Blog Post Length: How Long Should Your Blog Posts Be?

That’s a question we’ve been seeing and asking since blogging became a thing, “How long should my blog posts be?” Blog post length has been debated since the beginning. We often see strong opinions on both sides of the camp.

In this post we’ll go over both long form content for blog posts and shorter blog posts. I’ll share a few examples of both blog post lengths. I’ll also offer my own opinions as usual.

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What Can A “Start Here” Page Do?

A “Start Page” or “Start Here” page is nothing new. I believe Pat Flynn launched that particular page almost four years ago (April 2011). The idea is to give new visitors a place to start and get the most from the content we offer. [Read more…]

Shocking! How Many Editors Work To Publish Your Content?

I’d like to bring in a little perspective when we compare our blogs and the content we create with some of the mega-blogs we love. I’m going to use Social Media Examiner since Michael Stelzner is so open to sharing his analytics and processes. [Read more…]

Building A Book Review Blog Using Free Resources

Build a Book Review Blog with any Free Theme and 2 Free Plugins: I’ve had an enjoyable week because I got to do something I really love doing – build a blog! I’ve been working on a little project that’s been on the side-burner for a long time and that’s a Book Review Blog. In this post I’m going to go over some of the steps I took to get the blog up and running and, hopefully, save you a little bit of the hiccups and headaches I experienced. I’ll try to be brief because I have a lot to share; review blogs require a few extra steps than the basic blogs most of us build.

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Blog Post Content Planning – Infographic

I have something special for you today; a 2 Minute Reference Sheet for Blog Post Content Planning in the form of an infographic. I hope it’s special anyway; I spent 12 hours creating a 2 minute reference sheet. lol

Below the sharable infographic, you’ll find a HTML version loaded with resource links.

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