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Commenting guideline on Hot Blog TipsHot Blog Tips is VERY liberal with spreading the blogging love but we do have a couple simple things to keep in mind when commenting here.

Your Name

We fully understand and appreciate the need for branding and the use of keywords. That is why we use CommentLuv Premium($). Please use a real name in the “Name” section. Pretty simple, right?

Unacceptable Examples:

  • Online Gambling Portal
  • dave @cheap viagra

Links or comments promoting porn, gambling, hacking, racism, hate, drugs, or anything shady will not be published. We reserve the right to edit these comments and point your URL to or other ‘not so flattering’ site. Don’t mess with us on Hot Blog Tips, we play the game very well. I may also allow the comment and remove the CommentLuv, your link or both.

Links In The Comment Body

CommentLuvHot Blog Tips uses the Comment Luv Premium($) plug-in to help spread the luv. Along with the Comment Luv, including relevant links in your comment is completely acceptable and encouraged. If you know of a link, whether yours or not, that adds to the article or discussion, by all means, please include it. Please DO NOT add a link for the sole purpose of gaining links, traffic or clicks – it will never see the light of day. DO NOT include signature links, they will be removed or your comment may be spammed.


Please keep your comment on the subject at hand. A little off topic discussion is natural with any conversation and that is completely fine, just use common sense.

Your Backlink and CommentLuv Links

We have tightened our acceptance of many backlinks provided to those the comment on our blog. Thanks to recent Google Updates, certain backlinks will no longer be allowed and will either be spammed out, deleted or removed.

Hot Blog Tips is a blogging Tips website for bloggers. We’re not here for link builders and SEO services – plain and simple. While we understand the importance of link building, we will not take a hit by Google the next time they get a mood swing just to allow every bank-linker to take advantage of our extremely limited do-follow policy. So here’s the deal…

If you leave a good comment that links to a “real” blog and it’s relevant and respectable, you have nothing to worry about. If you are dropping quick comments to build backlinks so your sales page, niche site or a client’s site, please take your business elsewhere; it will be removed at the very least.

Unacceptable Links:

  1. Niche Sites used for AdSense or other monetization without value.
  2. Feeds URLs — NEVER leave your feed link, we’re not a feed reader.
  3. Sales pages – Shame on you for even trying.
  4. Non-Blogs – These will be judged on a site by site basis.
  5. Blogs using spun, scrapped or otherwise plagiarized content.
  6. Individual pages or posts – We have CommentLuv Premium($) for that.
  7. Low Quality sites like “make money online” or “affiliate blogs.”
  8. Spoofing – “Trick” CommentLuv by changing the URL and both links WILL be removed.
  9. Foreign Language Sites and Links – We’re based in the United States and our site is written in English. Please only link to sites using English.
  10. Irrelevant Sites such as niche topics or regional topics. I’m sure your politics or religion is valuable content for your readers but it’s a bad match for a blogging tips blog. The same thing when it comes to local issues in your hometown or Country; wrong place – wrong time.
NOTE: We reserve the right to remove or edit any link, name or keyword left on our blog. We reserve the right to remove CommentLuv and Do-Follow from any comment link. We reserve the right to ban. ridicule and torture comment spammers.

SEE Blog Commenting Tips


I am very approachable. Feel free to use our Contact Page to contact me directly. I respond to every message directly unless it’s considered spam. Have a question that would make a great topic you’d like addressed on our blog, a future video or VIP List? Just ask on this page.

Do you have a blog comment policy?

I wrote every word here without the help of plagiarism. Feel free to use our comment policy as a template or outline for your comment policy. Change it around a bit to keep clear of duplicate content and if you use the images please park them on your server – no hotlinking. A backlink to our blog is always appreciated.

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