How Do I Get More Retweets? Twitter Tools We Use To Increase Re-Tweets

I’ve talked a lot in the past about why numbers do count when it comes to social proof and this post will focus on Twitter. Twitter has consistently been in the top five referral traffic sources for Hot Blog Tips and that’s something we want to continue. This post will show you the tools we use to get more blog post shares on Twitter.

I want to geek out on the tools we use to get more retweets rather than behavior and methods. I will stress the importance of being sociable, follow real people (Never buy followers), and stay active. I found this recent post by Heidi Cohen that does a fantastic job on increasing retweets using strategic methods. [Read more…]

How To Opt Out of Google’s Shared Endorsements

Last week (October 11, 2013) Google announced a change that allows them to use your name and image as an endorsement within advertisements if you’ve rated or reviewed that product in the past. Personally, I don’t see a reason to be “up in arms” about Google’s update to its Terms of Service but there are a couple of things that concern me. [Read more…]

Check Social Share Counts With These 4+ Free Online Tools

Back in July 2013, I wrote What Exactly Is Social Proof And How Do Bloggers Use it. In that post, I included a couple of free online tools to check the social share stats of any post or page. Today I’m going to expand on that and list four extremely simple free online tools that will show you the number of social media shares and social reactions of any blog post or webpage; whether it’s yours or not. There are paid social stat tools with much deeper insights and functions but this post will focus on zero-cost tools that anyone can use. [Read more…]

Send Google Plus Posts To Other Social Networks With Friends+Me

Have you become hooked on Google Plus and have a tough time staying fully active on other social networks? Friends+Me is a cool app that will help you syndicate (repost) your public G+ posts to other networks to help you stay active across the board. This post takes a detailed look at Friends+Me and some of the ways to use it. [Read more…]

Psychological Influence of Social Media Marketing

Most people focus on writing great content.  They focus on research and evaluation of their blog posts.  They focus on perfection to the maximum because not only are their readers looking for great content, but so is Google.  Which one is more important?  Most people will tell you that the reader is the most important thing in blogging and secretly build links like a mad man behind the scenes.  We can all tell those people. [Read more…]