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Chill Video Sharing vs Pinterest

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Comparing Chill to Pinterest, Like Apples and Oranges

image - Chill and Pinterest thumbnailChill is being compared to Pinterest, only for videos. Both Chill and Pinterest do allow you to post your pins/shares to Facebook and Twitter. They both require a Facebook Registration. They are both somewhat new. They both state no Spamming.

What Is Chill Video Sharing?

There is a new Video “Bookmarking” site in town and I had to join just to see what it was. The site is called Chill!

The site basically states that they wanted a place where people could share and follow all the greatest videos with/from their friends.

Chill is free to join. You can share/bookmark videos from places like YouTube, VEVO, Hulu and Vimeo.

You register with your Facebook account. Your FB account can also be connected so any videos you share on FB will be imported into your Chill account. It also allows you to share any videos you manually post on Chill to be shared on FB.

Your Twitter account can also be connected so videos you tweet will import and again, you can tweet out Chill videos back to Twitter.

Your videos from YouTube that are connected with your FB email will also be automatically imported to your Chill account.

WARNING – Before you all jump over there thinking you will join and post/share/bookmark all of your own videos…the TOS states they do NOT allow promotional videos of any kind. But, I did find some movie trailers and some videos with watermark branding. Not sure what they are considering promotional. Since they also import from FB, YT and Twitter it may be hard for you to keep any promotional videos out unless you completely disallow the auto imports from these sites.

So is Chill like Pinterest, only with videos?

I would say other than the basic look, the ability to post your shares to FB/Twitter and that you can reshare people’s items; it is not like Pinterest at all.


Pinterest is invite only.

Chill is open to anyone with a Facebook account.

Content Importing

Pinterest does not have auto importing.

Chill will auto post from Twitter, FB and your connected video sites.

Organizing Content

Pinterest has “Boards” for organizing your shares (pins).

Chill gives no option for organization of your shares.

Site Search

Pinterest has a search feature where I can search for words that are associated with boards, people and descriptions.

Chill has no search of any kind. Ok, I think at one point I did see a search, but then never found it again.


Pinterest allows Brands to join (as long as you don’t just spam your crap).

Chill has a couple of brands on their site, but I am not sure how since you have to register with your FB account. It may only allow special brands to be members?

Back Links

Pinterest allows you to “pin” images and videos with a link back to the site you pinned it from.

Chill is only videos and does not have any links other than what comes on the videos.


Pinterest I can find people to follow by using the search feature for my topics of interest and then follow the people or just a single board they have. I can also easily find my FB friends to follow.

Chill has no search so you can only find people to follow that are your FB friends or you can go look through the “popular” section and possibly find people who share videos you are interested in. The problem with this is you have to follow the person and will see EVERY video they post without having the option on topics.

Browser Tool

Pinterest has a Bookmarklet that can be placed on your browsers tool bar for easy pinning. This means that when you are on a site and see something you want to pin, you simply click the bookmarklet, log in, pick your image or video, pick the board you want the pin on, write your description and it’s done.

Chill has no bookmarklet so, when you have a video you want to share, you must go to the Chill site, log in, place the videos link in the “Post a video” box, write your description and then post.

Content Limitations

Pinterest allows me to write any description for an image or video. There is no limit on the amount of text you can use At least I have never ran into a limit and I have seen some VERY long descriptions.

Chill has a 140 character limit on descriptions.

Final Thoughts/Conclusion

So there you have it. My not so short review of the Video Sharing site Chill and how it compares to Pinerest.

I do know that Chill is new and is very likely going to be making improvements as they build. I never count a site out as long as they are willing to listen to users and trying to improve usefulness.

You can find me on Chill at
You can find me on Pinterest at

Go ahead and check out these sites and leave us a comment letting us know what you think of them.

Your Thoughts?

Your opinions and ideas count, so share them with us in the comments section. I very well may have missed some great points.

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