The Great Rank Debate, Is It Finally Over?

The Great Rank DebateOkay, it’s settled, Google’s toolbar PageRank isn’t going anywhere. We’ve been hearing for years that Google PageRank is on its way out and, I hate to disappoint everyone, Google’s Matt Cutts just squashed that rumor. [Read more…]

Creating Authority Pages With Regular Updates

The idea here is to build authority posts or pages on your blog by regularly updating the content with relevant and current information. Not every post has to be an authority page, this would be for ever changing topics that are popular among your readers and will serve them better. The main point in updating posts you consider important is to provide the best possible solution for your readers. An added benefit to these pages, if done properly and visits increase, is Google may update your post in the search engine results pages and possibly consider it a more authoritative article. [Read more…]

Keep Track Of Dead Video Embeds using The Broken Link Checker Plugin

I use the WordPress plugin “Broken Link Checker” to stay on top of broken links. Broken links on our blogs are bad for SEO and the Broken Link Checker plugin makes it a simple matter to keep up with those 404s.

So, have you ever gone back to an old post where you had a YouTube video embedded just to realize the video was no longer available? I have and it always leaves me wondering how long that post has been showing a dead video. It turns out the Broken Link Checker for WordPress plugin can check those videos as well. [Read more…]

Using Tumblr To Build Blog Traffic

Tumblr For Blog TrafficTumblr can be used as a blogging platform and/or as a social media outlet and it has the potential to take blogging to the next level.  If you are wondering how popular Tumblr really is, let this statistic help you see how impactful it can be- 91.5 million Tumblr users have made 41.6 billion posts!

Tumblr is best used for sharing photos, videos, and short posts to enable quick scrolling. You create visual mini-blog posts on Tumblr to catch people’s eye, then they visit the whole blog post for the whole story.  It is a lot like Twitter- just a teaser to interest you in the whole post.  Tumblr is a great supplement to blogs. Like Facebook and Pinterest, it can promote and direct traffic to your core blog. Here’s how… [Read more…]

A Fast Way To Less Blog Traffic

Lonely RoadBlog traffic is way up on the importance list for most bloggers and there are a number of ways to achieve that goal. I know from experience that one way to bring in blog traffic is what I call my “Blogging Rounds“…

I believe Hot Blog Tips grew so quickly, in large part, because I am very active in the blogging community. I don’t want to start an Alexa debate today but we enjoyed an Alexa Rank in the high 30,000’s not long ago and once I slowed on visiting and commenting on other blogs our traffic quickly dropped and our Alexa increased accordingly. [Read more…]