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Blogging Rounds – Best Of Week 11/47

Sharing This Week’s Blogging Rounds

image - Blogging RoundsIn the spirit of blogging greats, and my friends, like Kristi Hines’Β Fetching Fridays, DiTesco’sΒ SpeedLinks, and Hesham Zebida’s RoundUps, and with the help of a some cool software recommended by my friend Francisco Perez (aka DiTesco) of iBlogZone, I’m going to list some of the best posts I’ve read during my blogging rounds this past week. I believe these blog posts will help you, the bloggers, with your daily blogging business. So here we go:

First I’ll start with the post that helped me find the software,Β CurationSoft, that made this post possible. Thanks DiTesco πŸ™‚

CurationSoft Review: Creating Content Has Never Been Easier


CurationSoft will empower your marketing efforts, read my review to see the possibility of making money promoting and marketing the product.


Next up is from my good friend and Newsletter Partner Mitch Mitchell. Mitch was kind enough to promote our Newsletter on Thanks Mitch πŸ™‚

Hot Blog Tips | I’m Just Sharing


Back in August, Brian Hawkins of Hot Blog Tips put out a call to arms, literally, in a post titled A Call To Established Bloggers -€“ Let’s Partner Together. His idea was simple; to put a newsletter together that some bloggers could


Next in line we have to come back to blogging great Hesham of Famous Bloggers for featuring Hot Blog Tips on his latest Blogging RoundUp. Thanks Hesham πŸ™‚

What’s Up Bloggers: Blogging Tips Roundup by Famous Bloggers


This roundup highlights some cool blog posts about blogging, these are awesome blogging tips that deserve to be shared with your readers.


Next up is another friend, (starting to see a pattern yet?) Gera of Sweets Foods Blog. I will be publishing a similar blog post shortly but Gera did a fantastic job at introducing the CommentLuv Global Search Engine.

CommentLuv Global Search Engine


CommentLuv Global Search Engine is a new Free service targeted specifically to find CommentLuv Enabled Blogs, with the free or premium plugin installed.


And last but not least is a topic that I recently blogged about by Frank Dickinson of Bloggers By Bloggers.

6 Tips For Beating Writer’s Block


Here’s by best 6 tips for beating writer’s block. Add yours!

Join the discussion: Β There we have it, my top five picks of this week’s blogging rounds. What do you think, great blog posts, right? Are any of these bloggers new to you? Have anything to add? I’d love to read your comments below.


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  1. Great list my friend, so excited to get two spots on the roundup πŸ™‚

    I will check other posts now and probably give them some luv haha.

    I appreciate it

  2. Hi Brian,

    Many thanks for mentioning my CommentLuv search engine post! I noticed this mention, first in my realtime stats and later in your @ in Twitter. How fast are things on Internet πŸ™‚

    I had my roundups weekly but for the moment, I just read from other recaps till I return to do it again.

    Lost two of those articles, Go there. The curation software by DiTesco worth to try it for free πŸ™‚

    Enjoy this weekend!


    • No problem Gera, you always have great articles and I’m glad to be a subscriber. I actually learned of the CommentLuv search engine from your post because I had fallen so far behind on my emails and was late in seeing Andy’s updates. I plan on writing about it myself to grab those cool bonuses. πŸ˜‰

      • Thanks Brian for your kind words! On these busy days isnҀ™t easy to read all emails coming, for me too.

        I didnҀ™t try those bonuses yet, but the WP mail ads sound interesting πŸ™‚

        All the best,


  3. Wooot, thanks very much for featuring my post Brian. I really like the way this was laid out. Did you use CurationSoft already? Nice “formatting”.. love it!

    • I sure did DiTesco, I used CurationSoft on this post. All I did extra was divide them up with lines and blockquotes. It was simple, just like your video showed; just find and drag. Thanks.

  4. Thanks for the mention, but as a blogging partner I pretty much figured I would probably show up. Lol Great stuff you shared otherwise; this could turn into a nice feature for your blog.

    • Hi Mitch, it’s actually a pretty easy post as far as putting it together. I’m visiting blogs all week anyway so it’s just a matter of keeping track of my favorites. I just sent you an email and you have one more coming in a few.

  5. Very good list Sir Brian πŸ™‚ I’ll be visiting them for sure πŸ˜€

  6. Wow, I liked the idea! It is the first time I’ve seen such a thing as “Blogging Rounds” and DiTesco explained really well on his blog what’s this all about.

    The moment I run out of ideas, I will download the tool. πŸ˜‰

  7. Wonderful formatting with Curationsoft. Infact I have just downloaded and playing with the software after hearing it for the first time from Ditesco πŸ™‚ Thanks Brian!

    • Thanks Jane, leave a link to your first post that you use it on, we’d love to see it. I’m subscribed to you so I’ll see it anyway but others can check it out from here. πŸ™‚

  8. Hi Brian,

    This is pretty good idea for content marketing. I’ll give it a shot and hopefully it would be successful as much as this one. I followed the first link and CurationSoft sounds really promising. I’ll look into this further and i have a feeling that i’ll be purchasing this software soon.

  9. Larry Lourcey says

    Dang- that is a lot of sites to check out… looks like I’ve got my evening planned out now! Thanks for all the info!

  10. Sander van D says

    Thanks for sharing this information! I’m a new blogger and ofcourse, I’m always finding ways on how to improve blogging experience. Marketing my blog is one of my main goals too. This info really helps.

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