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Review of Build A Blog Community by Adrienne Smith With Free Bonus

In this post I offer my honest review of Adrienne Smith’s “Build A Blog Community” online course. I also put together my own supplemental guide, the “Simple Guide To Building Influence“, which I offer as a free download.

I totally meant to buy this course right after the launch but I let myself get a little distracted. No worries, I placed my order last Sunday and got exactly what I expected – pure quality. I’m a huge fan of Adrienne Smith. Not because Adrienne has a popular blog or gets a ton of comments, which she has and does, but Adrienne is genuine and gives her all. You will find references of Adrienne scattered throughout this blog because she is truly an inspiration for me.

What’s included?

Build A Blog Community$ is 8 easy lessons designed to shape your community building skills in the very way Adrienne approaches it, after four years of learning. Adrienne gives her all in this course and, if you know her at all, you would expect nothing less. You will find it very easy to follow with:

  • Articles broken into easy to understand lessons.
  • Downloadable .PDF versions. Great for taking along with you on your phone, laptop, or tablet.
  • No-fluff worksheets and, yes, homework to solidify what you’ve learned.
  • And my favorite, Adrienne even included an audio version for each lesson.

Bonus? I’m not going to spoil it but there is a pretty cool bonus at the end of the course.

Why I’m posting this review {skippable}

Build A Blog CommunityHere’s a little confession for you; this post originally started out as a Google Plus update but after diving into the course I simply couldn’t do it justice with that sort of content. No, it had to go on the blog.

There were a couple of things I had to debate with myself (An amusing scene) about writing a post dedicated to the product. I’ve been putting out a pretty detailed post once a week and I wanted to stay consistent. My second concern was whether or not to include an affiliate link.

After logging in, both of those concerns were squashed. I quickly realized my readers NEEDED this kind of quality and it would be a disservice to keep it for myself. Consider this a bonus post and I’ll get back to my blogging business posts next Sunday.

The “affiliate” concern was taken care of by the payment and product management tool she used, DealGuardian. DealGuardian created my account, including my affiliate account. Don’t you love the way technology is simplifying our lives? We truly live in an amazing time.

There’s a third reason I wanted to share this resource with you and it has to do with giving back. Adrienne has done so much for so many of us that it seems only fitting that we support her, especially after she’s worked so hard to create such an amazing resource for us.

So I seriously recommend you check out the course Adrienne has put her heart and soul into, Build A Blog Community$. I don’t promote things I haven’t personally tried and believe in and this course on building a community fills that requirement, hands down.

Blog Community Proof of Purchase

Not that I feel it necessary but this is a little Proof of Purchase.

I think tolerance and acceptance and love is something that feeds every community. ~ Lady Gaga

Who needs the Build A Blog Community Course?

The course starts out a little basic but that’s because Adrienne understands there are many people just starting out and it’s important to start from the beginning. As you go through the course you’ll see the lesson difficulty level increase without getting too complicated.

What I liked most about the course

What I like most about the course is the simplicity and common sense approach taught There’s nothing complicated about it and it’s a digestible course that you can learn very quickly. I got through the course in just a couple of hours and now I have it to refer back on anytime I want.

I felt like I was sitting in a coffee shop just chatting with Adrienne Smith while she showed me the best way to build and maintain a loyal community and following.

Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community. ~ Anthony J. D’Angelo

So if you don’t have the community you want, the relationships you crave with your followers, then Build A Blog Community can help IF you want to build a genuine community without fast shortcuts, tricks and automation. Adrienne takes you through HER process and, let me tell you, she’s a very hard worker. There’s nothing in this course that even remotely resembles a turnkey “set it and forget it” automated system. Without action, this course will not work.

My Inspiration

Now, a little off topic, Adrienne, without even trying, has inspired me once again. That is to create a course of my own; something I’ve had on my list of things to do for years. I look at the amazing job she did keeping it simple and that’s exactly how I want mine. I’ve even had the domain secured for some time now.

As you’re going through the course, I’d encourage you to pay attention to the process and consider creating one of your own, no matter what niche you’re in.

My Gift To You – The Simple Guide To Building Influence

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Inspiration can go a long way and I put it to good use by creating a special guide on influence just for you. The guide is the “Simple Guide To Building Influence” and designed as a follow-up for the Build A Blog Community$ course. Two things;

The guide is absolutely free and requires only your subscription to our VIP List, which is also free. Use the button below to download your free copy right now, even if you are already subscribed.

The guide I’ve created and Adrienne’s course are independent of one another and in no way are required or  “bundled” as a single product. I was simply inspired by the course. There is no purchase necessary to download my guide and it will help you with influence, even as a stand alone resource. Even if you’ve used another affiliate link or purchased directly from Adrienne, you are welcome to download the guide.


Get Started

Check out Build A Blog Community$ and thank you for using my affiliate link – it doesn’t cost you any more to do so and you will receive that exact course that I did directly from Adrienne. Download “Simple Guide To Building Influence” and keep up the momentum with actionable and proven relationship building methods. Build A Blog Community

That’s all I have, so check out Build A Blog Community$ and be sure to come back here and tell me how right I am. 🙂 And don’t forget to watch how the course is structured, promoted, and supported. That’s a lesson in itself.

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