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Blogging Has Grown Beyond Just Comments

Comments are down on a lot of blogs. Have you noticed? I mentioned that in a recent video interview where I said €œdon’t worry about it. I feel this is the natural growth of blogging, combined with social media, and it’€™s actually good news for the long term sustainability of blogs as a trusted and authoritative resource. Let me explain;

So Blog Commenting Is Down, So What?

I don’t want to dismiss the interaction we see on blogs, it’€™s an important part of what we do but that interaction is no longer limited to a few lines below a post in the form of a comment; it hasn’€™t been for quite a while now. That interaction has grown much bigger than a single blog. We have a wealth of platforms such as Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, just to name a few.

Blog Comments Are Not Down Everywhere

Not every blogger is seeing fewer comments on their blogs; I don’t want to insinuate that. Have you seen Adrienne Smith’€™s blog? You’re going to have to visit a post pretty early after it’s published to be one of the first to comment because she gets A LOT of comments. So if blog comments are very important to you, I recommend you follow someone like Adrienne, because she has a lot to teach. Words of caution though, make sure you’re well rested because she can run circles around most of us.

Don’t Misunderstand, This Is Just A Theory And Not For Every Blog

I think fewer comments may not be a cause for alarm but, for some, it might be a sign to step things up. Well over a year ago, I wrote “Blog Comments Are Not Everything” but we still want interaction. After all, we’re talking about blogging here. If that interaction has manifested itself as social connections and exchanges on other platforms, that’s growth. If we’re not seeing growth in the form of strong, intermutual relationships with your readership or social sharing and other forms of interaction, it may be time to adjust your plan of action.

Don’t Sweat it But Don’t Ignore It Either

So if you’re noticing a decline in blog commenting on your blog, don’t allow it to discourage you as long as you are getting the interaction on other platforms. If that part of your plan of action is on the decline as well, it might be time to crank it up a notch. Keep putting out great content and give, give, give. I was just listening to Warren Whitlock and he said,

If you want to get more, make sure you give more, that equation always works ~ If you help enough other people, you’re going to get everything you want in life.

I think that’s a great quote to end on. 🙂

Has Commenting Slowed On Your Blog?

How about you, have you seen less interaction on you blog? Is it up on the social sharing sites? Can you pinpoint a reason, if it is? I’d love to read your comments below because, after all, we still enjoy that part of our blogs. 🙂

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Why are blog comments down?

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