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Connecting Google Plus And YouTube

How to Connect Your Youtube and Google Plus!

image - Google Plus and YouTubeYes we have been waiting for YouTube and G+ to hook up. None of us want to upload each of our videos to our G+ account. It would be much easier if YouTube automatically uploaded them. Well, today we may get our wish!

Message on YouTube

“Beginning on Mar 30, 2012, showing your Google+ profile on your channel will also cause your channel to appear on the Google+ profile”

Thanks to Video Leads Online for bringing his to my attention!

This MIGHT mean that your YouTube videos will show up on the VIDEO tab of your G+ Profile. IF, you use the same email address for your Google Plus profile as your YouTube account. The YouTube message is very vague, so I am not making any promises.  No matter what I suggest you go ahead and make sure you follow the instructions below and get your accounts connected anyway.Connect Google Plus Youtube

I also understand that means many business pages will not be connected because of a different YouTube and Gmail address connection. I wouldn’t worry about that yet as I will bet business pages will be able to connect in the near future.

Anyhow, you probably want to know how to get your YouTube connected to your personal G+ page, so let’s do it.

  1. Log into your YouTube account,
  2. Go to you CHANNEL page,
  3. Look in the Upper Right for your ABOUT,
  4. Click EDIT,
  5. You will now see you can see your G+ username, Twitter and Facebook,
  6. Once you choose SHOW for your G+,
  7. Click to APPLY (this will save your changes),
  8. You will likely see a blue message a crossed the top of your YouTube page saying that as of today (3-30-12) your YouTube and G+ will be connected.

If your G+ account owns or manages G+ pages, you may have the option to choose those on step #6. Just keep in mind that IF you connect YouTube to a G+ ID, you could end up with the videos showing on the wrong page. You wouldn’t want your videos going on to an unrelated business page. Until we know for sure how this will work, I would suggest you connect your Personal G+ ID on this step.

Now don’t freak out if you then go to your Google Plus profile and click the Videos tab and nothing is there. I am NOT sure if this is how the connection will work. Heck, I am not sure if this connection will be a slow roll out or if it will only bring in newly uploaded videos. This is a wait and see game like with every other change a huge site makes. So, the above information is my educated guess on how this will all work.

I’ll try to keep watching and make updates to the post when I see changes.

If you notice changes on your account, leave us a comment telling us about it.

Extra Tip in case your YouTube and Google Plus accounts cannot be connected due to different email address. Follow the instructions above BUT, since you will not have the Google Plus Show option…Be sure to look right below and under ADD A NEW LINK, add your G+ page link and title it so people can still get to your G+ profile or business page.

UPDATE 4/1/12
I just saw this message from Google –

While your Google+ profile information will display on YouTube, we do not connect YouTube and Google+ activity feeds directly. None of your YouTube updates are automatically shared to Google+.

I still have hope that someday soon, our videos will automatically go to our G+ page. But, even if they don’t (YET) you will still want to connect your accounts with the instructions above.

Ok, go get a that connection made!

About Sheryl Loch

I am always learning new and improved ways to better our blogs, forum, and e-commerce sites. You can find me at The Internet Marketers Guild and +Sheryl Loch.
I tend to be a bit straight forward and sarcastic at times so ask for an honest opinion and you shall receive...even if it is not what you want to hear.


  1. Fantastic article Sheryl, you’re really on a roll. 🙂 This is great news for a lot of people. I fall into the category of people that use different emails for our YouTube channel and G+ accounts. I REALLY wish Google would allow us to change associated Gmail addresses with our accounts.

    • I’m in the same boat Brian! I don’t have a personal Youtube account that is connected to my Google Plus Email.

      I do think that very soon we will be able to connect other emails (youtube accounts) to our profiles and business pages.

      All though, Google is really pushing (I think they have a patent) connecting all “real people” to their identity. The Authorship tag and use in Google Search is growing. In fact some are saying that Authorship links will become more important than regular links.

      I think that Google is just trying to cut out some of the fly by night spammers so, they are trying to connect the dots…starting with your Google Plus Profile, Author Tag and Youtube.

  2. This is another added time in surfing the net. I used to visit Youtube to watch trailers of upcoming movies and this news is so dynamic. Easier for me to use and manage it.

  3. Awesome way i was searching for this. Thanks a lot and now going to connect my channel to my google+ profile.

  4. Asma Khan says

    Sherryl Nice too see that topic in your post I subscribe YouTube with my Google plus account but the issue is that I get too much spammed mails from YouTube.Can you guide me how too unsubscribed only from email?

    • I did not see a reply to your question. From your “YouTube homepage”, look at the top right of the page, under your YouTube username, you will see “settings”. Click on the settings link and it open your “account settings” page…
      from there click on the “Privacy” which you should see on the top upper left menu. You will want to check the box:\ “Allow only my contacts to send me messages and share videos ”

      This should stop all of spam videos from YouTube.

      I hope this helps…

  5. Hi Sheryl, I have a similar situation where my AdSense account isn’t connected to my Gmail account (which has my YouTube and Google+). I’m with you guys – Google really needs to fix this. I can’t understand why they won’t let me add the Gmail to my AdSense account. And just to add to my confusion, they DO let me add it to my Google Analytics account. So I can at least keep track of which ads are doing well on different pages but I can’t make any changes. LOL!!

    Thanks for the YouTube tip Sheryl, I had my accounts connected already but it was good to double check anyway.

    Chat soon!

    • Hi Ileane!
      Yes, we are in kind of the same boat with some accounts connected and others aren’t. If only we could have seen the future to know what we were doing when we set things up, wasn’t going to works so great now. That ol’ hind site is 20/20 thing. 😉

      Hopefully Google will give us some options to get things all connected soon. I also hope they hurry up and let all of us have the ability to record hangouts soon. Just think about how many things we can upload then.

      Thanks for stopping in and taking the time to leave a comment!

  6. Actually i read all the steps that you mentioned above. Atlast i came across the Update the Youtube allows G+ by default :).Anyway i have learned new thing today 🙂

  7. That’s one good news! I think its a good advantage that not all our youtube activities are updated on our G+ profile.

    • Yes Stef, it can be a good thing. It means that if you want to share activity on G+ then you have to actually go and do it manually.
      I still would like uploaded videos to be available from the video tab but, not auto posted as a thread.

  8. sai krishna says

    i think it a new strategy by Google to increase Google plus popularity 🙂 really its a war ..

    • You are right Sai! They want you to use their product even if you don’t really want to. But, if you want traffic from Google, you kind of have to play their game.

  9. Lennart Heleander says

    Hi Sherly,
    Google+ getting better and better, this helps a lot in my work with our real estate websites.

  10. Nice sharing Sheryl…!
    Great news. Exactly, it’s much easier if YouTube automatically upload videos on Google+. I don’t have You Tube account so I am thinking to active my account on You Tube so that I can connect to Google+.

    • Hi Saha, I don’t know if or when they will let videos upload automatically, but I do think it would be very useful. Even if they only went to the Video tab of the profile and didn’t make a G+ post.

      I don’t have a personal Youtube account either. I would set it up but don’t know what I would put on it. LOL!

  11. Amit Shaw says

    Thanks Sheryl for sharing this tricks with us.
    Hope Google plus will get more popular by this ;).

    • Your Welcome Amit!
      I think G+ will will grow as more people learn how to use it and they add features. At least I hope so because I hate to think we are stuck going back to Facebook.

  12. Ronnie Bincer says

    Nice write up Sheryl… and thanks for the reference. You’ve got quite a bit of interaction going on here in the comments area! Good 4 U!

    • Your welcome for the reference, always happy to give credit.

      We love our blog commenter’s! Sometimes they ask the best questions or give a different opinion that helps us all out!

      Thank you for taking the time to stop in and leave a comment!

  13. This is a good one. At least all our activities in youtube will not be connected with g+.

    • Hello Tina, thanks for the comment! Yeah, I don’t think we need everything someone does on Youtube to be connected with Google Plus…that could get a bit overwhelming.

  14. Exactly, It would be very useful.
    Same here Sheryl 🙂 I also don’t know what I would put on it.

  15. You can add your bussiness pages on your YouTube Channel, Today! So excited. If you’re concerned about the design of your Channel’s look. Then, you can remove all the button and add all with text links.

    Regardless the logo of Social Media you connected to your YouTube channel, you will also see the logo next to your text links.

    That’s way, you can add either your Business Pages or Normal Google+ Profile… or simply, you can add anything your YouTube Channel. And Please take a look at my YouTube Channel

    Thanks – Ferb

    • Hi Ferb, thanks for the great comment!

      I have Youtube channels that are not under the same email as my profile, so I also just added the text link to the associated Google Plus business page. It won’t have quite as much value as if we could connect them the “proper” way, but maybe Youtube and Google will eventually allow us to “properly” connect business pages soon. *fingers crossed*

      Glad to see you are using playlist on your channel! They make “topics” easy to find! Good job!

  16. Aliosha Kasin says

    Sounds awesome, I’m not surprised thought, google has been integrating all it’s services and platforms in the last year.

  17. Anonymous (Read Comment Policy) says

    This article reduced my headache I was so much worried about Connect with You tube video’s and Google and I got there solution here..


  18. Ande Lyons says


    You are a ROCK STAR!! Seriously, it just took me all of five minutes to set up my G+ profile… then my G+ business page… then over to my business’ YouTube channel… where I clicked on Edit and there was the G+ option for sharing with a drop down menu, allowing me to choose either Ande Lyons or Bring Back Desire.

    Bingo! All my Vlogs easily shared over at G+ Page – wooot!

    Cheering over here in Boston, MA!!

    Thank you SO MUCH! I subscribed to your Blog Tips… love following ROCK STARS! 😀


    • Thanks Ande but Sheryl deserves the credit for that, she’s our video expert. 🙂

    • Hi Ande! I’m as happy you stopped by as you are.

      While Brian is a Rock Star, we try to limit how man times we tell him that. Last time we gave him to many “atta boys” his head swelled up and got stuck in a doorway. His poor wife almost had to get out the chainsaw to get him unstuck. LOL!

      Actually, I am really glad that you got all your profiles, pages and channel set up and going. Many people just won’t take the time and then wonder what they are missing out on.

      Thanks for subscribing and we are looking forward to seeing you around!

  19. Anonymous says

    thanks Sheryl, this is going to save me lots of time and efforts!! I’m new to G+ and I have some youtube videos to share with people 🙂

  20. Ardafinil says

    Today, i learn new thing from this post. Now its easier to manage youtube with G+ . Thanks for sharing this post.

  21. I have been wondering for a while if it was possible to do this and I was getting excited until I read the update on 4/1/12. Thanks for the tips and the instructions on how to connect the two accounts.

  22. Don’t worry John. We know that Youtube and Google both tend to dampen our day and I am willing to bet that soon the connected channels will show all the videos on the Google Plus Video tab.

    I understand that not ALL activity should be shared on G+ but, I will be excited to have the videos shared.

    Just make sure you are connected (if you can) because it sure won’t hurt anything and then you are ready when changes do happen.

  23. HI Sheryl, Its a good initiative from Google, I already have my twitter and facebook account connected but Google+ was missing. Unfortunatly I am not using my personal id in you tube account so looks like I still to wait some more time..until google decide to connect different email id’s…

  24. I have the same problem Sanjeev, I really hope Google addesses that issue soon.

  25. Surely easier to manage and use both the services now, but i doubt whether Youtube will be benefited on a higher scale by it.. Google plus created a big news, but now it does not seem to be in market anymore. Its kind of a past news and everybody finds it boring…

  26. Awesome post Sheryl, I am quite excited to know that YouTube videos will show up on the video tab of our G+ Profile which is interesting because it save my time and I could easily access my videos on G+ profile. Thanks for sharing this news with us.

  27. The various social networking sites have also gained tremendous possibilities and social network marketing through the social networking sites such Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus or video streaming sites such as YouTube allows the small businesses to connect with millions of online users. Massive brand awareness can be created via these channels and the visitors can be turned into potential buyers, with proper approach.

  28. Great news Sheryl. I was looking for ways to interlink my Google + and YouTube Account. Posting Videos individually on YouTube and Google + consumers a lot of time that’s why I would love to prefer this methodology for automatically posting my Video’s on Google + Profile once I upload them on YouTube

  29. Anonymous (Read Comment Policy) says

    I hope they get the you tube video feed up on G+ soon. I don’t what they are thinking – such a waste of time. Please update us if you find they have changed this please. Thanks

  30. Amazing you just made my work easy ,,,,i was searching for it from last few weeks coz both youtube and g+ are very important

  31. Thanks for writing about how to connect your Google+ account with your YouTube account.

    I am not using YouTube that much yet, but thanks for featuring Google+.

  32. Hi there, thank you. I followed the description given to add google+ with my you tube channel “about, edit…etc”, however the option to chose google+ is not given in the about section?

  33. Now that YouTube has changed its UI again, can you please update this blog post with new instructions? Tried to follow yours this morning and can’t find the linking area. SHARE under SETTINGS menu doesn’t have an option to add another social network. Thanks!

    • Hi Lisa, If you are going to try and connect the Jordan Winery to a Google Plus Business/ Brand page so that you now get the auto-upload and Youtube/Video tab on that brand page, it will not go.

      They are working now to get a better way to connect brand pages with brand Youtube accounts.

      IF, you want to connect your Personal Google Plus Profile page to a Personalized Youtube account – I have a quick videos to show you how to do it the new way.

      For your Brand Youtube, you can however go to your Channel Page,
      Click the Edit near the top right of the “About” section and add a custom link that goes to your Google Plus Brand page. It will NOT give the G+ page any uploaded videos or the new Youtube tab, but it is at least connected in some way.

      Google Plus and Youtube know people need the Brand connection and are working on it.

  34. Google plus and Youtube!
    Hey how is a Google plus brand profile desplayd on Youtube?
    Will my private info show on Youtube?
    What fields will show on Youtube?
    How to create a Youtube page for my videos that are related to my Google plus and web page with out showing my private info?
    How will Google plus brands populate the Youtube fields, such as user name, uploaded by….e.g?

  35. At this point you can only connect a YouTube channel to a Google Plus profile and not a brand page (if you want the YouTube tab on G+).

    You can link your G+ brand page to the Brand Youtube and back, but it is not the same type of connection.

    Connect Google Plus and YouTube

  36. I don’t really want to use Google+. Most of the people I know is in facebook but with these new features I think I need to play their game. Especially if I want my site to rank decently.

    Thanks for the instructions. I could never get the hang of Google + but your blog sure helps computerphobic people like me.

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