How Can I Consolidate All Of My Social Media Posts?

I encourage our VIP List members to send their questions over to me and let me know what their challenges are. This issue addresses one of those member submitted challenges and  it has to do with consolidating social media posts. Where should our priorities be and how on Earth do we keep up without burning out? Is social media really that important and which networks should we be spending our time? [Read more…]

Ten Hard Lessons Why You Aren’t Growing In Google Plus – G+ Tips

This article offers ten simple Google Plus tips help you get started with building a true Google Plus presence and will help those that recognize the possible mistakes they are making. Some of Google Plus Tips seem like common sense while a couple of the lessons may force you to think a little. The ten lessons here reflect the top ten complaints I see within the Google Plus community as a whole. [Read more…]

How To Effectively Follow The Masses On Twitter

Twitter is a powerful social networking tool that can help build our brand, our influence and expand our social media reach. This article and video takes a look at the two different thoughts as far as Twitter Strategy – Should we build Twitter big or keep it manageable?

I should also state that this is my way, not the only way of managing our Twitter accounts. I have heard some VERY convincing arguments from others that go in almost opposite directions. As with everything we do, find what works best for you and ignore the rest. 😉

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The Future Of Social Media And Why Speed Is of The Essence

Do you feel an ever increasing urgency to build your social media following and influence? Do you feel you’re just spinning your wheels on Facebook? If not, allow me to share my thoughts on the matter and why I think it’s imperative we build big and build fast… The Future Of Social Media.

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Kristi Hines on Blogging, Social Media Promotion, and More (Video Interview)

I’d like to thank Kristi Hines for hanging out with the Hot Blog Tips Hangout Crew last Sunday. I’d also like to thank Mitch Mitchell for putting the interview together for use. Kristi talked blogging, social media, promotion and much more with Sheryl Loch, Mitch and myself in an informal chat. [Read more…]