Blogging and Beyond - Week 10

This Week In Blogging And Beyond – Week 10

Blogging and Beyond - Week 10This week has been a busy one for social media. The three major networks, Google Plus, Facebook and YouTube all got new looks. Perhaps the most exciting news for me is that Chrome for Android will have now access my saved passwords. So, here’s what we had going on this week…

  1. Google+ Gets Prettier
  2. Facebook Facelift Update
  3. One Channel Is Here!
  4. TED Behind The Scenes (Video)
  5. Take Your Passwords With You Ҁ“ Chrome Beta for Android

Google+ Gets Prettier

Not to be outdone by social rival Facebook, Google Plus beat them to the punch with the latest “New and Improved” update this week. Google’s latest improvements include larger cover images and a tab for local reviews.

Facebook Facelift Update

If you haven’t had enough Facebook updates lately, you won’t be disappointed of a major facelift. The new version of Facebook focuses on the user stream and a cleaner look. Mobile will now have the same look as desktops.

What’s New About Your Facebook Homepage

Just like Graph Search, you can join the waiting list.

One Channel Is Here!

The new YouTube One Channel is now available to everyone as a limited beta. Sheryl posted a couple of days ago about YouTube Tag Changes For One Channel and now she has her Channel all set up.

The biggest change from One Channel is the large banner (Channel Art) you can display. To upgrade your YouTube Channel to One Channel, go to

YouTube One Channel

Here are a couple of resources for you.
Channel Art Guidelines
Initial Tips by Sheryl Loch

TED Behind The Scenes (Video)

How cool would it be to be a TED fellow? You, standing in front of an audience giving a TED Talk the same as great thinkers and speakers like Stephen Hawking, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and Tony Robbins. Check out this behind the scenes video by TheVerge:
Producing TED

Of course, TED isn’t for everyone. Or, not everyone is for TED is more to the point. Sarah Silverman’s TED Talk didn’t make the cut.

Take Your Passwords With You – Chrome Beta for Android

Here’s something cool for those Android Chrome users, who I is. πŸ˜‰ It’s in BETA right now but the update promises a faster browser that takes up less bandwidth. Chrome Beta for Android (Version 26.0) also includes syncing of both passwords and auto-fill data via your Google Account. Yes, you can finally take your passwords with you! You can download Chrome Beta for Android here IF you are running at least Android 4.0.

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  1. OMG Brian, what do we keep us with first? On the Facebook beta, I signed up for not sure I did so right. I just logged in to view the new look, is that all? I didn’t see where else to sign up. I haven’t had a chance to play with my Google+ headers yet. And what a week for me to start a new retail site. (for my hubs) I’ve been buried and we lose an hour of sleep tonight.
    That Chrome beta sounds wonderful. I must check that one out. Thanks Brian.

  2. I did a post this week on the Google+ changes but I haven’t investigated the proposed Facebook changes yet. Pinterest is also working on a new look, I’ve been testing it out and for the most part I like it. I wasn’t aware of changes to YouTube. I guess all the major social networks are trying to stay ahead of each other.

  3. Google + is looking just fabulous these days! But I didn’t quite like the too much expanded size of the cover! πŸ˜€

  4. The new and improved Google? I still love the old Google you know, but if you’re talking about a better system, then that would be great news.

  5. Interesting happenings going on in the Social media world.

    Can’t wait to actually use the new Facebook design!

    I wonder if the bigger cover photo on Google plus is more better or just plain too big now!?

    Still got to update my image to fit the new dimension πŸ˜‰

  6. I was a bit caught up with so many tasks lately that I tend to ignore the many developments and everything new that happens to the internet. So thank you very much for your weekly contribution to the integrity of the blogging world.

  7. Thanks for the updates; specially the one on facebook. I haven’t opened my page in a while. The production of Ted was also a good add.

  8. Those are competitions. Every social media and public online service always try to update its appearance to win the heart of audience and its customers.
    As far as they do positive competitions, I mean they up date their appearance while at the same time they also improve their sevices, it is good. And I think it is a must that we must update our appearances and post quality contents in every website and every blog.
    So the purpose must not merely to gain profit.
    The service must be put forward.

  9. great article as ever thanks for the share keep going

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