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Take Your Blogging Skills To Town For Profit -€“ Local Business

Can You Profit From Your Blogging Skills?

image - Graffiti - PAID!

Blogging is a very satisfying activity and can reward you in many different ways; finding new friends, voicing your opinion, help your business to customer communications, help you promote your business, and the list goes on and on. One reward that many bloggers crave is profit but truly monetizing a blog can be a tough task for most people. So what’s a blogger to do for money? Well, we’re here to help so read on…

You have a blog or blogs and it didn’t take long to learn the ropes and get things going in the right direction. Blogging is pretty easy, right? Not necessarily. Many laymen find blogging and all of the tasks that go with it overwhelming. Consider all of the things you have learned from blogging; installing and tweaking your blog software (Hopefully WordPress), keyword research, social media connections, site promotions, search engine optimization, advertising campaigns, and all of the required tools such as themes and plugins.

Can you see how all of that could be a little overwhelming to someone that never explores the internet beyond Facebook and their email? There are a ton of small local businesses in your area that would love to have a website but haven’t bothered to tackle the project. There are many others that have a website that needs redesigned and updated but they have no idea where to start. That’s where you come in Mr. and Ms. Blogger.

Let’s take a look at how you can take your blogging skills to town and profit from your knowledge…

Social Media

You understand the REAL way to develop relationships and network with others online, does your client? Everyone knows Facebook is king of the social media club but many small businesses have no idea how to even setup a Facebook page, much less work it right. Do they understand the power of Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and all of the others? You do and that knowledge holds real value. Why not get paid for it?

Web Design

If you’ve been blogging for a while I’m sure you have learned a lot about HTML, CSS and even a little PHP. Whether your local client needs a static website or a blog, I’m sure you have the knowledge and skill to make it happen. There’s a lot of money to be made in web design. Don’t believe for a minute that web design is oversaturated, I’ve helped far too many businesses with their websites to believe that and I honestly don’t even look that hard for new clients.

Keyword Research and SEO

Many businesses have had a website online for years and have never enjoyed real targeted traffic. Take your SEO skills and offer your services to those in need; they’ll love you for it, they’ll pay you for it and, if you do a great job, just might send more business your way in the form of referrals.

Website and Online Product Promotions

So your local tire shop has a big anniversary sale coming up and has no idea how to get the word out online. You do, don’t you? A little social media networking, Facebook advertising, search marketing, etc.. You can profit from showing others how to make more profit by expanding their reach via online promotions and advertising.

Business Blogging

Many businesses can benefit from a blog but either don’t know it or have no idea how to set it up and maintain it. Aside from the obvious SEO benefits, a blog can serve many businesses very well; a local restaurant that wants to show healthy menu options, a Church that wants to communicate upcoming events, a flower shop that wants to promote holiday specials… well, you get the idea. Your blogging skill set can really excel here and, yes, you can profit from blogging. Don’t forget to take retainer fees into account with these services as well, that creates both a long lasting quality service and a monthly income.

I recommend you check out Why Your Geographic Location is Your BEST Niche for even a better solution than just business blogs.


I saved Consulting for last because this takes a more advanced set of skills but it’s certainly something to strive for. With a little experience you’ll be able to walk into almost any business and see what’s working and what’s not with their online efforts. You’ll be able to recommend promotional improvements, website tweaks, social media campaigns, just to name a few. You’ll be able to tell them if building a list is in their best interest or just a waste of time. You’ll know what national and local directories they should be listed in and how to get them listed quickly and correctly. You will understand where and how to engage their target market. All of these skills are very valuable in the business world and most businesses would rather pay you to show them, and in most cases, do it, then take the time to learn everything themselves.

Be Careful

There are other ways to profit from blogging but be careful. I recommend you avoid things like paid links and sponsored posts on your blog.

Advertising is very tough and a complete waste of time for newer blogs, especially banner ads and pop ups. If you are an established blogger with traffic and some creditability, advertising can work and affiliate marketing can bring in a nice income.

Any Ideas or Suggestions?

There you have it, half a dozen ways to turn your blogging skills into cash. There are other services you can offer and I hope you will add them below in the form of a comment if you know of any. How are you making money in your local market? Have you tried offering any of these services? How did it go? Do you have any tips for our other readers and subscribers?