Blogging and Beyond, week 9 of 2013

This Week In Blogging And Beyond – Week 9

A lot has happened in social and search this week and in this post we’ll curate a little of it for you. By the way, this is exactly the kind of news you receive when you sign up for the Hot Blog Tips Newsletter. Today we’ll cover Google’s continuing fight against spam, Google’s release of their rating guidelines and their G+ sign-in, improved Chrome spelling feature, PayPal teams with Coinstar, new domain suffixes roll out, rat brains connect over the internet and one-word purchases on Facebook. Let us know what you think about any or all the latest in this week’s Blogging and Beyond.

Too Cool! Google Shows Real Examples Of Removed Spam Content

Okay, this has to go into the “Too Cool!” category. Google is showing real examples of spam content as it is removed from Google’s search index. A couple of weeks ago I posted “How To Report A Content Scraper Site To Google” and I was totally impressed that not only did Google remove the stolen content from search, they replied and took action in just a couple of days. Google has been taking a proactive approach to cleaning up their search results and now they are actually ‘calling out‘ spammers with images of examples being removed.

SOURCE: Thank you Search Engine Land

Download Search Quality Rating Guidelines Free From Google

Last year I got my hands on a “leaked” copy of Google’s search quality rating guidelines. That information was very helpful and now Google is allowing public access without the ‘naughty‘ feeling. LOL See the guideline in PDF format here: Search Quality Rating Guidelines. Thanks to Sheryl Loch for sharing this post by Barry Schwartz with me.

Google+ Sign-In: Google Plus Opens Third Party Sign-ins

Just like we’ve been able to sign into third party apps and accounts with sites like Twitter and Facebook, Google+ is now allowing that same feature. This will allow faster growth and better flexibility with the most important social network for bloggers.

Better Spell checking In The Chrome Browser

We recently recorded a video, Spell Like A Pro With These Spelling Tips (Embedded below), on spelling tools for bloggers. Now, Google has improved the spelling tool on Chrome.

Other news in Chrome€¦ Chrome could soon end the frustration of hunting for noisy browser tabs

Access PayPal Via Coinstar

We see those high priced Coinstar kiosks in shopping centers everywhere and now you can use it like a PayPal ATM machine. This is a pretty cool partnership.

Credit: Thanks goes out to The Verge for the story.

Hundreds Of New Domain Suffixes

Think about it, how cool would it be to have a blog URL like DailyDrivesInMy.cadillac or They come with a cost but that’s what’s coming. ICANN will begin rolling out new domain suffixes weekly beginning next month with hundreds available by the end of the year.

UPDATE: Matt Cutts weighed in on certain generic TLDs as it pertains to “location”. I thought it worth watching if you’re considering a vanity domain.

Credit: Thanks CNET, for keeping me informed.

Rat Brains Connected Over The Internet

Imagine your kid taking an exam in school and they connect with a smarter kid via the internet so they “know” what their smart friend knows during the test. Bam, an ! That might not be that far into the future as it seems with the research scientists are doing. Get rid of the surgery and wires and we have bigger problems that texting in class.

Credit: Thanks goes out to The Verge for the story.

Make A Purchase On Facebook With A One Word Comment

The is another example of internet commerce at its best; Chirpify lets consumers instantly make a purchase by typing the word “buy” in a Facebook comment. See the story on Digital Trends.

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  1. I am really curios where Google is heading with SEO 🙂

    Does it matter if a link comes from a respectable source such as Convince & Convert?

    I am getting a guest posting spot and it takes a while to find the right topic for their audience.

    I am have been toying with ideas and being rejected a couple of times – man, it is not easy to write the best topic for advanced audiences! 😉

    I got the right topic now and was wondering if it is worth my time to guest post for these types of blogs for just a couple of links?

    What’s your take on this Brian?

    Oh btw, great post here full of awesome news!

  2. I’m still a fan of guest blogging but if you’re doing it for links, you are already in trouble. Build traffic and quality content and natural links will happen on it’s own. Building a link here and there probably isn’t a bad thing but we tend to get FAR too concerned with link building. It’s not about building links.

    I’m not familiar with that site but if you do guest blog, on any site, just blog about what you know. That’s the solution to overcoming the “advanced” audience problem. If you know the topic inside and out, you don’t have to worry about how smart the audience is because they can still learn from you. If they know it better than the author does, the author loses credibility and the post did more harm than good.

    I reject 99.9% of the guest post submissions that that’s the biggest reason why – most guest bloggers have no idea what they are talking about or want to write about something so basic that it’s just a waste of time to read.

  3. Re the removed spam sites: I’m not sure how the Louis Vuitton shopping site is regarded as spam – it looks ok to me, but I’m sure glad it’s not my site! I just now looked for it and found it in the search results, so perhaps Google had second thoughts, though the shopping area is in a frame that’s impossible to read. There are other similar sites in their examples that seem to just be normal shopping sites.

    Very cool round-up, Brian – thanks!

  4. Hi Isha, It’s a rolling list of of examples so I can’t see the same sites that you did. I doubt what you seen was from, it was probably a scraper,clone or, like you said, a site stealing content with hidden iframes.

  5. Great thoughts Brian. We do have to keep us bloggers in check on how far we can reach in our understanding and the understanding that will promote our credibility. Exactly for me!

    I am not yet a pro in Guest Blogging and I am learning so much every time I create a guest post. I believe many top blogs do require “advance” solutions added to their respective blogs but also the current news on how to overcome a problem is what I noticed they pretty much accept as well. That’s of course after experimenting with a few tries since “failing and trying again” is the only way a blogger can fully learn. But yes, blog what exactly you know and create articles based on unique experiences where many blogs out there gladly welcome since these types can teach a huge ordeal to their audience.
    Sometimes we just need to get out of our “comfort zone” and make our brains work harder for our guest posts in order to be the best content that we can create for other “bigger” blogs that are bigger than ours.

    But that is practically no guest submissions received Brian! I don’t blame you since so many guest posts are crap and don’t really teach much. I don’t accept many guest posts either except if the topic is approved by me and written with a good understanding of the topic.

    Exactly the whole point of this discussion!

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