30 Featured Image Examples For Inspiration

Thirty creative commons images on Flickr transformed into fictitious blog post featured images to inspire bloggers and content creators.

I love looking at photos and I love playing on Paint.net. That made this post a fun one for me. I hope you find it as fun and inspirational to look at as I did in creating it. [Read more…]

Email List Building Techniques for Serious Bloggers

How we’ve increased email subscription rates by over 400%

Guess what? We’ve increased email subscriptions rates by over 400%. In this post, I’ll going over the steps I’ve taken to achieve that increase. I have also put together a how-to guide to help you put your own resource gallery or document library (part of the strategy) but more on that in a minute.

There’s nothing all that advanced in what I’m going to cover here but it is also not free and it’s not easy. This post is geared for those that want to get serious about building their list and doing it right. [Read more…]

What are Email Autoresponders and How To Use Them Effectively

The Autoresponder Email Series Explained

In this post we’ll take a deep dive into the value of using email autoresponders, explain exactly what they are, and how to use them. I’m going to get pretty detailed and hopefully answer any questions while generating new ones. [Read more…]

You’re Never Too Old to Have a Reason to Blog

This is more of a personal post than a blogging tip type of post so feel free to skip out and join me next week if that bothers you.

When I was a kid I can remember saying I didn’t want to live past 30 because that seemed so old. Let me tell you, I was pretty nervous at 29 coming up on my thirtieth birthday. lol I was really hoping I hadn’t been taken too seriously upstairs. [Read more…]

Kindle Me Smart – Getting The Most From Kindle Books

This is a short guide to help get the most from book reading. I include a few helpful reading tips, several resources for finding free and inexpensive books to read, along with how and why reading is fundamental to our online business future. [Read more…]