and guidelines for a real commenting…This should work for both parts, blogger and commenter

  24. Chris McNeeney says

    I did buy blog links for one of my blogs, and now I can’t seem to leave blog comments for that site.

    I guess that blog was labeled as a spammer, I feel dirty.

    I don’t guess i can do anything about it?

  25. Yes first thing is that now days every one want to gain more and more backlinks through blog comment because it’s improves traffic.
    but peoples are miss use blog comment feature.
    i always gives my best comment for any articles.
    if we all do this is good for us and it’s good for relationship with other bloggers.
    but if we are spammer we never get permanent backlinks and never get success.
    I recommend to all blog commenters Don’t Spam.

  26. This is a very great information and guidelines in creating a blog comments. Most blog comments today will be examined first by an author and if fount not related to the post will be disapproved. So this post really helps a lot on how to be approved by the site owner.

  27. To be honest i don’t read blog comment policy. I think it’s only intended for spammers out there. I just want to stress out that buying for blog comments will only hurt your site. Most of them commented on blog that are link farms and it will put your site in Google Sandbox. Believe me, i’ve been there. There are SEO company out there that are reliable but most of them are fraud and not to mention that they will cost you a fortune.

    • That’s true Jarrod, or send the same exact comment to thousand of blogs, most or them not relevant, hoping to get as many as possible to go through. Google can see that a mile away. I often check some of the sites that are obvious spam and I never find one with traffic or rank.

  28. Hi Brian, i might as well make one or two posts based on your detail tips here. for me blog commenting is easy to do ethically, but following is another matter. i like read about computer tips, but seriously, thousands of blog about it, thus might coming back late to the 1st blog i want to follow. now following hotblogtips too.

    • Thanks Aimy, I appreciate that. It’s hard to keep up with so many blogs. My feed reader is loaded from hundreds of posts every day and I’m subscribed to over a hundred newsletters. I read a lot but no one can keep up with all that. I have ti scan and choose.

  29. Noel Addison says

    It would be best if every commenter not only drop generic comments such as “I agree”, ” I enjoyed your post” but add information to the post that could encourage to participate in the discussion.

    • It would Noel but they’ll never know because they never read the post of comments so they don’t learn anything.

      • Noel Addison says

        Sometimes it is insulting for bloggers who took so much effort and time to come up with a good post but people would just put spammy comments without even reading the post. It is an obvious disrespect to a blogger.

  30. I must say that am quite impressed by this article. Every new blogger should have a look on your words to get some fresh ideas.

    • That’s pretty generic Boopathy, do you see why that looks like spam? That comment would fix any blog post on the planet. Admins don’t want stroked, they want interaction.

  31. Actually Michelle, you have to Subscribe to our newsletter to get that.

  32. great new lesson for me. I just comment to get Niche AdSense Blogging Modus Operandi, adsense is very interesting to me

  33. Thanks Brian Hawkins.

  34. Great blog commenting tips here! I find all applicable to blog commentators, but one point caught my attention, be respectful. Based from my experience, this more applicable to bloggers! LOL Some bloggers who have been into business for quite a long time now already know how the in and out of online activities, tend to be mean to newbies. Actually one blogger told me if I think I’m contributing something to the discussion. LOL Oh, well, I never visited his blog since then so not really a big deal now. I hope both bloggers and commentators respect each other.

    • Well Christina, this blog is here for bloggers of every level and we welcome all here. Truth be told, I learn as much from visitors as they do from me and that includes new bloggers. That fresh outlook from new bloggers can really help bring a new perspective to light.

      • It is nice to know that you have a positive approach to newbie bloggers. They will surely be more comfortable making comments to any of your posts and ask for some tips maybe that could help them in their online ventures.

  35. This is really great advice. I find it hard to believe that people will still try to use automated or paid blog commenting.

    I don’t accept comments on any of my blogs because or the automated spam.

    Yesterday I noticed one of my blogs being inundated with ping backs from totally random and unrelated blogs???

    I wonder if a spammer accidentally put my URL in their software????

  36. Roy Powell says

    I really appreciate these tips. Though my blog commenting is sporadic, it does take a bit of time to do so. The guideline about contributing something to the post makes it more worthwhile.

  37. That was refreshing and i think every blogger must read these 🙂
    This will help keep spam outta bay . Love your Blog and theme

  38. The most annoying things in any blog is the overuse of nonsense comments like “Wow, I love it, thanks so much, keep up the good work”. It’s like all your works have no value but spam.

  39. Lennart Heleander says

    Hi Brian,
    I think one of the most important things about a comment is that it should bring something to the article; I hate comments with no content.

  40. yes you are dead right here if I don’t find a blog or website with relevant content and the site has a do-follow link then I don’t post to there site there is no point it just a waste of time..I spent time looking for site that I can post to a leave a comment that will help the readers and hopefully that will follow link to my site to read my articles…in this way helping both my site and the site I am posting to….one good link is worth 100 links from site that are not relevant to my WordPress website is do-follow commentluv so feel free to comment on my site thanks

  41. aakash gupta says

    Nice post.thanks for telling us my drawbacks.i would never repeat them in future again.Thanks for sharing this informative post.

  42. Commenting to a website is a delicate job, I totally agree with you that before trying to link to the other site you must have the common sense to actually read it, think about the message and try to add some value to the post or at least to make the author feel better about himself. My post didn’t add too much value, it’s true…It’s just a friendly shake of hand, telling you I know what you mean.

  43. Anonymous (Read Comment Policy) says

    I strongly agree with the article above. any comments must be related to the article

  44. Nahid Hasan says

    as much i have seen that most of the spammy comments we get from non blogger. I am running an small SEO Company in Bangladesh and i know SEO staffs are commmenting on blogs for getting backlinks. but the problem is that every seo company might have some staff which are not blogger, they are blog commenter. it means their main task is comment on various blogs for clients, they don’t care either the blogs are related or not.they just check the domain and page value. and those commenter doesnt have time or they doesnt want to pass the time to read the blog and learn from there. and for this lacking they just do spam and spam.but actually there are missing what they might have learn from the blog.

    • I know Nahid, it’s very common to get a lot of comment spam by hired blog commenting services that have to make dozens, perhaps hundreds, of comments every hour. They don’t read anything mote than the title, if that. I guess many spammers have learned the bots are just a waste of time.

  45. Shanky Sahni says

    Really very nice tips.I specially like 2nd and 8th ones.I will remember them as I comment a lot on blogs.

  46. softechnogeek says

    i used to say nice post but hereafter i won’t your post “really rocks”

  47. Hi,

    Amazing article. Now I am an expert in comment 😛

  48. I’m not so sure about the advice: “Don’t suck up”. I have been fairly forthright, yet respectful, in some of my comments … only to have them moderated into oblivion. Obviously it depends on the context. Arguing about White Hat/Black Hat SEO tactics on the one hand NEEDS combative arguments whereas telling someone that their recipe for cherry jam is poorly thought out needs a lot of tact!

    • That’s a good point on the type of post determining how much controversy there’s going to be in the interactions. Of course, I’m not saying we should disagree just for the sake of disagreeing; but the “nice topic” or “great post” comments usually get spammed out on this blog. I appreciate your comment. 🙂

  49. Karo Itoje says

    I like that you still use the Commentluv and Keywordluv plugins, it’s not common to see them on blogs these days. And I personally love the Commentluv plugin as it helps promotes a commenter’s recent post.

    One point I’ll like to add to your post is:

    Be realistic when planning your commenting strategy. Don’t plan to comment on 10-15 blogs in 30 mins, because there’s no way that’s possible. If you do that you end up leaving comment that are of no value to the post and to you.

    Most of us only comment on blogs as a strategy for some form of marketing, whether to build backlinks, to brand yourself or to grow your traffic, whichever way, you can only achieve that by taking your time to show your knowledge and experience through your comment.

    Here’s a link to a great article on using blog commenting as a marketing strategy. It discusses the benefits of blog commenting to the commenter and the blogger, how to effectively use commenting to generate backlinks and grow your traffic, including free tools to use.
    blog commenting marketing strategy

    • Hi Karo, We can usually see the link builders a mile away. Don’t get me wrong, I fully understand the value of generating inbound links through blog commenting and do it myself, but there should be a give and take.

      I let a lot of those comments go through as long as it seems they at least read some of the post. We do have some amazing readers that leave awesome comments, like yours :), and I always appreciate that. Thanks for the read suggestion, I’ll check it out.

  50. I don’t really have any commenting tips to share, I just think it’s great to take the time to comment and let the author of the article know you’re reading. Even if someone stops by to tell me “Great post, it was really helpful” I really appreciate it. 🙂 Sometimes I feel like others have already said what I was thinking – I’m rarely the first to comment.

  51. I agree with the speaking your mind part, rather than sucking up. Also with the one-liners… “nice post, I enjoyed it?”! WHY EVEN BOTHER?
    So yeah. Good article. Never thought I’d actually be reading this! haha

  52. Great article thanks. I liked your post and decided to write one as well about blogging tips. I posted a link to your site as well so my readers can see more of your tips.

    I always get those spammy comments I don’t really see the point to them they are being deleted by me at least. I also like to add Keep it Simple with your comments.


  53. Thanks for this great tip. Having an gravtar is really helpful making our on frame & comment identity.

  54. Always post a comment that is worth to be read. Put some heart into it, man! 🙂 Like #1.

    Always stand up for what you believe, and post that through your comment that will attract readers to read it.

    Have an image for your avatar too.

    I talk more about that in my article right below. Nice Article!

  55. Neal Stewart says

    Thanks to you, I now have a gravatar! Don’t know if it will work for this comment though. We shall see.

  56. Connie Isidora says

    Thanks for sharing great blog commenting tips. I agree with all the tips. For me, one of the best factors to consider in blog commenting is relevancy. Make a relevant comment so that it will not be held wrongly as a spam.

  57. Add value. Touched in this article. I think that’s #1. Don’t be pointless and add some personality into it.

    You’re unique. Be you. All the aspect of commenting is right here, in this article. 🙂

  58. Alexis Bob says

    Very nice post Brian, informative but I couldn’t understand the gravtar thing. Why a one can’t put his/her real pic if option is available I mean why only gravtar?

    Alex Bob “Recently shared: Web Design Halifax”

  59. Hairstyles 2012 says

    Add value. Touched in this article. I think that’s #1. Don’t be pointless and add some personality into it.

  60. Spammers are truly very annoying. On my blog site, I can easily detect spammers by their posts like “thanks for sharing!”, “great post!” and the like. What annoys me is that it is so obvious that they are only using your website for their own benefit.

  61. I gotta disagree with you on buying comments Brian. I do comments on behalf of customers and because I know how it should be done, I not only provide the back links and traffic but very good visibility. It’s a service for professionals who just doesn’t have the time. A lot of research goes into finding the right blogs to comment on, having a good background of the persons blog, business, history, developments and personality.

    I don’t just have a relationship with the people I comment for, but also with those on which blogs I comment on.

    Just as much research goes into how much value each blog comment will bring our customers. We know how to and we provide value – on behalf on others as we would for ourselves; because we’re professionals.

    Blog comment word count: 198
    Provided value: Check
    Avatar: Check
    On topic: Check
    Read comment policy: Check
    No deceptive tactics: Check
    Interactive and engaging: Hope so.
    Researched links mentioned (LowLifeSpammer): Check

    It’s an exact science and that’s why we charge $3.99 a comment. We call it super commenting. It’s expensive, sure, but very much worth it.

    So, it depends on who provides the service 😉

    • We’ll just have to agree to disagree on that one Ivin. Blog comments lend so little SEO weight that it’s hard to imagine anyone paying $4/comment when only a small fraction are ever indexed and counted as a backlink (even when re-pinged). I understand there are other benefits to blog commenting but that’s being lost with the interaction that can only take place with personal involvement. That would be like me trying to enjoy the experience of being a pen pal by hiring someone write the emails for me. lol

      Good luck with your business, I’m certainly not knocking you for what you do. If you can make an income by giving a buyer the service they want, you have my respect – I love business.

  62. Grate tip, this way you don´t only have your link, but also may have some trafic, whish increase the value. Off corse, ypu have to leave a grate comment too. I have never thougt about juice link on this way, another plus

  63. Marilyn McClure says

    Sometimes I don’t mind any policy in every time a commented any of the article I’ve read. I just do my comment after I read it.If I find it very interesting or not.SO, thanks for the hint and info.

  64. Hey Brain according to my personal experience bloggers love the one’s who leave some meaningful comments. I think the commentator must be proficient in English and must try his level best to stay on the topic so that even top blogs don’t mind approving the comment

  65. Personally I regard the people who use Avatars as non spammers. As a blogger i prefer comments that not only add something valuable to the topic but also have proper grammar and sentence structure.

  66. Neither I read comment policies before I post a comment on a blog. Its a common sense as one should know the general rules for commenting on a blog.

  67. Hello I have found this blog while touring in the blog land. I must appreciate your effort for sharing such a nice article with the readers. As per my personal opinion Blog commenting is really a good way for building good and quality links (even relevant links as well). So if you want to get approve in blogs then don’t do SPAM! Because all webamster don’t like SPAM and don’t want to see their own blogs look like spammy blogs. So if you maintain some rules while doing blog commenting then there can be a chance that your comments will be approved. I can suggest something that – don’t use gimpy words (like awesome post, thanks for sharing etc), read the blog and then comment according to the blog article, avoid keyword stuffing in your comment etc. If you maintain these tips then surely your blog will be approved. Anyways, “thanks for sharing” …I have tweeted this article to my followers. keep it up and best wishes. 🙂

  68. Dear sir,i am puzzled because of i am unable to get this point. regarding a competitor if i comment then will he give the approval to me.In my views “no”.am i write?please give my answear

    • I think most competitor bloggers would love to approve a great comment. Focus on the comment, not the blog. If the comment doesn’t get published, don’t take it personally… make a mental note so you don’t waste your time there again and move on.

  69. Lyka Winnett says

    Another blog commenting tip that I would like to add is to comment on relevant blogs that target the same audience as you in order for you to target the right people with the right interest about what you are providing or offering.

  70. Blog commenting its an good strategy which helps to build relationship with other bloggers due to spammers the worth is getting down.Hence we can stop the spammers by protecting with plugins.Thanks for sharing an wonderful tips

  71. anonymous (Read Comment Policy) says

    I think most competitor bloggers would love to approve a great comment. Focus on the comment, not the blog. If the comment doesn’t get published, don’t take it personally… make a mental note so you don’t waste your time there again and move on.

  72. i agree about your blog commenting tips totally blog commenting is important is a part of SEO , but some people dont understand the full meaning of blog commenting so that he/she said nice post and i like it, they dont know is a very meaningful post then the author of article dont like that comment, and also a waste of time when use a very simple comment,


  73. Jeny curran says

    I had learn lot of new things on how to comment on a blog.This blog is really very useful especially for beginners like me.And I observed some more tips from the above comments also,Thanks a lot to all.

  74. Blog commenting is simple really, just go to blogs that catch your interest, read the article and then you’ll be in a good position to add value with a quality comment. If you use common sense about commenting rules, and show respect for their blog then you will learn from each article and at the same time add value.

  75. Hi Brian, commenting on blogs you would think was down to common sense, you wouldn’t be disrespectful to people you meet all the time as it would eventually work out worse for you. It is the same for blogging and blog commenting. If you disagree with something then that is fine, bloggers are grown ups and we can handle when people don’t agree with us but there is no need to be personal or insulting.

    Eventually bad commenting practice will destroy your chance of building a popular blog.

    Great point on the Avatar, only problem is for me, I chose not to show my real face because of my job but some blogs have seen my picture and name and not published my comments because they believe I could be a spammer which I do believe at times is unfair as I do read the blogs regularly and I write more than a 2 sentence spam comment. Ramsay the BlogTyrant was a genuine fella who did not use his own name at first, sometimes we have reasons to not show our real selves at first. Mine is my job, I am a blog social media manager for a big fish in the UK and should not be having my own blog… But I do 🙂


    • Hi SI, Like I said, you don’t have to have your picture, it’s just better to have some kind of avatar, which you do. It’s when there is no avatar at all is used when I start suspecting spam.

      I used to have a personal blog that took on some pretty controversial topics and I didn’t want that blog associated with my business or other blogs. I setup an entirely different persona with a pen name and separate social accounts. Very few people knew who I was on that blog. I see nothing wrong with maintaining your privacy online, for whatever reason.

  76. Almost a year has passed since this post went online; it’s still timely as there really are spammers trying to get backlinks, without engaging interaction. It’s better if people would resort to conversations instead of posting stuff about sex enhancers.

  77. If you ask me, the relevance of your comment is the most important aspect when you should take into consideration when commenting on a post. I hate folks that say “thanks for this” or “great article” and that’s it. Common man, bring something new to the table 🙂

  78. Anonymous (Read Comment Policy) says

    Leaving comments on weblogs is simple really, just go to weblogs that capture your interest, study the article and then you will be in a good place to add value with a quality opinion. If you use feeling about commenting guidelines.

  79. Blog commenting will also help your site to have backlinks from other blogs, just like what I’m doing right now. “Backlink” strategy will help your own blog for page ranking purposes.

  80. and another tip is to notify google using “” after commenting on a blog for SEO purposes. just like what i’m doing again ^^.

  81. Avnish Gautam says

    The Most Important factor at the time of blog commenting is reading the post first in details, understand what blogger is describing and share your view which is very essential for the post and the readers of the blog post. I suggest you to consider this factor at the time of blog commenting. Thanks.

  82. Nice Tips Brain, i like your suggestion about using Gvatar as a blogger i agree that if i see some ones face i am going to believe him but with blank Gvatar it is going to hard for me to accept him even his comment is worthy.

  83. Marc A. Donald says

    Blog commenting is all about adding value, Not web master would allow a comment except it’s either a thank you or adding a value. It’s hard now because of all these spammy comments that comes every day for a blog. My own Blog receive a 100 comments daily and I should keep filtering them.

    According to the last point, you’re so right about. avoid buying a Blog comment links, but what you can do is buying some keywords in the blog post it self. it would be more expensive but it’s really worth it and will absolutely look natural. seek for blogs that don’t have lots of links in the post or the page in general and contact them to buy this specific keyword.

  84. I do try to follow the blog bit regularly first of all and wheaten I am bit familiar with the blog and its content then only I try to add a comment on it. This way the comments that I make are right on the topic and not just something general.

  85. You must have been getting really sick of spam comments to write something like this. I think the most important thing is to have a gravatar. I knew you didn’t like those because you choose monsters for no gravatars lol.

    • It’s true Scott, gravatars are important but don’t tell the spammers; they make it pretty easy to boot them into the spam box. Also, anyone the calls me “Dear” goes straight to spam. lol

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