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Blogging Is Easy – Just Be Yourself

Just Be YourselfA good blogging buddy, Sonia Winland wrote a great post last week on Blog Envy and I’d like to expand on it a little. Blogging can be a little bit of a challenge when we try to be something we’re not. It was also a topic of Sunday’€™s Hot Blog Tips weekly Hangout so I have embedded the video as well.

Being Something You’re Not

The danger of “Faking it until you make it” is that it’s an act that most bloggers will not be able to sustain. Your blog readers will become familiar with the person you are acting like and won’t get to know the real you. The real you will come into play and that will be confusing to your readership. Even the best actors can’t pretend forever.

You Are An Expert At Being You

No one on the planet can be you as well as you can and there’s nothing easier for you to be. You are a likeable person so take advantage of that. How do I know you are likable? Because everyone has a group of people that will like what they have to say, it’s just a matter of finding those people.

Blogging About Your Passion

We’ve heard it over and over from successful people in business, “Do what you enjoy most in life and you will never work a day in your life – the success will follow” [See my note below]. As bloggers, we tend to forget that valuable advice and start with things like keyword research and levels of competition. If that means we end up blogging about duck-billed hummingbirds and our passion is photography, quality will suffer.

In Sonia’s post, she says she started out blogging about coupons but that wasn’t her real passion. I think many of us have experienced the same thing, I know I have (Keep reading). That’s a real problem in the long run because you will find it very hard to find the motivation to keep pushing forward as the new blog smell wears off.

Mitch Mitchell recently blogged about a lady that was bullied because of her blog. Rene© Benda is being herself and blogging about her weight loss journey – her passion. I imagine she finds it pretty easy to write about her passion and it looks like , from the comments, her readership finds it easy to read and appreciate. And trust me, weight lose is a VERY competitive niche for blogging. I once started a weight loss blog simple because I registered a great domain name (HateMyShape.com). It was miserable; I ended up passing the writing onto two other people until I finally gave up on it.

Side Note: If we allow blogging to turn into a job, it will become work, no matter how much we love the niche. That might seem like a contradiction but the key is to have fun and enjoy what you do. Don’t lose your grasp on the joy of blogging.

You Don’t Have To Be An Expert

I wrote a post on Blogging About What You Know but that doesn’t mean you have to be an expert to be a great blogger. Like I said, you are already an expert at being you and if you’re blogging about your passion, you know the topic. If you love the topic, you are going to find it very easy to express yourself and that attracts readers – the right readers. The kind of readers that will come back for more and eventually trust you enough to take your advice and try your recommendations. It’s tough to sell a product when you aren’t even being honest about whom you really are. With that said, I have to go back the part about being yourself ,don’t pretend to be something you are not.

Are You Blogging Your Passion?

Do you love your blog topic? Do you find yourself talking to everyone you know about the things you blog about? Do you get excited when it comes time to put your thoughts and knowledge into words? Do you have more topics in your niche than time? If you do, you know how exciting it is and the real pleasure you can get from blogging. Are you being yourself and allowing your personality to shine?

Better Blogging – Just Be Yourself

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  1. Thanks Brian for including my post and talking about this subject. It might be taboo for some bloggers, but its something we have all experienced and what we can do to change it. Bloggers have gotten better at being different, but its new bloggers that struggle with this and wonder why their blogs don’t go anywhere. I hope bloggers find the message here helpful and I wish them all success.

    • My pleasure Sonia and thank you so much for joining us in the video. I think a lot of new bloggers can learn from your advice and we’d love to have you on again soon. 🙂

  2. hey Brian

    yup, I do blog with passion, and I’m on a constant look out for passionate writers and content producers… the sad part though is that most writers/bloggers are just reporters or researchers… they haven’t found their passion yet, or they lack a unique voice.

    Do you have something else to share, or do you have any counter arguments? 🙂

    • No argument here John, it must be a challenge to find passionate bloggers for outsourced content.

    • John, I haven’t heard that term, but you are right about the “researcher” part. That is where I was in the beginning and it took a while to find what I wanted to write about that I could see myself writing about every day. I had a blog about Golf years ago and it looked great, but I quickly ran out of things to say and deleted the blog. Thanks for your comment and feedback.

  3. Bob Straub says

    Great post Brian.

    I’m glad you reminded me of the premise of blogging about your passions. I’m a firm believer of it. Blogging about knowledge can be very helpful. For blogging the plan is to write about one subject for a very long period of time. I think this is a lot easier when you are passionate about the subject you are writing about. My passions are the things that keep me working even though I feel completely exhausted.

  4. Awesome. This is if I hear myself talking. You nailed it there when you say that blogging should be fun. Without any fixed deadlines or bosses breathing down your neck it’s more fun. Did I say more fun? Yes I did.

  5. Having passion about a topic is what really motivates you to continue. In order to have success i think you have to work at it for a very long time so why not start with something you are passionate about. If you chose something you are not into you will end up dreading the writing.

  6. Inspiring post, really, Right, you don’t have to be a profi to write about something you like) Just write what you feel with a hint of some facts!

  7. When you blog for the right reasons, you will see no need of being someone else. The moment you do this then it becomes the beginning of the end of your blogging. Great post though. Thanks for sharing

  8. Josh Arvin says

    Haha, I certainly identify with the “fake it until you make it” description. But I think as long as it’s not overdone, you can achieve success. Just be sure not to get carried away with the faking aspect, and continue to work hard until you achieve true success!

  9. With a medium like blogging, it’s much easier to pursue what you are passionate about and have it bring you success. In the physical business world, you have to make sacrifices, find yourself in places that aren’t exactly related to your passions in life, but online, you can write about EXACTLY what you want to write about, and people with like-minded interests WILL find you. Don’t make your focus what you think others will take interest in, but what you take interest in, and others will find you.

  10. Hi Brian,

    I do agree about passion things on blogging, particularly for business purposes. Don’t ever let anyone convince you that pursuing your passion is not practical. Passion is what brings meaning and value to your life. The very quality of your life experience is directly affected by the pursuit of your passions. With so much at stake, it seems impractical to choose any other course.

  11. Do you and I will do me 🙂

    Being yourself is very crucial if not you have to be yourself to be able to have your own light and shine out of the crowded niche.

    You don’t have to be an expert in everything but you have the power to share your opinion and experiences doing what you are passionate about!

  12. As long as you blog about your passion, you will keep up the good work.
    Everyone agrees with that passion is the true reason that motivates people to keep on blogging, because it is so fun and cool to blog about something you love.

    • I don’t think everyone agrees Espagne, most decisions, even in blogging, are made from other factors, starting with income potential. That’s not to say both can’t coexist, they certainly can. If fact, I don’t doubt that passion can grow after the fact, if you will.

  13. Hey Brian,

    Thanks for reminding us to be ourselves with it comes to creating blogs. There are so many tips lurking in the net about better blogging and stuff. The truth is, it’s just a little help for everyone and that when it comes to blogging, we can only depend in our self-dedication, perseverance and passion to be successful. It’s the main ingredient: Positive Attitude. Techniques combined with positive attitude will bring success not only to blogging but I guess every aspect in life.

  14. For me blogging is all about passion, passion for writing what one believes in. There is no point portraying the fake thoughts on the blog just for the sake of reaping in some readers. What one doesn’t believe in always show up in the writing on a later stage. Thus it is always better to stay true to your audience and guide and motivate them towards what they believe in. Thanks for the share.

  15. I try to write with passion about how much we, as new bloggers, dream about building a successful blog with engaged readers. Thank you for the reminder about being ourselves as we write.

  16. The more unnatural a blog content is the less audience it is likely to attract. People love to learn about experiences of others and that is why they prefer what is real and natural. So very rightly said, one should just be themselves and do blogging. Thanks for the share

  17. Hey Brian, as you know I have a few blogs but the one I love the most is WassupBlog because I get to blog about anything I want. Then I have my Scenic Adelaide blog which is about where I live.

    Actually, you know what my problem is, I have too many damn blogs 😀

    You are right though, having a passion about something is when you enjoy what you do and when choosing a blog choose one that you will enjoy writing in.

    • I love WassupBlog Sire, no one can agrue that you are not blogging your passion. It’s stood the test of time and you can get pretty passionate in your posts. I don’t know how you and Mitch handle all of those blogs, I tried it for a while and ended up walking away from blogging altogether for a while.

  18. Well said Brian. I think that’s the key – being yourself and not trying to imitate the ways of others. As long as you have a unique say on your blog, you are going to succeed sooner or later.

  19. blogger really needs to be passionate and need to be him or herself while blogging….But it is also important to have a SEO plan for your blog in today’s world particularly if you are a new comer….

  20. Great post! Personally, I know when I am not being myself because blogging becomes hard. And Fatima totally hit the important point, that readers can “feel” it if you are not being you. It is incredibly important for me to think about writing to begin discussion rather than “writing to inform”. Keep the tips coming!

  21. Hey Brian !
    Cool thought. Where there is passion , there are inventions and creativity. “Just be yourself” I really liked this line. No doubt every human being has talent and ability but there is a need to recognize them. Bloggers must recognize their hidden ability and should stop imitating others. They can do best at their niche, but they have to understand this.
    Thanks. This is really important post for all the talented bloggers.

  22. Hi,
    You don’t have to be an expert. Just blog about your passion. What if my passion is not profitable? You know well things are more complicated than this. However, this is a great post. It has the ability to motivate people, to help them overcome a lot of inner obstacles and this is gold.
    What really matters is to start with a passion, indeed. This is the only way you can learn. Then, after you have learned the ropes, guess what … ? You will find another passion. This time it will be a profitable one. That’s the moment when your life will change. Forever.

    • What niche isn’t profitable Silviu? I’ll be the first to admit that many niches will require a lot of effort to generate an income and may never turn into a full time career but profit is not the primary focus for most bloggers. A blogger is a lot more likely to put in the time and effort it takes to turn a profit in a niche they have interest in. With that said, I do agree that interest can develop in time, especially if a nice income is generated quickly. I think most of us will agree that that’s pretty rare.

  23. Great post Brian, I kinda agree with all your points, espcially when we dont have to be an expert to write about a new topic because I believe blogging is also a form of learning, where you can write about what you are interested and see if people agree and disagree with you. I think it is one of the value of blogging that people are free to say their ideas and perfect themselve from their learning process. Thanks for sharing again.

  24. You are right, creating a blog and writing an article is easy-peasy. Getting the traffic however is a NIGHTMARE! so far have been blogging for 11 months and am getting 100 – 200 hits from Google per day, which isn’t toooo bad, aiming to get to 500 as first aim!

    Great Content! Keep up the good work!

  25. Talking about your passion could really get you going. It is useless to try to be somebody else. There is no point in that really. I agree with what you said. Geniune writing and behaviour will make people like you more than if you try to be somebody else. Cheers.

  26. One of the hardest things when it comes to blogging is to stay genuine. Sure you can be yourself, but being genuine in your blog posts is hard to do if you want to have constant content on your page. You don’t want to act like someone you are not, but you also don’t want to let your page dry up when it comes to content if you can’t think of something to write about. It’s a fine line to draw in my mind.

  27. Very great post Brian. I think one of the best things to succeed in blogging is choosing the niche that you like,writing some quality content useful for your reader and doing some basis SEO. Blogging is really easy all it requires is determination, hard work and loads of passion. Thanks for sharing the article.

  28. Amelie Mark says

    You have great content Brian and I would like to add that in addition to being yourself, avoid getting too stressed when things seem to go wrong once in a while. Find ease within yourself and do not think too seriously about yourself. The more relaxed and at ease you are when doing your thing, the better for yourself and your readership.

  29. My opinion The secret is not in what you say though – there are very few new things under the sun, and whatever ideas you care to write about, chances are that someone has already discussed something very similar. The secret is how you say what you say – it’s about personality and sincerity.

  30. HP van Duuren says

    Yes, great blog tip this is also something that will make blogging happier and a lot more attractive to read, also I do believe that it eventually will make your blog more profitable, a topic you can read about in a post I did some time ago titled: Authenticity Sells

  31. Variety is what I always look for in people and this applies to bloggers, too. I get sick and tired of those who present themselves as being perfect apparently, but that get so hard to believe and that you get tired from. What new bloggers are mistaken pretty often about is whether they should try to appeal to the general reader or narrow it down to a target audience. I know for a fact that trying they make everyone like you and also become grand is a paradox. Thank you for posting.

  32. I find that by writing from my personal opinion makes the writing flow alot easier, and even though I may not have passion for a particular subject, I do have a passion to learn more about topics that come my way, and when this passion is matched by my reader, magic happens in the interaction between us.

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