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Blogging Rounds -€“ Best Of Week 11/48

Linking Out To Great Blogging Content From The Past Week

image - Blogging RoundsYesterday was the end of another great week of blogging rounds and it’s time, actually overdue by one day, to share what I perceive to be the best of the best. Topics this week include trends to watch for in 2012, tips for beginning bloggers before they start, getting the full benefit of copy and paste sharing, wasteful habits of unproductive bloggers and one of my favorite subjects, keyword-research.

30 Web Trends for 2012: How SEO, Search, Social Media, Blogging

seoptimise.com11/29/11 This article By Tad Chef tops my list of best blog post of the week, hand’s down! There is so much important information to digest in this post that I recommend actually taking notes. When’s the last time you’ve done that? The trends we’ve witnessed lately are huge and very frequent. Thirty Web Trends for 2012 has effectively recapped and highlighted those all too important changes in a prediction type of format. Highly recommended!

New Bloggers: Here Are 10 Tips Before You Start Blogging | Quick

www.quickblogtips.com12/2/11 Ben has compiled ten nice tips for new bloggers to consider and establish before they tackle the business of blogging. I added two more tips myself in the comment’s section, check it out.

Get Others To Build Your Links And Protect Your Sites With Tynt

live-your-love.com12/2/11 Next is a post that explanes how those sites that add a link back to their websites whenever someone copies a snipet of content actually do that. All it takes is a bit of code in your blog’s head and you can start generating backlinks that would otherwise be lost. I’ve wondered how this was done in the past and now I know, thanks Brankica. Follow the link for details on this FREE tool!

15 Wasteful Habits of Unproductive (and Unsuccessful) Part-Time Bloggers

kikolani.com11/30/11 This week on Kikolani, Dr. Bob takes an honest look at why unproductive and unsuccessful bloggers are having trouble putting everything together. He lists 15 time-wasters that many part time bloggers are guilty of. I’d ask that you take a hard and honest look at the number one wasteful happit he starts off with. Can you answer that quation? Very important.

3 Simple Steps to Drive More Traffic To Your Blog via Linkedin

ZamuraiBlogger.comDid you know that, according to Alexa, LinkedIn is the 13th largest website when it comes to traffic? Are you on LinkedIn but haven’t quite figured out how your blog can benifit from it? Enter my friend Joshua Zamora… Joshua ALWAYS has some very impressive information to help bloggers and this post is no exception. If you’re not on Linkedin, visit this post to see why you need to be. If you are on Linkedin, go there to see how to get the most of it.

Your Turn

Did you catch any of these great blog posts last week? Do you have any to add? Whenever you find a great post that you feel would make a nice fit, give me a shout or a tweet.