Cartoon Slideshares

Use This Free Cartoon Creation Tool To Create Amazing SlideShares

Let me tall ya about it:

In exactly one week will be my two year anniversary with SlideShare. How many slide presentations have I made in those two years? Exactly two, up to now. SlideShare is a well known traffic generator with a very active community. So why don’t I have dozens of presentations uploaded? Truthfully, it was kind of a pain to create the two SlideShares I have now. I don’t care for stock images so I had to create images separately.  I rarely ever use PowerPoint so that’s a chore in itself. Then the editing, adding text, metadata… well, you get it. That was why I got so excited to find a cartoon creation tool that does a lot of the work for us. The program is super easy to use; I created ten slides in about half an hour. And I’m slow!

Cartoon Story Maker

The fine-art world knows very little about the cartoon world. ~Robert Crumb tweet this

While researching cartoon creation tools for blog content, I stumbled across Cartoon Story Maker. Cartoon Story Maker is a downloadable desktop program for Windows. I doesn’t look like it works for Mac – sorry. Cartoon Story Maker is a free program designed for schools and educators and neither I nor Hot Blog Tips has any affiliation or relationship with the program or site owner. I just thought it worth sharing. 🙂 I wish Cartoon Story Maker had the option to save the slides in an image format but it only saves to HTML.

The HTML workaround

I know, I said easy and here I am saying you need extra step to make it work. I still think it’s far easier than creating images from scratch, at least when cartoons will do the trick. Anyway, I saved the cartoon I created (in HTML) to my hard drive. Then I opened the cartoon up with a browser and took a screenshot of each slide (I use SnagIt but any desktop capture program should work). I saved each screen share (slide) as a .JPG. Within just a couple of minutes I had my 10 slides ready to insert into PowerPoint.

Using PowerPoint As Little As Possible

Like I mentioned, I rarely use PowerPoint so the less I have to mess with, the better. I have no desire to master PowerPoint. To create my SlideShare, I just had to open a new document, insert a couple of images, create a simple hyperlink for my logo, and repeat ten times. Super easy.

Tip: Newer versions of PowerPoint should be set at a 10:9 (widescreen) screen ratio by default but for older versions, go to “Design/Page Setup” and change “On-screen Show 4:3” to “On-screen Show 10:9” for the best results. Even then I had to resize and stretch the screenshots I captured but they look pretty good.


Note: You’ll notice I covered the Cartoon Story Maker navigation controls with my logo because they wouldn’t work in SlideShare and SlideShare has their own. I could have easily cropped off that entire part of the image and I wouldn’t have had to worry about any of that. I didn’t crop out the bottom because I wanted the Languages Online logo so show. I like to give credit where credit is due but you can decide how you want to design your own SlideShare slides.

Your Thoughts?

Do you use SlideShare? What are your favorite SlideShare creation tools? Do you use cartoons for blog images? I’d love your ideas, comments and feedback in the comment section below.