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Quick Blogging Tip: Ten Steps To Cover Your Blogging Butt! [Linking Out]

image - Just SharingDon’t risk your blogging business; you have worked too hard. This is a quick blogging tip with blog resources to help you protect yourself and your online business. Feel free to add to it and respond in the comments.

Blog Resources to protect your blogging business. Linking Out:

  1. Never Spam Oh no, the link went bad. 🙁
  2. Follow FTC Rules Merchant to Pay FTC $250,000 Over Missing Affiliate Disclosures
  3. Form A Privacy Policy  Oh no, the link went bad. 🙁
  4. Privacy Policy For Adsense Support Forum: Do you need a privacy policy for Adsense
    And Why Privacy policy is must for Google AdSense publishers
  5. Social Media Policy Oh no, the link went bad. 🙁
  6. Use Disclosures Are You Disclosing? What You Need to Know about FTC Rules and Social Media
  7. Respect Copyrights U.S. Copyright Office
  8. Get Everything In Writing Get Everything in Writing –
  9. Never Buy Traffic  Oh no, the link went bad. 🙁
  10. Avoid Duplicate Content Webmaster Tools Help – Duplicate content
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