The Art Of Choosing A Niche For Your Blog

Why you should choose a niche?

image - BlogIf you want to be successful at any form of marketing, you have to segment your audience. Customer segmentation is all about understanding your customers€™ unique characteristics and behaviors so that you can tailor a message that communicates with them effectively. The same applies for blogging and choosing a niche. The phrase “niche”€ signifies a circumstance or action specially suited to a person’€™s pursuits, abilities and nature. If you understand your audience, who they are and what they looking for, you are going to make it much easier on yourself to grab their attention.
The most successful blogs are all focused on a specific niche. Some good examples include: A photography blog that, rather than focus on the general topic of photography, went uber-niche and blogs about using small, inexpensive flashes. A blog devoted to the online game Farmville. A blog focused on litter box issues. Excellent resources and advice for every blogger.

Sticking to one topic will help you create a loyal readership by offering content your readers want. This helps strengthen your relationship with your readers with each blog post. Niche blogging entices advertisers who look for related content to market their goods and services. In addition, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd when you are blogging with the masses. would not be as successful as it is, if it competed with other blogs in the general photography category. The idea is to supply your readers with relevant and specialized content. The kind of packaged content they won’€™t be able to find easily on another website. Posting for the sake of posting or posting about random ideas will never help grow your blog.

How to Choose a Niche

This is going to sound like a clich but it is important. Choose something you are passionate about. If you are going to be blogging on a regular basis (which you must do if you want to be successful), then you better write about something that interests you. How you feel about your topic will seep through in the undertones of your writing. Don’t make the mistake of underestimating your audience’s intelligence. They will quickly pick up if it is truly something you care about or not. If you are interested in your topic, ideas for new posts will come quickly and easily. You’ll also find yourself reading and researching your topic more intensely.

Research your proposed niche before making a final decision. You can do this by conducting keyword research. Use a keyword research tool like Wordtracker. This will tell you how many people are conducting searches in your proposed niche. The tool can also be used to find related keywords which will uncover more information on what people are searching for. The ultimate goal of this exercise is to ascertain if the topic is 1) popular and 2) how much competition exists for the keywords/topic you have chosen.

Try to identify a niche with very little competition but a significant amount of interest. Steer away from trendy topics. If you want to create a successful blog with longevity, then avoid topics that are popular now but won’t be down the line.

Once you have chosen your niche, own it and stay focused. If you want to achieve your goals you are going to have to serve your audience with the content they seek. It€™s got to be fresh, unique, compelling and worthy of being shared. Focus on creating content that is beneficial, different and new, newsworthy and easy to understand. Think about creating content that is either, entertaining, educational, informative, thoughtful or helps establish a sense of community. Remember that building a successful blog requires a massive time investment. You’€™ll not only publish posts but you will also spend a great deal of time promoting your blog and researching new topics.

About Jeff Gross

Jeff is an Internet Marketing Consultant and a part time blogger. He writes mostly about blogging, internet marketing, Pay Per Click Strategies and Search Engine Optimization techniques and best practices.


  1. Yes, choosing a Single niche helps a lot in getting good readership. Thank you for the good topic. I am searching for a niche to start blog. But not getting. which will be the profitable?

  2. This is so true Jeff. Others may think that you’re advise is too generic however passion is really the most important thing in choosing the right niche. You should enjoy what you’re writing about and everything else will come in place.

  3. Isabel Singh says

    Niche has a very important role when you are creating a blog. I agree that it affects the contents as to readers for them to over see the quality that you are presenting to them.

  4. It’s a terrifying question, but an important one. If you’re committed to building a popular and profitable site, you’ll have to write, read, and talk about your topic almost every day for the next several years. You’ll invest thousands of hours, quite literally gambling with your time.
    The question is, how will you approach it? Will you start writing and hope someone notices you? Or will you carefully research your niche, looking for the precise angle that will make your blog irresistible?
    I’ve tried both, and I recommend the latter.
    It’s never possible to know for sure whether people will like your blog, but keyword research sure helps. You can see how many people are searching for your topic in the search engines, and you can use it to compare different topics to each other and gauge their popularity.

  5. The amount of traffic that your blog will receive will be directly related to the number of people who are searching for this topic (and a few related ones), so it makes perfect sense to know in advance the size of your target audience.

    To determine the traffic potential of the niches you’re researching, come up with a list of 5-10 keywords or phrases that are directly related to each item in your list. Once you have built a list of related keywords, figure the monthly searches for both the main niche and each of the keywords you wrote using Overture’s keyword inventory or the Free WordTracker keyword tool.

    You will want the searches to be at around 10,000 for the main keyword and a minimum of 5,000 for each of the related keywords or phrases. If the niches you selected reach or exceed the recommended traffic, congratulations… you’re well on your way to having a profitable blog.

  6. I guess choosing a niche is actually the easiest part of the blogging process – Just go with the topic that you have expertise on! Of course, you need to have some passion to keep writing about that topic and you need to love the process of researching / writing as well.

  7. Ivin Viljoen says

    Hi Jeff,

    Does passion come before importance? Well regardless of the debate I think it lets you go the extra yard, which is important in every business. It lets you stay that extra hour to turn the lights off late. And stops you from spewing out loads of nonsense that is of no relevance to anybody. Because it was of no relevance to yourself first.

    Thumbs up for Niche.’


  8. Choosing a Niche is very first step before starting blogging. Without choosing good niche we will not reach the success point. Now I am trying to make cool micro niche blog. Hope I will get Success with it.

  9. I am too in the same problem. I want to make good blog on micro niche and searching for it from last 5 days but didn’t find according to my interest.

  10. It is really important to choose niche which you like. That will give you extra power later, and push you forward. If you’re stuck with choosing niche go to and choose most appropriate for you. Blog about niche that you’re involved on daily basis or love. That will make you great blogger. Good luck!

  11. Hi Jass,
    I’ve checked link placed in your name and think you’re doing very well. Just be consistent and deliver quality content. That is almost enough for success. Rest is “special secret sauce” that you must figure by yourself.

  12. Excellent comment Rick. I would choose niche in which I’m very familiar, and then started with keyword research. We all know that if you’re No. 1 on Google for particular keyword you’ll get maximum 30-40% of this traffic (I’m talking about exact searches by GKT). But, many bloggers receive most traffic from social networks. I saw stats from established blogs with great numbers achieved through Twitter and Facebook. Search engines were on third or fourth place. It is really hard to predict numbers, but if you’re doing great job on your blog (with content and SEO) it is more likely that you gonna reach goals.

    And, one important thing. If you start with blog only because money and there is no “fire” for chosen niche you’ll probably fail. Numbers are important, but passion for blogging , creativity and consistency are crucial for blogging.

  13. Hi Raj,
    totally agree with you. Passion and consistency are keys of success. If you work on right way (create quality content) and share it with your friends, traffic (and goals) will come with time.

  14. Hi Ivin,
    without passion and excitement you’ll probably be just one of the many. But, with this ingredients you’ll be recognized by other bloggers and audience. Almost every day I spent at least 1-2 extra hours online because I’m crazy about blogging and researching of new possibilities online. Thanks on feedback!

  15. Hi Jass,
    why shouldn’t record all steps in process and turn all in great post or eBook later. Good luck!

  16. The important thing to look for a niche is that it is based on the thing you really love writing about. One that is with your own interest. Writing passionately because you love what you’re doing can make you a very good blogger am I right Jeff?

  17. Some newbie bloggers out there start out their blogs without doing some prior study towards their niche. Having some time to check out how some niche are going would greatly help in planning out a highly effective blog.

  18. great post, it’s amazing how bloggers that are writing in specific niche can move boundaries and learn more with research. Every new day brings some new project and information that is important for people that look for that online.
    And yes, without passion, we are nothing but empty online pages.

  19. Rizwan Sultan says

    Niche is a very importing thing to staring blog and it is the easiest part of the blogging process.The phrase “niche” signifies a circumstance or action specially suited to a person’s pursuits, abilities and nature.and it helps to good readership also.

  20. That’s the key of future success and great part of blogging story. Thanks Ruth!

  21. It is important to have 1 niche to promote to regularly updating your content.. than working with many niche but too much work that left undone.

  22. Hi James,
    I think that you’re doing great job on your blog. You figured what is important, now you can only continue with work and measure results. One smart guy (can’t remember name) once said something like: “If you give best of yourself in any sphere of life, you can only count days until success”.

  23. Choose your favorite niche and give your best. Thanks David!

  24. Yes, choosing a right niche is the most important thing to start a successful blog. Wrong niche will lead to fail.

  25. I agree Jarrod, within reason. Of course if you’re passionate about purple crow feet, you may want to expand the niche a bit or you would be blogging to yourself.

  26. Hi Isabel, Your client’s link that you used CommentLuv for reminded me of another consideration when it comes to choosing a niche and that is competition. The term, “credit cards”, or even “compare credit cards” are very competitive keywords and will take an incredible amount of work to gain traction with the serps. Of course we could hire Isabel for some backlinks. lol

  27. I agree with that for many niches Jeff. This blog gets over half it’s traffic from referral sources which includes other blogs and social sharing. The referral traffic tends to have a lower bounce rate as well but that can be tweaked a little for search engine traffic.

    Some very obscure niches may be tough to drive tightly focused traffic from social networks. I’ll give you an example. I have a niche site that is all but useless now since Panda about Nasolabial Folds (Pretty tough to be passionate about that lol). I would not only have to expand the social niche I frequented, I would have to work like crazy to build interest and excitement to the point people visited my blog and a very low percentage would bother to comment; even less would return.

  28. It’s that passion that keeps me going here on Hot Blog Tips. I love blogging and enjoy helping people blog. I’ve had over a hundred domains at any given time and many were niche blogs. It’s pretty touch, if not impossible, to keep going on a niche you have no interest in.

  29. I like that Ivin, “It lets you stay that extra hour to turn the lights off late”.

  30. Not a bad post Jeff, but I feel compelled to say something.

    Concentrating on a niche isn’t a bad thing at all, but sometimes figuring out what one is passionate about and what one hopes they’ll be able to make money off are two different things. If your only intention is to make money then you probably won’t have a passion for anything you talk about; yup, I’ll go on record about that.

    There’s a lady named Pat that has a passion for lavender. It’s kind of a crowded field yet not one that makes tons of money. Yet, she writes about only that and has a pretty loyal following, and she makes some money from it. If she went to check out whether it’s a big money maker she might be deterred from writing about the subject, but because of her passion it works great for her. And money isn’t her concern; writing on what she’s passionate about is.

    I just had to say that. So many people get into blogging for the money and that leads to too many badly written, boring posts that no one cares about and clogs up the blogosphere, which is littered with many blogs that die because people decided they really weren’t passionate at all. I saw some of the comments above and it encouraged me to have to pony up my thoughts here. If one has to think that hard about what to write about and what their passion is, maybe that’s a sign that they’re just not ready to blog yet.

    Maybe, that is. 🙂

  31. Yeah, definitely. The whole point of blogging is to excite the people who are enthusiastic about the niche you talk about – your personal authority/brand. As a blogger, it feels like WORK if you’re blogging about a niche you aren’t even interested in, and that’s never good for long term success.

  32. Thanks Nhut, absolutely.

  33. Hi Mitch, sorry for the delay, I pretty much took the Holiday off. It can certainly be a dilemma. Either we blog about our interests or we make money and, every once in a while, someone figures out how to do both. I guess it comes down to our creativity and whether or not we can find our own unique way that appeals to others. Of course, once we have accomplished that task, we have an even bigger obstacle to tackle – conversion.

    While on the subject, and I’ve said this before, you have somehow turned a personal blog with many interests and no absolute niche, into a popular site. There are others out there but I know that’s a challenge that no one gets past without the passion and interest in what they are writing about.

  34. I like that Jack, “feels like WORK”. Nice way of putting it.

  35. It’s plain fun to blog about topics that you are legitimately interested in and fascinated with. Making business more akin to pursuing your hobby is insurance against boredom.

  36. Justin Mazza says

    Hi jeff,
    Great ideas for choosing a niche. I have one blog now and I am writing about topics that I am interested in. But, I am thinking of starting a second website that is more niche specific then the blog that I have now.

  37. Thanks Jeff. I will try my best and always willing to deliver good content.

  38. Hi Justin, narrowing your niche can sometimes be helpful, depending on the niche and your goals. Don’t forget to research it first though.

  39. I agree Thomas, blogging can be fun.

  40. Noel Addison says

    Choosing a a specific niche in blogging helps you concentrate on a particular subject that you really know and allow you to get loyal readers.

  41. Hi Noel,
    choosing niche in which you are interested, and sharing passion with your readers will give you results. If you’re blogging just because of money, you’ll probably become just one of many. Details, passion and extra hours dedicated to your blog post will make quality difference and give you satisfaction.

  42. it’s very easy to choose right niche but important to target that niche or get traffic on it.

  43. Hi Jeff, very true. I guess that could be applied in almost every area of like.

  44. Shanky Sahni says

    hi Brian,
    Nice post.Just want to ask you one thing.On my blog I blog about gadgets,tech news and some general blogging tips.Is dealing with blogging on my blog is off beat?Should I stop that?

  45. Danica Green says

    Choosing one particular niche allows you to guide your writing to one direction, also it is easier for the writer to impart useful information since they are writing for what they are passionate of.

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