Potential Income Sources – Becoming A Paid Expert Part 3

Profit From Your Expertise

In this final post of our three part “Becoming A Paid Expert” series, I list the most common and practical ways to make money from your expertise – as I see it.

In part one we focused on free learning resources to becoming a paid expert and part two we looked at paid learning resources. [Read more…]

Buying Your Expertise With Paid Resources – Becoming A Paid Expert Part 2

You can find Part One to this Becoming A Paid Expert series at: Becoming An Expert With Free Resources. That post focused on free learning resources. In this post, part two, we’ll look at paid learning resources. Part three we tackle a few potential income sources for the paid expert.

There are almost an unlimited number of paid online training solutions available for almost any endeavor conceivable. [Read more…]

New Top Level Domains List – New gTLDs (Updated 02 Oct 2015)

List Updated 02 Oct 2015

Supplemental audio for your listening pleasure:

I couldn’t find a detailed list of new and future Generic Top Level Domains that I could easily scan so I decided to create one myself. I put together as many domains as I could find into a SlideShare presentation. I believe many bloggers and marketers will find this list helpful as you plan future sites, projects and marketing campaigns. Domains are relatively inexpensive so they make a nice alternative for Pretty Links setup for affiliate links and content we’ve created. I posted Branding Opportunities With The New Generic Top Level Domains last month if you’d like some ideas on getting the most from GTLDs. [Read more…]

Becoming An Expert With Free Resources – Becoming A Paid Expert Part 1

In this three part ”Becoming A Paid Expert” series we’ll look at the steps of becoming an expert within your specific niche and how to profit from that knowledge. This is the first of the series – Becoming An Expert With Free Resources.

✔ Part 1: Becoming An Expert With Free Resources
Part 2: Buying Your Expertise With Paid Resources
Part 3: Potential Income Sources – Profit From Your Expertise [Read more…]

Time-Based Autoresponder Content – The Easiest Way To Build-Up Your Email Sequence

I know the word “hack” has been overused lately but, if you will, I have a pretty simple autoresponder hack as far as adding new content to your time-based autoresponder sequence. At least if you’re using GetResponse and I suspect other ESPs will have a similar process. I’ll show you how to use the same quality and evergreen content for both your broadcast emails and your autoresponder. [Read more…]