A Simple (And Fun) Content Marketing Strategy We Can Learn From Snapple®

Today I want to show you one simple content marketing strategy we can learn from Snapple®. A simple marketing strategy that your readers will love and will help grow your blog. [Read more…]

Digging In Deep Updating Old Blog Posts For User Experience And SEO

Let’s see what we can learn from this blogger’s crazy idea to update 300 blog posts. I’ll tell you what I’ve been doing and, more importantly, what I’ve learned in the process. My hope is to help other bloggers avoid some of the mistakes I’ve been fixing as well as understand some of the factors we need to consider as early as possible when designing our blogs. [Read more…]

What Is Google’s Search Quality Rating Guidelines?

And How To Use It To Improve Content

 Search quality rating stamp - UsefulYesterday we announced Google’s public release of their Search Quality Rating Guidelines. I’m betting that many bloggers don’t understand what these guidelines are for and in this post I’ll explain exactly what they are and how it can help you as a blogger. I will also cover a few key points but a complete breakdown of the 43 page document will be in a future post. [Read more…]

How To Report A Content Scraper Site To Google

No Scraping SignIt’s hard to believe after Google’s recent updates, but there are still active scraper sites. A scraper site takes your content, usually from your feed, and uses it for content on their blog. In this post, I will show to report these sites that are infringing your copyright to Google and, hopefully, get them removed from the search index. [Read more…]

Off Site SEO And Link Building, One Question Answered

Chain link fence and SEOYesterday we received a common question about off site SEO and link building and I thought we’d do our best to answer his question in the form of a blog post. Richard from Goodwin Car Detailing asked,

What is your advise for off page SEO? I’m a novice regarding building backlinks to my site. I have also been commentating on Forums relating to car care. [Read more…]