The Inverted Pyramid – Learning From Journalism

The story follows the lede (the first paragraph). The Inverted Pyramid puts a priority on the most important content and serves that information first. Bloggers can benefit from applying the Inverted Pyramid to their content creation. [Read more…]

Local Blogging And Marketing Tips For Getting Found

This post is here to help local business and local bloggers get found within their local market. I’ve outlined a few simple local blogging and local marketing techniques and tools based on my own personal experience.

There are MANY other things local bloggers and businesses can do as far as SEO, content creation, and other inbound marketing solutions but, for this post, I want to keep it simple. My goal is to help you get started and perhaps we’ll take a deeper dive in followup posts. For now, here are some of the basics… [Read more…]

Setting Up A Static Front Page And Moving Your Blog To Its Own Page

Is it time to move your blog posts to its own page and set-up a special front page for your blog? I’m going to introduce you to a free WordPress plugin that will easily allow you to build that new front page without touching your current blog design or WordPress theme. Without hiring someone to design a custom WordPress theme or even changing themes.

Then I’m going to show you how to adjust the settings in your WordPress dashboard so everything works right. [Read more…]

When Brands Should NOT Start A Blog

As a long time blogger, someone that can get lost in the blogging world more hours than they care to admit, it’s tough for me not to see the value of a blog for almost any brand.

Think about it. What type of industry couldn’t benefit from a company blog? Try to think of some less obvious businesses. [Read more…]

Is Blogging Hard? Why Should I Bother Blogging?

I’ve said it before, blogging is easy.

Easy until you want to go beyond the personal blog that no one reads.

Sure, it comes easier to some than others but there’s real work involved. It takes Real Work just to be “Average with little hope of significant monetization.

Add in professional branding, blog monetization, SEO, increased traffic, list building, testing and analytics, and… [Read more…]