New Top Level Domains List – New gTLDs (Updated 02 Oct 2015)

List Updated 02 Oct 2015

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I couldn’t find a detailed list of new and future Generic Top Level Domains that I could easily scan so I decided to create one myself. I put together as many domains as I could find into a SlideShare presentation. I believe many bloggers and marketers will find this list helpful as you plan future sites, projects and marketing campaigns. Domains are relatively inexpensive so they make a nice alternative for Pretty Links setup for affiliate links and content we’ve created. I posted Branding Opportunities With The New Generic Top Level Domains last month if you’d like some ideas on getting the most from GTLDs. [Read more…]

Content Discovery Tools Part 2

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Last week I featured Swayy as one of the Content Discovery Tools I use. Today I’d like to share several others tools I use to fill in the gaps. I use these sites and tool to discover great content to share, primarily with Buffer, but they are equally effective for finding great reads, new connections, post ideas and sharable content for any social sharing platform. Before we get started, I just want to mention that I an not necessarily using these tools the way they were intended, at least for the topic of content discovery. For this post, I’m focusing on finding great content to consume and share with our followers; I use Buffer but these tools will work with whatever sharing method you prefer.

Renting attention is easy, earning it is hard. Mike Volpe, CMO of HubSpot (Quote found via

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Repurposing An Old Twitter Account For A Nice Start On Your New Brand

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Did you know you could change the name and URL of a Twitter account? I’ll show you how to repurpose an old Twitter account you no longer use or need and put it to better use for your new brand. Changing your old Twitter username gives a great start as opposed to starting from scratch. [Read more…]

How To Find Social Accounts When Your Brand Is Already Taken

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I’ve been talking a lot about domains and branding lately and in this post I’ll help you discover new social media possibilities when the brand you are setting up is already taken. Once you have secured your domain you’ll probably want to find matching Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. profiles to support your new brand. We often find the perfect Social Names are already taken and we’ll need to get a little creative and find another solution. That’s what we’ll get into with this post – Your Brand on Social Media. [Read more…]

Use This Free Cartoon Creation Tool To Create Amazing SlideShares

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In exactly one week will be my two year anniversary with SlideShare. How many slide presentations have I made in those two years? Exactly two, up to now. SlideShare is a well known traffic generator with a very active community. So why don’t I have dozens of presentations uploaded? Truthfully, it was kind of a pain to create the two SlideShares I have now. I don’t care for stock images so I had to create images separately.  I rarely ever use PowerPoint so that’s a chore in itself. Then the editing, adding text, metadata… well, you get it. That was why I got so excited to find a cartoon creation tool that does a lot of the work for us. The program is super easy to use; I created ten slides in about half an hour. And I’m slow! [Read more…]