Cameras for Video

Cameras for Video – Finding The Right Video Equipment

image - Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 video cameraIn this post, I am going to show you a few examples of cameras I have and use for making videos. Keep in mind that I am not rich, I do not have an endless bank account and that I have “upgraded” only when necessary and I have saved enough to do so.

When I talk about making videos, the 1st thought that some people have is that they will need a super expensive camera. They may be picturing cameras for a Steven Spielberg movie and most of us will never really need anything like that. In fact, YouTube would be a very desolate place if having a cam like that was required.

What Kind of Camera do I need for Making Videos?

The Best Video Camera

The best type of camera you can have is the one you have in your hand! In fact, you may already own it (think smart phone). If you own a camera of any kind, think of a way to use it to make videos. As you make videos and figure out what you want in a camera, you may find features that you need and will know what to look for before you actually spend your hard earned money on one. Look for a camera that fits what you need to do, works with the programs you have and is in your budget!

Mitch and Brian talk about using their mobiles for recording videos. They have much more experience with mobiles than I do.

Brian also shows you his $8 camera and how he attached it to a tripod.

The Video Camera Sheryl Recommends

I had ask people what camera they recommended and KaBammm the Logitech HD Webcam C920($) was the most recommended by people I know who do lots of webcam videos. So, that is what I use for most of my videos.

Screen Share Video

Brian also mentioned using Screen Sharing to make videos and we have a post about a few we tried out – Free Screen Capture Video Suggestions for Bloggers.

Your Camera

So, tell us what kind of camera you use to make your YouTube videos and what you like or don’t like about it. This way other people may get a few ideas before they spend money.

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