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Using A Click To Tweet For Your Live Events – Pro Blogging Tip

This post will show a cool tip to gain the most from your extended Twitter connections for those of you that run or speak at either live or recorded events such as Google Hangouts on Air (HoA), speaking events, podcasts or webinars.

I believe most of you probably understand what a pre-populated tweet is but its simply a tweet setup for others to tweet out on your behalf with the content, including the link you want to share, embedded within the tweet. It’s one of the easiest ways to allow your followers to support and share your message. Here’s a live example of a pre-populated tweet, click the link below and give it a try (opens in a new window):

I shared this tip back in March (List Building Technique Using Twitter And ClickToTweet) and its a nice and super-simple way to ask for a little Twitter love when you’re live or being recorded with video or audio. Here’s how that would go in our Hangouts, for example.

We appreciate you for taking the time to watch and you can help us out a lot by going to Hot Blog Tips dot com slash love where we’ve already setup a tweet to share with your followers.

But Wait, It Gets Even Better

So whenever you have a live event scheduled, go to and setup a Tweet that promotes your event for others to use. Don’t forget the link and your @ Twitter handle so you can see the tweets and thank those that shared.

You can use Pretty Link like I did in the example above and you can find a detailed Pretty Link Tutorial here.

Another option, which works great for live events it to spend $10 or $12 a year and register a dedicated domain$ (URL) that would be updated to fit each new event.


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  1. Interesting article covering the most fundamental tool of marketing. I have not used Twitter much before, but understand it is imperative to social media success. You have made some very interesting points here and I am glad that I found this post.

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