How To Transfer Your Domains From GoDaddy To NameCheap

Transferring your registered domain isn’t all that hard and can save you money very quickly. There are a few steps you can take to simplify and streamline the domain transfer process and help speed things along without any problems. We’ll take you through the steps while I transfer my own domains to NameCheap$ from GoDaddy. [Read more…]

Image Optimization For Faster Loading Posts And Pages

Image optimization is one of the first steps you can take to help insure a fast loading blog while giving your readership a great experience. In this post, we’ll explain why we need to optimize images, list a few free online image optimization tools, image editing tools and help you get started toward a fast loading website. We explain the most popular image file formats and what they are best used for as well as a few helpful tips. Be sure to check out the embedded video if you have time. [Read more…]

How To And Why Add Branding Watermarks To Your Images

Adding watermarks to your images and photos is a great first step toward protecting your content as well as brand it. This article takes a look at the why and how of image & branding watermarks. We’re using two helpful how-to tutorial videos that cover everything you need to get started. After you’ve read this post and watched the short how-to videos, you should be well on your way to creating watermarks on your own absolutely free since we’re using freely available software – [Read more…]

New And Improved YouTube Comment System

Google has made yet another improvement for YouTube and this one involves the broken commenting system. Now you can see your video comments right on YouTube in the left column when you’re in the “Video Manager” section. Hopefully this will move to the Channel page as well some day. Below you will find a tutorial as well as an entertaining conversation with the Hot blog Tips’ Hangout Crew (video). [Read more…]

The New Universal Blogging Symbol Is Here!

Back in June of 2013, I asked the blogging community to help create An International Blogging Image for anyone to use. Now, half a year later, I’m totally stoked to announce the launch of, where we give the community it’s new Universal Blogging Symbol – The New International Blog Image. [Read more…]