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Bloggers Coming Together – Inspiration And Proof

The Success Story Of Benny Hsu

Benny HsuMy last post, Bloggers Are Cross Promotion Experts was basically about bloggers helping each other. Today a new friend I met on Google+, Brankica Underwood  with How To Blog Like A Star (Highly Recommended) sent me to see a blog post with a very interesting and inspiring story. This story crosses several blog posts on several blogs so I want to bring it all together here. It’s a great example of bloggers coming together and supporting each other and it is a story that can’t be shared enough.

The story is about Benny Hsu of Get Busy Living. Benny finally got to the point where he couldn’t take what life had dished out any longer (Read the story Everyone Has A Breaking Point) and instead of giving up he wrote himself a note (get the ebook – Get A Life That Doesn’t Suck) declaring his resolve.

A True Blogging Success Story – Times Two

Benny took the success story of Pat Flynn with Smart Passive Income, another guy that didn’t sit on his hands after being laid off from his job, who developed an online income. Part of the business Pat built included making iPhone apps and that was exactly what Benny was looking for and he ran with it. Read Pat’s interview with Benny Taking Control -€“ An Incredible and Inspiring Success Story ($2,325.91 in a Day!) Read the beginning of Benny’s story My $4,739 Weekend and 11 Lessons To Help You.

Proof Bloggers Are Cross Promotion Experts

There you have it, a success story of bloggers helping bloggers. Not only did Benny get inspiration from another blogger’s story (Pats’), there is this incredible story circling several blogs, now at least four that I know of, all sharing inspiration and cross promoting each other’s blog. We have blog posts, an interview, a guest post, and many other bloggers commenting and sharing on the social networks.That’€™s what I call team work. Who knows how many people this story will help?

I’m glad to be a small part of this community and my list of friends is growing by the day.

Do you have an inspiring blogging story to share? I’d love to feature it on Hot Blog Tips. Get in touch with me and I’d love to hear your comments below.